Organize With Me! Kitchen Organization Ideas

Organize With Me! Kitchen Organization Ideas

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel, my name is Leena. It's near nail today is going to be an exciting video because it's my first video of me taking you guys with me on my little decluttering journey.

So I was really inspired by the new year to kind of a declutter, my house, and we are starting with my pantry. My pantry is something that we are in and out of every single day, but it's like one of the most unorganized things in my house and it's just not functional. So I'm going to make use of the space as much as I can. Let's get started on decluttering it because it needs it really really bad all right. You guys this is our pantry, so I'm gon na show you guys what it looks like on the inside right now. This is the before. Hopefully we're gon na get it looking much much nicer as we've gotten more food and like more spices and things like that. It just has not kept its organization and, to be honest, I don't really have a system anymore. As you can see, I got a bunch of organizational things to put in the cabinet, so I got stuff for like rice for noodles for quinoa haven't figured out exactly what's all gon na go in Egypt little containers, but I did measure Them out just to see kind of like what sizes I needed for the cabinets it just kind of got like four of each just to start and if I need to send some back or if I need to get more than I'll do that. I did get all this on Amazon, but you can get these kind of things anywhere like Target Walmart Bed Bath and Beyond. I'm sure that they have these kind of things at a bunch of different places. But I like to keep everything clear. I loved that look. I also got the ones that have like the little pop-up lid. I thought that was really convenient and. Then I also got some baskets and I thought this would be good, for I really don't know yet we're gon na figure. It out I do like the look of baskets, so I think it's gon na look really really nice, so maybe like chips or you know things that I don't really want to display yeah. We can keep that in here. I also got this little spice rack, which I think was really nice. It's also adjustable, so you can make it bigger or smaller if you need to, if I also got a little tea organizer, because this is something that I have been wanting forever. So I'm gon na have somewhere to put all my tea bags so cute, so I'm gon na go ahead and wash all of these things then I'm gon na put them to the side and then I'm going to empty out my pantry get everything out of there wipe it down and then start filling up these little containers.

Now that my whole pantry is completely empty, I'm gon na go ahead and wipe everything down, I'm just using a like, all-purpose, cleaner. This is the seventh generation.

I use this for it literally

Almost everything in the kitchen, the bathrooms, it's just like a really clean, and natural, cleaner.

I'm gon na go ahead and go through all the food that I have and get rid of things that are expired or things that we don't eat. We've literally been in this house for a year and there's things in here that we have bought and never touched. We first moved in so we are getting rid of that stuff.

Now what I'm gon na do now that everything is clean and I have thrown away all the stuff that I don't want. I'm gon na go ahead and start putting the organizational items in the little shelves just to kind of see what works and what doesn't then we're gon na go ahead and fill up all the containers and put everything back where it should go.

Right now.

I want to work on my little tea and coffee cabinet and it's kind of a mess too. So I'm gon na take everything out and put all of my teabags into my new little tea box thing that I'm so excited about and I'm gon na put almost coffee in one of those clear, containers.

Okay, I'm going to show you guys what my pantry looks like now. I am so proud of it. I think it looks so much better and. It really didn't take me that long to do all this. I think it maybe took me like an hour and a half to like get everything, organizing everything, so here we go yay. I think this looks so much, better, I'm so happy with the way it looks just so much more functional for us now and literally, we still have like space to add things if we wanted to so now. What I'm gon na do is give you guys a little tour of what all is in here. So, I'm obsessed with this spice rack. I love it because some of the spice racks I was looking at. They don't have these little edges right here. So things could literally just like fall off, but I love that it's all really secure. As you can see, I love the brand Hunt brand. Is a simply organic for all of my spices, so most of my spices are that brand. Then I have cacao powder and turbinado sugar. This is my cacao powder for this movies that I make every single morning on this top row. I have my vitamins and essential oils, and then I have dates some kind, bars and then dark chocolate. I have quinoa brown, rice, noodles, white rice and brown, rice, peanut, butter, extra peanut butter, and then I have honey back there in this basket. I have all of our oils, and vinegars, and that kind of stuff and then in this basket I just kind of have extras of things. If I need to like fill up, I have like some dark chocolate chips, some coconut flakes, so I'm just kind of like a catch-all right there, but things that I do reach for pretty often in this basket. I have like paper cups and plastic utensils and I think Oh extra coffee for Omar and then in this one. I have chips and I guess if I get more snacks and stuff, they will go and this basket that way like it's a little bit harder to reach like the unhealthy stuff and then on this bottom row. I have like cans, so I have all of my mate, Oh sauce and tomato paste and that kinda stuff, and then I have beans on this one. I'm just super super happy with the way that this turned out, even though we don't have a huge pantry. I think I really made use of the space and made it with really pleasing to the eye, I'm so much happier with the way that our tea and coffee cabinet looks it's so much more neat and tidy and there's just like so much more space. So here I have my little tea box. It is just so so cute and I can display all of my little teas that way. If I have guests over, I can just kind of show them the spots and they can pick out their own.

I hope that you guys enjoyed decluttering and organizing my pantry with me today, if you guys, like these kind of videos, give this video a thumbs up that way. I'll know if you want me to create more of these type of videos.

I love you guys so much and I will see you guys in my next one bye,