New Bag, Pamper with Me, & Alaina Got Her Ears Pierced!

New Bag, Pamper with Me, & Alaina Got Her Ears Pierced!

Day, hello, you guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another vlog.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. So far we just got back from our trip family trip to cancun this past weekend today is actually thursday. So we've been back a few days today we are going to be doing a good old hamper day, because i have not had one of those days in a long time i just got out of the shower.

I took like a good

Exfoliating like cleansing shower, so anytime i do like a pampering shower. I always like to go in and do my ipl handset by kenzie. Thank you so much to kenzie for sponsoring this portion of today's video i've been using kenzie now for probably like nine months or so.

I started a couple months after i had elena and. I have just been so thrilled with the results and i'm so excited to be working with them again, because i know that so many of you guys would love this as well. So basically it is an ipl handset. It is not laser. It is extremely. Safe to use in the comfort of your own home, it's super quick and easy. I have been using this on my underarms. I pretty much finished off my underarms. Now i really only have to shave then like maybe every three weeks, and then i use it now for finishing up my legs.

I did laser hair removal on my legs

Before i was pregnant and i can see like a few patches growing back a little bit, um, so i use this on those patches and i feel like it has been helping, but this is just so much More convenient just to be able to do my own hair removal at home, especially now being a mom. I don't have to like make um so many appointments like i think it was like every six weeks i had to remember to like go to the salon to go, get my laser done, but this i can just do once a week in the comfort of my Home so it comes with the ipl handset, this really long power cord that you can plug into like in your bathroom. You can do in your bathroom in your bedroom. It's just really long! So you have that access and then it also comes with a little quick start guide that shows you, the skin tones that work the best with this product. The best way that i can explain it is that the more contrast that you have between your skin and your hair color, the better it's going to work for you, people with like really light skin and dark hair. You will be the best candidate for ipl hair removal. So, as far as my results with this, i am so excited that i really only have to shave under my arms now, maybe like every, two or three weeks and the hair. That's growing back now is like very fine, fine, thin hair and before it was like very coarse and dark, so i'm very thrilled with that. I use this once a week. I usually do it on like a sunday or something after i take like a pampering shower, but today is my pamper day, so i decided to use it today.

Okay, so the way that i use the kinsey is, i shower first, i shaved because you're supposed to do this on smooth skin i dry off, i plug it in and then what you do is there is a little flashing green button that controls the intensity. of the light, so i go ahead and bump it up all the way to level five and level five, it's the strongest, but it doesn't really bother my skin and i would rather it just be as effective as possible.

So i always bump it up to the strongest amount. You go ahead and you place it on your skin and then you push the button and it delivers that pulse of light.

And then you just go all along the area that you want to remove here, you'll hear a little fan going off in there and that's just kind of to blow air to distract you from the warmth but, like i said, even on level five, it really Doesn'T bother my skin, so it's just really really super like comfortable and easy to use in your own home. It's not too loud or anything so it'll still be really discreet. Nobody will like know that you're doing it go ahead and turn this off and to turn it off you just like hold it down and then it'll blink for a little bit and then it'll. Finally, shut off the kinsey is normally two hundred and twenty-nine, but i have a discount code for fifty off and it is 1150.

I have a link in the description box to go to, that's k-e-n-z-z-i dot com and you can use my code love50 for fifty off and i would highly highly recommend it if you have thick coarse, dark hair that you are like ready To get rid of this is just the most convenient thing to do in the comfort of your own home. So, thank you so much to kenzie for sponsoring this portion of today's video highly highly recommend i'm getting my brazilian blowout done, which, if you guys know i've talked about brazilian blowout several times on my channel and it's like the best thing ever for frizzy hair.

So that is definitely a need and then, i'm also getting my nails done, which i got them done. maybe like two weeks ago and they're, just literally peeling, so much so we're gon na go get those under control.

Now i wanted to get into some skin care with you guys, so i actually went to a dermatologist um who specializes in skinceuticals.

I am so excited because she literally gave me the best advice for my hyperpigmentation, and she put me on like an entire regimen.

I'm gon na be posting my meeting with her over on my instagram because it was in collaboration with skinceuticals and we went ahead and documented the entire experience, but i'm literally so excited because she taught me so much about, just kind of like my discoloration that I have, she actually looked at it with kind of like a little bit more of like a magnifying lens, and she told me i have melasma, which i didn't even realize. I got melasma during my pregnancy, but she was like.

When did you kind of start to see

The discoloration start and i've i've pretty much always kind of been sensitive to the sun, and they i've had little sunspots pop up from the sun. So i basically just told her within the last five years. It's gotten like worse and she was like. Oh, the reason i asked is because you also have some melasma and i was like: oh, it actually did get worse after my pregnancy. So i guess that's what that was, but.

She has put me on the um ce ferulic, which is the vitamin c serum by sensitized, so good, i'm gon na put that on first then, she told me about this other product, which i asked her like.

If you had one product for hyperpigmentation that you were gon na recommend like what would it be, and she told me that it was this next one, i'm gon na show you guys.

It's called discoloration defense.

She explained this as it fights the current um discoloration that you have, and it also prevents from future discoloration from even occurring.

So she was saying that this product is like the best one. If you have discoloration, she would just invest in this one. If you had to have one so

I was like okay. I i personally thought that, like the vitamin c serum was the one that fought the discoloration, the most, but i guess not so i'm so excited to start using this and to see results.

I will keep you guys updated, but you guys know. I'm always trying to work on my discoloration, so i thought i would mention that, and the other really kind of like point that she made that i wasn't that aware of, even though it kind of was so, i only usually wear sunscreen when i go out

Since i work from home, i there's a lot of days that i actually don't wear sunscreen because i'm like i'm not going anywhere like i'm not going to be out in the sun.

She was telling me that even blue light can cause um, hyperpigmentation and discoloration, especially in like ethnic skin, since i am like half arab, that's kind of where the discoloration in my skin comes from is that side of my family?

So she was telling me yeah, like it's definitely important for you to wear sunscreen every single day, even if you're not leaving the house, i guess i'm gon na start doing that. Even like the windows, you know like right now, i'm standing or sitting in front of a window and that is causing, like you know, sun damage as well, even if i'm not leaving so i'm gon na really really try to stay.

On top of that - and she has me on this daily brightening uv defense - and i really like the formula of the sunscreen - it's spf thirty, so it's a good one for every day. It just makes me like super glowy. So now i'm gon na go ahead and do my makeup and did.

I even mention what i'm doing today we're gon na go, get my hair done.

Yes, i did hair done and nails done, so i'm gon na take you guys with me on this pamper day, and so i'm just gon na go ahead and get ready.

That's my makeup completed, i feel, like i look extra glowy today. I think it's a mix of the skincare i've been using and also the illuminating cc cream by it cosmetics.

I talked about this in my last vlog when i was in mexico and i just feel like it gives the most stunning glow.

I didn't have the ring light um, so you couldn't really see like the full effect of it. The last time i shared it, but wow, so pretty so i'm gon na go, get dress and i'll. Show you guys what i'm wearing today.

I want to show you guys

Today's look and i'm actually wearing a blazer by my friend jasmine ferris.

She has her own line now and i love this blazer. It's really lightweight for the summer. It's the perfect long length and of course i love this beige and i just paired it with some white jeans like a nude undershirt, it's like a like a sleeveless one, so i don't have like any extra layers that i don't need and then some Sandals and my white bag, i'm actually really late to get my nails done. So i'm gon na go ahead and head to my.


Okay, i'm trying to figure out where to put this camera for like the best angle.

It's really. My car is just not ideal for this. These are my nails. I got pretty much the same thing.

That i got the last time.

It's a almond shape with a micro, french tip and then the base coat is bubble bath by opi. It's just like really natural, simple.

I love it so much it's so funny because in our small town, it's just not very common to get french tip like this thin. It's usually like much like chunkier and thicker. I had to kept telling her to go, thinner and thinner and thinner and she was like. What do you mean? Thinner, you're not going to be able to see anything, but i was just like just go there like just please that's what i want, but anyways.

I love how they turned out and it was so funny because the girl who did my nails this time she did my nails two weeks ago, and she was like weren't you in here two weeks ago and i was like yeah and she was like.

You were sitting over there. I was like yeah, we were sitting over there and she was like. Oh you look so different. You wear makeup today and i'm like oh yeah yeah. I know i look different when i'm wearing makeup or whatever she was like yeah. So different, i'm just like. Thank you. I get that a lot

I feel like whenever i'm like, not wearing makeup people always tell me, like you, look so tired.

You look. Are you okay, like i'm just like i'm fine, i'm just i'm not wearing makeup and then like when i do wear makeup.

People are like, oh, my god, you're completely different, but i don't know i feel like i do my makeup pretty natural but anyways.

I'm gon na go back home because i have a few more hours until my hair appointment, and elena was napping during my appointment and i'm gon na go see her before i have to go.

Get my hair done, i'm back home, we just ate and elena.

Well, let me show you what she wants. Tell her. She drank the whole thing like. Basically, she basically hasn't. Let me drink basically any of it. So you want to mommy watch how she opens her mouth yeah all right.

Now, i'm going to take a sip and see what you get, [ Laughter, ], don't drink, that's mine, you need it. Lauren was like imagine you pack a pellegrino on her backpack for kindergarten.

That's my daughter! I love you guys. I ran home after i got my nails done. I had lunch fed

Elena played with her for a little bit. Lauren came over and hung out um for just a little bit, and now i am sitting outside of my hair salon. I feel like i take you guys with me every time to get my hair done. I literally can't show you anything.

Basically, i'm getting my brazilian blowout redone anyways i get. I get it redone, every probably four, three four months:! No, that's not right! Six months. How long has it been? It's been a while. I don't even remember how many times a year i get brazilian blow up, but i literally couldn't live without it. I feel like every time i talk about brazilian blowout.

I like try to convince all of you that you need it. It's so good. You have to go to someone who really specializes in the brand name brazilian blowout, because there's a lot of salons that just do like the knockoff keratin treatment and that can be like damaging to your hair, but like the brand name.

Brazilian blowout is very healthy. For your hair, it, like makes it look younger my hairdresser taylor.

She literally calls it botox for your hair. This video is just me like getting. My hairs done nail done. Everything did basically i'm just like getting myself back together, because, while i was on my vacation, especially, i don't know i mentioned in my last vlog that, like i was just feeling like so such a mess and like all the other girls, there were just Like so beautiful, and they just look so put together - and here i am with my baby, like with food all over me and just feeling like blah.

So this is me just getting myself back together: anyways, okay, let's go ahead and go inside. It's a couple hours later and i feel like this whole vlog has been a me in the car.

I just went to dinner yeah we're going to dinner. I got my hair done and it's so nice and sleek now omar. What did you think of my hair? I can confirm it is really nice and sleek and cheap it's very flat because um, you know she had to straighten it with a brazilian blowout, so my bun is literally like so flat, but hello.

I have to like keep it in and not wash it for a couple of days just to like let it set, but anyways we're gon na go have mexican food dinner date for three yeah dinner date.

We usually like. Sometimes we just kind of get in the red of like ordering takeout at home when we eat out, but this time i was like, let's just go and eat, i just need to get out of the house.

You know, even though i've been out of the house all day, oh gosh, i was gon na, say she's on my side, but it looks like she wants you, elena, that didn't last.

Hey guys.

We are in dallas today, and one of the main reasons is because we are here to get elena's ears pierced. We could have gotten it done in our small town, but there's this place in target, that's not in every single target, which is why i would have done it in our town, but they didn't have it. It's basically a little like section of target where they do infant and child ear, piercings that, like specialize in it it's a nurse who does it and they use like sterile technique, and i just felt a lot more comfortable doing it with a nurse and There wasn't really anywhere like that in our town to do it. So that's why we're here we're about to go to target i actually just stopped by well.

Can you guys guess where we ate, we ate it: flower, child.

And then there's ulta right next door, so i ran in there because i wanted to get this perfume, that i've been dying to get it's called the valentino donna perfume, i'm actually gon na go ahead and test it out, because well not test it out.

I've smelled it before his sister meta has this perfume and we really love like the same kind of scent and every time she wears it. I'm like i need that perfume the last time that i got it. I got the wrong one and i got the men's and they looked very similar, so i don't know. I have just never been able to get it. I also couldn't find it like in the store. I had to ask an associate to grab me one and i had to grab it out of the bag, which i don't know why oh my gosh that smells good.

It smells so good. I love it like a sweet, warm floral, i like the lancome livia belle, that's like my signature, scent this one's very similar, but maybe a little bit sweeter and like a little bit more depth just a little bit. It's so nice i'll link this below, if you guys, are interested and you kind of like the same scents as me, but it was funny because the associate that i asked to grab me one.

She actually followed me, which was so cool, i'm not used to people recognizing me or anything in public, so that was so cool. She was like, aren't you an influencer and i was like so thrown off? I was like oh yeah. I guess i am.

I was like yeah, my instagram was with lovelina and she was like yes. I follow you and she was like talking to elena and. It was so cute. We were gon na, go ahead and head to target and get elena's ears. Pierced i've. Also been seeing literally everyone rave about this mascara, so i saw this like as i was checking out and i was like you know what i'm just gon na try it, because everyone is talking about this mascara.

So if you've tried it - and you love it, let me know, let me know your thoughts. Okay, we just got back in the car. Well, we didn't just get back in the car. We actually just been sitting here for a little while elena's asleep, because poor thing, she's, like pooped she's, exhausted from all of that we just, had probably the worst experience. It's not the row in people's fault, like the nurse, was great. She literally just did the best she could. It was just that elena was so scared, elena, knew like immediately knew that something was up. I was just like she was, she was freaking out screaming. We had to hold her down just so that she could put the holes on yeah, not the holes like mark her ears with a little pen and like clean them off and stuff.

It wasn't because she was in pain or anything like that. She was just terrified which i felt terrible for, but we went ahead and did it. I guess i wanted to share this experience because um i was like really. I wanted to know a lot about what it was like piercing in infants ears, especially closer to one year old, because we did wait a little bit later. My recommendation is to either do it when they are what like three four or five months: like five

Yeah, probably or wait until they're like, five, six, seven years old, because wow that was literally the worst experience ever, and i would never do That again, if i have another girl, we couldn't distract her like there was nothing we could have done. Oh yeah, we had the phone, we had the phone we had. We have yeah, and i know that there's probably gon na be comments about how i'm like a terrible, mom like.

Why would i get my child's ear pierced and blah blah blah? But it's fine. I just don't hate it's just part of like our culture and especially on homer's side of the family and. I don't know. I think i would have preferred to get it done before, like whenever i was a baby, so that i didn't have to go through the pain.

When i could remember it, because i was i know i was like terrified as a seven-year-old having to go.

Do it too so yeah, i don't know, i don't know what the best thing is, but anyways i'll show you guys her earrings a little bit later and she does look so.


Don'T let her fool y'all. She just went in there and asking for a bag

I'll be quiet.

I'm excited to show you guys what i got. Let's see if we can see her earrings elena hi, hi, hi, oh okay!

Well, you guys can be one at least oh. He's so beautiful mommy, i love it.

Okay, we just arrived to our hotel in dallas

We're doing a little staycation tonight this weekend. We've actually never stayed at this hotel before i don't even think i've ever heard of it, but i saw it online and it looked so beautiful.

It's called the um kimton pitman hotel in downtown dallas. Let me give you a little tour okay. So this is what it looks like when you walk in beautiful, big mirror and then.

This is the little sitting area which there's not much light super nice and then like barn doors into this bedroom with the cuties.

This is super nice. I haven't even been into the bathroom yet

Oh wow, it's nice, so beautiful, maybe i'll take a bath.

Well, i actually want to unbox this with you guys in a little bit so we'll do that in just a second.

Alright, probably could have done this cooler at home by putting this on a tripod and, but i'm too excited to show you guys, i'm so excited.

Apparently this is their like, newer bag called like. Oh gosh caro, something like that:, i'm not a do or expert, but it's so funny because the guy who was helping us he was giving omar a full history lesson of all of dior bags and.

You can kind of see in the background of the clips that i was sharing where i was trying them on.

I was like, oh yeah, yeah, so interesting, and then i i was just looking at him in the in the mirror like trying them on and all that stuff. He was very informative and. It is interesting, but i just was like i don't know they're. So pretty i really don't. I don't know. I've always been that way, though, i'm terrible with history. Okay, now i don't know how to put this on. Let me figure out. Okay hold, please. Okay, literally have gotten nowhere, but this is the chain that goes with it, and i'm gon na have to google how to put this on, because it's that complicated. This is probably so easy. I just don't know, but basically. I felt like this was a really good like everyday bag, and one that you could kind of dress up, because it has the chain strap and it's like dainty enough to be worn for evening. But then also i'm like more casual. And it's also. This really pretty nude that will match everything, and also it's like sees like season less like you can wear it in the summer and the winter. So those are always the things that i look for when it comes to bags and i'm just so excited.

I finally have a dior in my collection, it's so beautiful, and i know some people may think that it's like i don't know like i've heard people say that this style is like too busy for their taste with, like the different stitching and then like the Gold chain and the logo, but i love it. I think it just looks so glam and. I don't know. I just wanted something to give me that, like glam touch to my outfit so so excited, i guess stay tuned for me actually wearing it.

I would would have loved to like try this on, for you guys but my phone's dead, and i need to go.

Look it up, and figure out how to put this together but anyways.

I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog. Thank you. So much for watching thanks again to kenzie for sponsoring today's video, i will leave the link down below for you guys to check out kenzie if you guys are interested along with my discount code to get you fifty off.

I love you guys so much. Please like this video, if you liked it subscribe if you're new - and i will see you guys in my next video