Nursery Transformation Progress! | With Love, Leena

Nursery Transformation Progress! | With Love, Leena

Hey guys welcome back today's vlog super exciting because we are starting on the nursery we have to like clean it out and kind of get everything prepped and I'm gon na see. If we can put together the crib today, I'm told Omar. He cannot work today because I need him to help me with so much stuff. I feel like he's gon na, be doing a lot of the work and I'm just gon na be like directing, because a lot of this stuff is heavy and like I just have an excuse now that I'm pregnant guys would know by now that we're having A little girl and we're so excited - and I just have such amazing plans for her little room. So let me show you guys where we're starting from and then I'll show you guys kind of like what my plan is for the nursery okay. So this is our extra bedroom right now, as you can see it's just kind of like storing a bunch of random things, it has Leo stuff in here. We literally call this Leo's room like we've called it that since we've gotten him, because that's where we keep his litter box and don't worry, I don't go near the litter now that I'm pregnant I've gotten so many messages on an Instagram telling me to stay away And don't worry, I do we keep his litter in here his toys, his cat tree stays in here and like just bad and. Just all his things, so we're gon na have to relocate him. Think we're gon na put his litter box in the upstairs bathroom because we never use it and that's really the only space that we have and then the cat tree will probably go upstairs as well in Omar's man cave well. This is the mirror that used to be in my blog room and my dressing room, and I switched it out to the gold one, and now I mean I still love this mirror. I just don't know exactly what to do with it. I might use it in here if, if I see that it matches or whatever, but honestly probably going to be getting rid of that, I wanted to show you guys the progress of her dresser, so this is from Ikea and we're almost finished putting it together. I'm hoping we can finish it today.

We just have three drawers left.

I love the minimal design, I'm gon na kind of walk. You guys, through my ideas for the rest of the nursery, but basically I want everything to be white and gold and blush, pink and gray, that's kind of like the color scheme and I'm drawing a lot of inspo from Restoration Hardware baby. I actually have a chandelier, not one from restoration, but one very similar to this one, that we were spray-painting gold, and these are actually the crystals that go on it and I'm so excited. I just think it's gon na be so pretty in here. I got this little letter board basically, so I could take pictures at the hospital in sha allah and put it like in the crib. I've seen some Pinterest photos like that, and they put like the name and like the date and the weight and length and just all the information for the delivery, and I just thought it was so cute and so far she has a last name. We actually have not picked a name yet I get that question so much and we just can't decide on a name. We have like a list of like maybe three names and we just can't decide. So I think we decided we're just gon na. Have to see her first and sha Allah and then decide what she looks like and what her name is gon na be a bet yeah, we just don't.

We have no idea what her name is gon na be yet this mirror back here is actually a huge round mirror that's gon na go on this wall here and it's basically gon na, like, fill up this entire wall.

So that's gon na go above the dresser. This is the crib that we need still need to put together. It's also white, so I just want to own the furniture in here to be white and I'm hoping that this is a lot easier to put together. Then the dresser was, I heard in the reviews. It said that it wasn't hard to put together, so I'm hoping this little marble side table is also for the nursery it's gon na go. I think in this corner just to have next to the glider. I ordered one from Pottery Barn a long time ago. I think I ordered it back at the beginning of January, or something like that and it's not supposed to get here until May. So I'm glad I ordered it when I did, but it's gon na be like a white glider with the white and gold side table and then I think we're gon na put the crib on this back wall and also getting her a little mini clothing rack. So I can like put all I'm so excited. You have no idea so that may go in this corner back here. Let me show you the closet. This is the closet. Literally just has some random stuff in here. Just some random storage boxes, some stuff that we use when we first moved into the house like like shelf liners and drawer liners and stuff, and then we have some extra random pillows, so we're gon na clean all this out. It's hoping to mop entire floor in here, like obviously vacuum and mop and then like wipe down the cabinets in the closet, but I'm super excited to just get this room ready, Omar's on a run right now, he's gon na come back and shower, And then help me with the room once we finish the dresser, I'm hoping to add some like maybe gold, bar pull handles, or maybe some just some kind of gold knobs or something just to add a little bit of detail on to the dresser. But I do still like the minimal design, I'm not sure I'll, just have to kind of see what it looks like and see if I need to add them, but I did want to share with you. I do have a little collection of clothes. Oh, my goodness, you guys can you even I knew you knew that her color palette was gon na be the same as mine, but I have absolutely nothing essential. Everything is just cute and unnecessary right now. I have absolutely nothing else, except for cute dresses, cute like tops and leggings and just cute outfits. I have nothing, that's actually essential, like onesies, like anything else so right now, I'm just gon na focus on the nursery and then yeah we'll get all of like the essential things later but anytime. I see something cute like like get baby, Zara or H & M or anything I just have to grab it. I'm just like. I can't help it so cute, since everything is just kind of plain, gold and white and gray in here. I was thinking about, maybe adding I find it.

Isn't everything in here just studying, okay, this is it I've seen a lot of nurseries. Have this like floral statement wall - and I was thinking maybe - to do that on this back wall, where the cribs gon na be because everything else is just gon na be kind of like plain and white and simple, so yeah. Let me know what what you guys think about that. I'm probably if I do decide on that. It won't be till the very end whenever everything's finished and I can just kind of see if we need to add more detail. But I think it's beautiful and I also love this like pink bedding. Okay.

You know he loves these shoes. Thank you!.


It's a matter.

You're upset that we're kicking out of your room. I think is upset

Okay, so we vacuumed in this place.

Okay, okay, now we're going to be done. The rag actually got a rug pad so. If you like, a super soft space or the baby, I never use my before. Okay, we moved the rug pad to go this way, rather than that way when we're. So it looks better that way. I guess I guess it does. Okay, so, let's put the actual rug.

Okay, the rug is down and it looks so good.

So this is actually the exact same rugs that I have in my dressing room and in our master bedroom. But I just put a pad under this one, because it just is a lot softer with the pad it'll be better like whenever the baby is old enough to like crawl, like we have a like a bigger space for her to like crawl around on, this will be after the gender-reveal. Next on the agenda is to put together the last three drawers update. We are putting together the drawers to finish off this dresser and we took a prayer, break and then yeah do you want to go we're gon na finish the dresser, and then I want to eat. Okay.

Yay and, I think, like I said, I'm gon na, probably add like the little handles or knobs or something to add a little bit of detail. But I really like how simple it is. I already showed them this here. He is in his new home. This is Omar's man, cave. This is just a little corner of it.

Have his bed that he doesn't sleep in. Are you depressed he's just sleepy, okay taking a break to eat it?

I made roasted chicken him potatoes, I already tested it out, made solid with just like literally whatever I was I had in the fridge. All I had left was like a little bit of lettuce, some red onion and some mint, and so I just got it some lemon in olive oil and salt. I don't know what we're gon na do. Next week we have rice.

I know honestly, I'm scared about going grocery shopping with her next week. Okay break times over last little thing that we're doing today:, okay, the biggest thing, but I've looked at the reviews, and it said that it only took like thirty to forty-five minutes. For people to put this thing together, which is way shorter than this dresser, so yeah, I like I just like - never want to buy things that we have. We put together ever again because where did most of the work - and I was the one who like most stressed about it so okay times up.

Okay, I don't know how the time-lapse ended, but I think it might have cut us off At the end, but we finally finished it, we couldn't find the instructions for some reason at first. So we looked up the online instructions which were kind of out of order, but we figured it out. Yeah, it turned out really pretty, but now I was expecting this to be a little smaller. I think, because I was planning on putting the chair there, so Omar said I could like scoot it over, but I kind of wanted it to be in the center of those wall. So I guess it yeah I'll figure it out. Maybe I could put the chair here, we'll see, so it is a few days later. I did try to vlog a little bit yesterday because we were putting up the chandelier that I'm gon na share with you guys in just a second, but you guys literally last night and we're and I we're putting this chandalier up by ourselves, mostly Omar, obviously - and this is the first time we'd ever put up a light fixture this complicated and big and anyways - I took us - like probably, would you say like two hours yeah I took this like two hours and by the end of it I was so Hungry my hijab is off. I did not want to film anymore. I was over it. I'm just gon na show you guys the final result of like everything that we've done so far. Obviously, gon na be still taking you through the rest, because we still have a lot more to go with the nursery, but let me share with you guys everything so far. Okay, here is an overview of the room, and I am absolutely obsessed with the chandelier. Let me turn it on for you guys, that's what it looks like on. It is so beautiful. The lighting in here is a little bit weird with it on. So I'm going to turn it off, but I wanted to share like where everything is from, because I don't think I shared that yet I can't actually remember the exact website. I will leave the link to the chandelier down below, but I've just looked forever trying to find like the perfect one. That was a very Restoration Hardware inspired. I couldn't find a gold one, so it was silver and I spray painted it. Gold and my mom helped me: I actually used this spray paint the modern farmhouse by Rosa.

Oh Liam, you can only get it at Home Depot, so I'll link that too, but it was the perfect goal, that's not to yellow. It was beautiful. Only thing is, there is one little silver piece that I didn't paint, so I'm gon na have to go in with a brush and just like paint that just to finish it off, but it is so beautiful. Here's the final result with the crib. I did order a crib, mattress and bedding and I'm so excited, but the crib is just from Wayfarer. I think it was like it was definitely under three hundred. I was like two something so not like terribly terribly expensive. I just wanted one that was like super, like, modern, minimal, clean white, and I really liked how it just had a really simple, backboard design, the side table. That's gon na go next to the glider is from Target, and this rug, I believe, is from either Wayfarer or over stock, but I will link it because that's one of my favorite rugs, I do recommend getting a pad for it because it just makes it so Much softer and more cushiony, we wanted to share a couple of gifts for the baby that I got from some small companies. This is a gift from Lebel baby I reached out to them because they had the most stunning bows, and I thought these were, so gorgeous for a newborn baby. They're, like this beautiful velvet material on, the little headband, it's so soft. I just can't wait.

They sent me the most gorgeous array of neutrals and blush tones and it just matches your wardrobe already perfectly look at that yeah. These are definitely gon na, be the first bows that I put on her. They are so so beautiful. I think it is so important to support our small businesses right now in today's economic climate, and these are so gorgeous. So if you have little girl, these are so so beautiful. Okay, the next little gift I wanted to share is from a brand called petit. Maison kids and they have the most beautiful little sets and outfits for babies. Look how gorgeous this little knit set is with the pom poms, and this little bear hat. I cannot get over how cute that is. She won't be able to wear this until she's about like six months, so this will be for next, like fall winter time, but oh my gosh, it's, just so so cute. I already ordered some stuff to organize the drawers in her rester and i ordered some baskets to organize her closet and some little like gold and velvet hangers.

I was so excited to get this whole space organized and just get everything in and put her bedding up and her curtains are in everything. So super excited to like finish off her nursery with you guys, but I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what we've done so far.

I love you guys so much and I will see y'all in minutes went by.