NYC Vlog! | What I REALLY think about NYFW

NYC Vlog! | What I REALLY think about NYFW

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, [ Applause, ] good morning from New York. Everyone. I made it here last night and I am waiting for my sister Amanda's plane to land so that we can meet each other here and we are just going to have so much fun and sha Allah. I cannot wait to see her and to see all the girls here we are staying at the Archer Hotel in New York City, and I am absolutely in love with this hotel. I've actually stayed at the one in Austin before which is absolutely amazing as well. So I'm about to show you around the room. Let me go ahead and show you this view. It's absolutely gorgeous, especially at night. You can see the Empire State Building like all lit up and last night I was on the phone with Amanda and I was just like and I was like. Oh my god. I have the best view of the Eiffel Tower and then I literally just realized what I said and we started busting out laughing. It was embarrassing but anyways. Let me go ahead and show you around the room. So this is what the room looks. Like obviously, I slept in that bed, so it's a lot messier than Amanda's side, but literally I came and last night it was around Oh, like 8:30 and all I did. It was come to this bed order. Room service and watch YouTube videos on my laptop and it was the best night ever I was so relaxed and I haven't had a night where I just like chilled for a long time. So here is where all the little snacks are and then they leave you like these little treats every day. These are like handmade caramels, and then they also gave you like little Dylan's candy shop, chocolates, which I already ate like the dark chocolate one and a little bit of emotional, already sorry Amanda. They have a complimentary espresso machine, which that is the first thing that I did this morning was make myself a cup of coffee, because I am a caffeine addict right here you have the little closet. I went ahead and unpacked all my stuff. Last night, and then this morning and when I woke up, I seemed everything because there's a little peek at some of the clothes that I brought. Okay, my favorite part of this entire room is this gorgeous bathroom with all of the subway tile and the marble floors, so they even give you like. These super cute, like his-and-hers, little slippers and I'm gon na be taking. These with me, because they're complementary and then me no more - could be like really. Okay, isn't Amanda's outfit, so freaking, cute, her dress is from Zara now love it so Amanda is helping me navigate, because I'm horrible with directions. I don't even know how I found breakfast this morning. I have no, I don't even know how I made it to my hotel. Oh we're meeting with a photographer right now to. Take some outfit. My feet are so hurt so about. Look how freaking cute they are like starving, good morning, everyone it's day, two, the enemy. I don't actually have anything planned today, except to you all. Can I just have a free day in the city, so we're going to Soho right now to go eat.

Morning guys we are eating breakfast on, the bar favorite in New York. It's a cliche! When we come here. We have to come here every time, ltq. I have no idea how to pronounce it.

, so we're on our way. Now to the closet. Oh, I have an appointment at the girl, AHA there we're up facial and I'm so excited to take it.

. So I just finished my facial one of the most amazing things about this spa is that on my face they have. Ladies only time from one to four p. m. so it's absolutely perfect for us hijabis, because we don't have to worry about men being around. So I definitely recommend you check it out here. So stress because we've been late to, literally everything, so I'm home - I it is actually a few weeks later and, I'm absolutely the worst vlogger ever I didn't want to leave you guys hanging so much since I suck at vlogging. So I want to come and eat, come on here and just kind of end, this vlog properly and kind of go over my thoughts of New York Fashion Week and what I experienced this time so in the last clip you saw me and my sister, we Were late to the banana republic show and after that I just felt so like down on myself since I had missed so many things and I was feeling so left out of it. I wasn't even in the mood to share anything after that. So let me kind of explain New York Fashion Week a little bit to some of you guys who don't really understand how it works. So I didn't understand at all like how it worked at all until I went the first time in two thousand and fifteen and to attend a show. You have to be personally invited by the brand or kind of have some kind of connection to go to these shows. So this time I was invited to a couple of shows. I wasn't invited to a lot, but me, and my sister just wanted to make a trip out of it and go to a couple of shows and like hang out with everyone and see all the girls there. Another thing you might notice about New York Fashion Week is that a lot of people who attend these shows wear clothes that are absolutely beautiful, but a lot of them are kind of like out there and funky and it because after you finish, a show there. are like a crowd of photographers, like, waiting to get pictures of all the New York Fashion Week. Street style and all the bloggers are trying to get attention and trying to get featured on like big big platforms like enews refining, refinery. Two thousand nine hundred, so when you get there, you are around all of these different people who are dressed so beautifully and you're all trying to just be somebody, and whenever I missed a couple of my shows - and I was there with all These other beautiful bloggers, and they were all attending all these shows and getting featured and all of these things. I just felt so down on myself and I as soon as it was all over. I was just like why? Why am I trying to be something that, I'm not? I know myself and being there and trying to be something like that. just wasn't me. I enjoy sharing, like my daily outfits, my my real, my real fashion, what I'm really wearing and it just wasn't me. I kind of think that you guys might prefer that as well like I like, watching and and seeing Instagram post of like daily outfits and getting inspiration for my daily life, rather than inspiration of what I should wear to New York Fashion. Week and funky crazy clothes that I would never ever actually wear. So I kind of wanted to just kind of give my thoughts on this. I'm not sure if I will be attending New York Fashion Week in the future. Maybe I will maybe I won't I'm not really sure, but I just kind of wanted to be real with you guys and just kind of sit here and talk about it. You can leave your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear what you guys think about New York Fashion Week, if you like, seeing content from other influencers of York Fashion Week or you just kind of like you can do without it and it kind of gets annoying after a while. But anyways, I hope that you guys enjoyed this vlog. I am gon na try to get better at vlogging and I'm gon na try to get back to YouTube more and be sharing more of. Like my daily outfit, we were actually in our new house now, so I don't know if you can. I mean obviously I've never filmed in this space before, but hopefully this will be the space where I start filming more YouTube: videos right now, I'm literally sitting on a pillow, because I have some nothing else in here. I just have a clothing rack and a shelf, but hopefully it will be the space where you guys will be seeing much more videos. I hope that you guys have a wonderful day and I will talk to you guys, thanks bye,