Opening Up About Sleep Training | Staycation, Shopping for Baby Clothes, Haul

Opening Up About Sleep Training | Staycation, Shopping for Baby Clothes, Haul

I know that you know some people may not agree with that. It's the next day and i'm about to head to my hairdressers, we're almost there, there's dallas we're just stuck in a lot of traffic.

I just want to show you guys: elena's, very cute, outfit elena was in a very bad mood, so we couldn't go out to eat, so we just went ahead and picked up some food and brought it to the hotel. We made it to the mall because we're just gon na get some new clothes for elena. We are back home and i thought i would do a little haul of everything that i got. hey guys, welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another weekly vlog, i'm not exactly sure.

What's gon na be in this vlog, i know that i have some organizing to do in elena's room, which is what i'm doing today, we'll just see what we get up to in the next few days.

I haven't gone through all of her clothes since she was probably around three months um and now she is seven, almost eight months. So we need to like get all of her clothes out of the drawers and into some storage bins and just. You know, keep out what she actually fits in because i actually feel like. I don't have a lot that actually fits her right now. So we need to see what we're left with. I thought i would also do kind of like an update on elena's schedule and like kind of where we're at with all of that, let's do this. First, let's see where we're at with the drawers, everything is like filled to the brim, because i have so many different sizes with so many different seasons. I literally have all of her winter stuff with her summer stuff and we need to keep all the spring summer stuff because it's starting to get a little bit warmer. Here's all of her like winter stuff, so, let's go ahead and get this under control. Okay, so i'm gon na sort through these clothes - and i wanted to talk to you all about - something that's been on my mind that, i feel like.

I just want to say, because i feel like i wish i would have heard this months ago as a new mom.

The pediatrician told us that babies at six months really don't need to be eating in the middle of the night anymore and that you know they are developmentally okay to go twelve hours at night without feeding. I was actually like shocked at this because i was still feeding her like at least two to three times um at night at that time, and i was actually a little bit like.

Oh my gosh, like what am i gon na do if she needs to eat, then she needs to eat and if she's hungry then she's hungry, like i don't want to not feed my baby.

But then we started like researching sleep training and all that kind of stuff, and me and omar were thinking like okay, maybe she's old enough to sleep train. So maybe that's what we're supposed to do. So we, you know, asked you guys on my instagram.

A lot of people gave us a lot of good advice. I just like researched on youtube, like sleep training and all kinds of stuff, we kind of did like a modified cry. It out method where we'd let her cry and then like go in there every few minutes to like you know, let her know that we're there and reassure her and then we'd leave the room and just try to let her soothe herself and it literally Broke my heart, i hated doing that.

We probably did that for i feel like it was a couple months.

Homer said it was only one month and he said that i'm exaggerating but anyways, so we did that for at least a month, and we felt like any time that we'd get somewhere.

We felt like, okay, she's soothing herself, and you know we're on a good track. all of a sudden like she'd, be teething, and then it would just throw everything off or we would go out of town and her sleep schedule would be messed up and she just couldn't sleep when we got back like she used to. So we just never could make it work for us, i guess, and so here in the past month we decided you know what it's just like, not worth it anymore. I rocker to sleep. I know that you know some people may not agree with that, but we're just doing what works best for our family and for elena for a while. We thought that okay, let's try to wean her in the middle of the night and then when she would cry in the middle of the night, we would try to like let her cry a little bit. Try to soothe her try to fit the pacifier, but then we were up in the middle of the night trying to soothe her with the pacifier and she just wasn't working and then, as soon as i would feed her, she would go back to sleep. So we're just not ready we're just not ready as a family, we're not ready, elena's, not ready, and so i'm still feeding her in the middle of the night at least two times and i rock her to sleep and she sleeps great, and so do We, and i just thought that i would let you guys know that whatever you feel like works best for you and your family. Don'T have any shame in that. I feel, like you know, i put so much pressure on myself to do what i thought everyone else was doing. It was like the right thing to do and you know. I just decided that it just wasn't right for me and i don't know who needs to hear that, but i definitely needed to hear that, like as a new mom, i hope that those words were encouraging to any of you mamas, who are feeling The same way and just know that just whatever works best for you and your family is what's best for you and your family anyways. That's my little update. I've been talking too much and i haven't actually gotten anything done. So let's do a time lapse. So that i can get this stuff done, and move on with my day.

Here is the after.

This is her pajamas, a couple of pajamas and just like comfy clothes, socks, bibs, swimwear, we're gon na figure out when we're gon na be able to swim this summer, hopefully, and then just a few pieces here, so everything else is emptied out. So really, i honestly need to get her some more just like everyday wear, because i have mostly just pajamas for her for this stage to get some diapers to put in here. But i'm excited that this is all stuff that actually fits her and is organized also just wanted to show you guys this new set that i just got from h, m! It's this sage, green eyelet, detail dress. It also came with a bow, but i didn't really like the bow um and it also came with these little bloomers to cover her diaper. It's just the most gorgeous little spring dress. So i'm gon na hang this on her clothing, rack. I need to get some more spring dresses so pretty i will never get over her clothing rack. It's seriously, my favorite thing in her room and even though some of these clothes she doesn't fit in anymore. I just can't put them away yet i'm just not ready, they're, so cute and then also she doesn't fit in half those shoes anymore either, but i'm just, i'm still just loving all of this setup and then.

How cute is her new straw hat? It's really just for photos to show you guys her new bathrobe.

I am so obsessed with babies and bathrobes. It's just the cutest thing ever. This one has her name embroidered on the chest and it's just this beautiful light, pink color with a teary cloth. I just had to share it because it's really good quality who doesn't love a baby in a bathrobe, so cute. So you guys it's the next day and i'm about to head to my hairdressers to get my hair done. I usually get my hair either trimmed or toned or something i just try to maintain it every three months.

So today, i'm going for a trim.

And i think i'm getting it toned, but sometimes if i feel like my balayage has grown out, then i'll ask for some more pieces in the front.

But i think today i'm just getting it like maintained. I'm gon na go do that and then we are headed to dallas a little bit later today, so that i can shoot a campaign for express i'm not even meeting with anaya today, because she's not available but omar, and i are just going up there by ourselves.

We're gon na shoot. We figured since we're already there it's later in the day, we're gon na go ahead and spend the night, so we're spending the night and just doing a little staycation today is friday, so we thought we'd just stay the night and then tomorrow we can have like Brunch and just have a nice little staycation in dallas as a family.

Let's go ahead and get this day started:.


How are you

I have to show you guys, my hairdresser taylor got these beautiful little curtains and it is so convenient because now it's like extra private and what else do you use the curtains for other than me?

Well, i can like. Sometimes women have conversations, they don't want other people to know very quiet and they it kind of blocks out perfect yeah. I love it. It lets people know that, like hey we're doing our own thing. Yes, well, i love it. Thank you, taylor. Let's get started, i just finished um that took about two hours and i did some like face.

Framing highlights like balayage in the front, and then i did a tone and then a trim, and she kind of like took some weight off my hair. A little bit and like not thinned it out, but just like, took some bulk out just feels so much better. My hair was getting kind of like poofy. My hair is pretty thick every time i get my hair done and i film myself going to the hairdresser i'm like.

Why do i do this? I can't show anything and this sucks, but whatever at least i can kind of talk about it and taylor is so sweet, like literally, she has like the curtain up there and she doesn't just use it for me, but. She was thinking about me whenever she got it and it's just literally the sweetest thing ever. Her salon is pretty private

Anyways, it's just her and one other hairstylist. That has the salon, but sometimes there may be like a ups man that walks in randomly or like her co-worker may have like a male client one time, so she kind of has to schedule me around that. So this is just so much easier. Now i'm gon na go meet up with omar and elena, and we're gon na drive to dallas.

Do the shoot

And then we're gon na go to dinner tonight, we'll see what else we get up to we're. Almost there there's dallas we're just stuck in a lot of traffic yeah, but it's so pretty that's part of driving the dallas, though i know we're used to just you know: more of a slow paced lifestyle, i'm so glad we don't have To deal with this on a daily basis, we made it to the shoot location.

I forgot lipstick but and elena's in a bad mood and elena's in a terrible mood. But you know i guess it's not the end of the world yeah. So, okay, i'm gon na set you guys down somewhere.

I'm gon na show you guys elena's very cute outfit, she's, being very patient.

She is being patient.

This is actually which, hopefully, whenever i get her out i'll, show you guys better, but she's in a very bad mood. What i was saying earlier was that, this outfit, that she's wearing, is the first outfit i ever bought her.

When i found out that i was having a girl, so i'll insert a picture of me holding the outfit at zara, i'm so excited little did.

I know she wouldn't fit into it and. She was like eight months old

Hello and i forgot the camera so.

I went back and got it. How many things have i forgotten today? lipsticks? Oh i've used um elena's off before on my lips, oh nice! Oh, it looks good all right. Let's go: do this, let's go finish: it! Oh elena's outfit! I love it! Let's try this again.

This one did pretty good. We had a really hard time getting her to look at the camera. Yeah, it's okay! Okay, that's! Okay!, that's why you should bring somebody to distract, your subject. It's so hard! Oh my gosh. Let's get this done and then go eat. Yeah sounds good, sound good to you, bubba. They picked up food and we made to the hotel and we actually booked this really nice room because they didn't have anything else available. So, it's just like this really big suite we're just staying here for the one night. So let me give you guys a little tour when you first walk in we're at the jewel hotel in dallas, which is my favorite. This is like a big sitting area when you walk into.

A bathroom area, big shower bathtub.

I wish i could take advantage of that.

I've got some mirrors here.

This is really big compared to the other rooms, and then we have the bedroom area.

Yeah. We haven't seen the room, this big yeah. This is nice. Never in a hotel. I don't think what are we gon na? Do we wan

Na eat some dinner and then go sleep, that's what we should do. I think i already mentioned this, but elena was in a very bad mood, so we couldn't go out to eat. So we just went ahead and picked up some food and brought it to the hotel. I of course got flower child. I always crave it because we don't have it in our small town. So any time i come to dallas, i literally just get it literally. Every time, literally, every time got a chicken plate with sweet, potato and brussels sprouts, side of gluten, free mac and cheese, and i got an avocado toast because it had like some avocado and egg that i can give elena she'll probably eat a little bit of My mac and cheese too and then we're gon na put this baby girl to sleep good morning guys it's the next day. We just woke up, got ready and dressed, and everything we slept really good. Last night, thank god elena, is about.

She should be about to wake up from her nap

And then we're gon na go eat brunch.

We were just like thinking about how different our staycations are. Now that we have a baby like we were thinking like. Oh we'll go stay at the jewel, our favorite hotel and we'll go out to dinner, we'll wake up go to brunch like we were just like. Oh that'll, be so nice. No elena was so fuzzy last night and there was no way we were gon na. Take that girl to a restaurant. We just basically picked up food on our way here, and ate cold food in the room and then put her to sleep. Finally, i don't know - and i was so stressed yesterday, mainly because elena was just not in a good mood and she was just when she's upset.

It really stresses me out, i'm just like so overwhelmed, and i don't know if that's just a lena thing or if that's like a mom thing, because omar definitely doesn't feel that way. He handles things a lot better than me: anyways uh. We are going to go eat. This is breakfast french place. It's one of my favorites in dallas, i'm going to show you guys our view you're, not from dallas you're, probably like what the heck is that, but it's like the iconic downtown dallas eye and it's right outside of our window, which is really cool.

She's awake

Good morning, hello, hello, okay, she's, hungry; first, let's start with elena's, h, m love, the leopard mommy and then.

My outfit is express trench, madewell jeans, steve madden, sandals, ysl bag. Omar i'd be wearing, a shirt that i've had for three years and paints that i've had for three years: love it.

Okay, let's go eat, i'm starving.

We made it to the mall because we're just gon na get some new clothes for elena, because she basically grew out of most of her stuff.

All right, we'll see what we can find.

We are back home and i thought i would do a little haul of everything that i got.

I mainly just shopped for elena. I didn't even buy anything for myself and i don't know it's just so much more fun for me to shop for her.

For some reason, and also she just is growing out of so many of her clothes

Honestly, i didn't even find that many things i went into zara h, m in nordstrom zara's line.

It was way too long. I wasn't even gon na wait in that line. It was gon na be like an hour and honestly, i just prefer shopping online like i'm the worst like i go into a store and i'm like so excited, and then i get overwhelmed too many things to look at or or things are picked over or The line's too long or whatever and i'm just like i'm just gon na, buy this online.

Why did i even come in store? I don't know so anyways. Let me show you guys what i got first, i got ta show you guys what elena's wearing today is so cute. I'm gon na take her seven month pictures i usually try to like put together a little shoot for her every month, just for memories. Good girl, she's, not crawling just yet but she's rolling all over the place. This set is from h, m, it's so cute. I also got the white one. So let me show you: oh, you, okay, you, okay, mama, !

Okay. I tried to lay out everything that i got like i said i didn't find too many things, but these are the pieces that i found from nordstrom, so i found this really pretty blue striped jumpsuit that i thought was so, so nice everything i got

From nordstrom is just such amazing quality: it wasn't that cheap or anything like that, but definitely worth it.

This is another one from nordstrom, this pink ribbed sleeper onesie. Whatever you call it super soft and just good for hanging around the house, and then i got a couple of things from h, m. I found this set of long sleeve thin t-shirts with this ruffle on the collar. It came with the gray one pink and floral, and then i found these floral leggings that i thought were cute. This set is also really cute. This little um cheetah print set also came with the hat, but she will not be wearing the hat. It's getting kind of warm outside, but it's thin enough that it's good for spring. This is the same dress that she's wearing in white, so gorgeous with the eyelet detail and the ruffles it comes with this bow, but the bow's, not my fave. That is everything that i got her. I forgot to mention this bucket hat that i got her. I loved this eyelet detail and i knew that it would just be great to add to any outfit for the summer.

I really wanted like a really simple hat, that i could throw on her if she was in the sun. So i have her. Oh my god.

She is kicking up a storm, but i just threw this swaddle blanket underneath her because i thought it matched her outfit.

The best ever seven month little sign and i'm gon na get to shooting this little cutie mommy.

Can you smile? Thank you.

Oh my god, i was so scared.

She was gon na fall forward, but we got the cutest cutest pictures

I'll try to insert one on screen.

I actually forgot to do her six month. Pictures and a lot of people actually told me that they did that as well, so they just like took two pictures since month, seven or whatever. I took so many pictures of her that weren't with the sign during six months, but i'm just gon na probably use one of those, maybe i'll, like photoshop the sign in there somewhere, but this girl. She has a lot of energy yeah. Let's go play some more okay, love you before i end this vlog. I wanted to kind of share with you guys, the top that i'm wearing, because i got a lot of questions about, my three to six month essentials, video at the top.

I was wearing. This is actually one, that's extremely similar. It's from express, there's limited sizing left, but i will go ahead and link more of my favorite, like satin um blouses, because i think that these are perfect for ramadan.

I wanted to ask you guys

I'm trying to put together like some ramadan, outfits - i always okay, so i know that everyone is different, especially like around the world like what you wear during ramadan, but a lot of times for us with iftar parties and stuff.

We don't like, we don't wear like full abayas, we don't wear, gowns or dresses, or anything like that.

We just go for like the casual cute, vibe, honestly, like jeans and like a satin blouse like this would be something that would be very like appropriate for us to wear for an iftar party. I mean if you want to go a little bit dressier. You could wear some trousers and like a satin top like this, but let me know like what do you guys do for like ramadan like how do you guys normally dress when you um, are like hosting a dinner or just having a nice dinner With your family or whatever you guys are doing this year, i would love to know just so i can help you guys out a little bit better.

We kind of save like those more like abayas and like fancy, dresses and things for eid. So let me know what you guys do if you guys are interested, i will link some more of these satin tops down below, because i actually found some from shein.

I was so against xi'an for so long just because i had some terrible experiences with their quality. Recently, i've been like ordering a few things here and there, like those sandals, i shared earlier like in a previous vlog, and then i ordered some satin tops from there. They have like this premium collection, and i always just want to make sure that the quality is good before i recommend it, but i'll links some from there that i did purchase as well.

Don'T forget to like this video if you liked it and subscribe. If you're new - and i will see you guys in the next one - bye