Our Family Night Time Routine! Husband, Wife, & Baby!

Our Family Night Time Routine! Husband, Wife, & Baby!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. My name is lena. If you guys are new and in today's video i'm going to be sharing with you our family nighttime routine. So i've never done like a routine style.

Video like this with omar or my baby. Before it's always just been me, and that's mainly because my husband omar, has worked nights for the past like five years, so we've never had a routine together before and then once we had our baby even after he switched to days. We had like a zero routine because we were just in survival mode. So now that elena is six months old, we have a much better routine with her, let's get into the nighttime routine, we're in the car, because i just finished up work and we need to get some fresh air, so. We're going to this trail that we like to go to for walks and elena we're gon na get her in the stroller we're just gon na.

Hopefully i don't know i feel, like she sleeps a little bit better when we get her outside yeah.

Basically, we're just gon na try to wear her out yeah elena.

You ready going to walk mommy mommy snug is a bug, it's not that cold outside, but we just don't want her to get yeah chilly.

Now this is her favorite toy. Ever so, we're just trying to break for a pacifier, but look how pretty this trail is you guys? I just had to show y'all what texas sunsets look like, better than oklahoma sunsets we've. Never i've never been to oklahoma. I know it's just a joke. Oh, you know like this is what maybe a mile from our house yeah. I run all the time and i have never run over here. yeah, i feel like this would be a great running trail yeah.

It could be easy actually, because where you run is actually really.


So i was telling them earlier about how it's been so nice that you've been on days, so we can actually have a routine because we never used to be able to like do anything at night together because, you were working yeah like this time.

Every day, yeah you're right i'd be getting ready for work, and i worked nights for four years.

Four years now a year and a half, i was a nurse for four years. You kind of get used to the night shift to the point where you don't even realize how bad you feel i feel like that's.

You feel like it's how you should feel yeah, but then, once you come back to days on regular schedule, it's like whoa. Whenever i went on paternity leave you know, and i was like i was off for six weeks.

I was pretty much back on a day shift schedule. When i went back to work, it was like going back to night shift or for the first time for the first time, man i was doing everything i cannot to fall asleep at work.

That's when i kind of knew like okay. I don't think i can do this

Yeah, okay, we just made it back and we're about to pray.

Maghrib we're gon na leave elena right there on the bed, where we can see her and then i'm gon na start on dinner and.

Then omar's gon na go run

Wow, hi mommy, hey mommy.

I love your strawberry.

I've been so cute, he's so cute mama mama, okay, omar's, going on a run. we'll see you when you get back thirty minutes an hour.

Better be less than that, because i'm hungry so omar usually likes to go for a run after we go on a walk and i'm gon na go ahead and whip up some dinner.

While he's gone that way we can eat when he gets back. So i saw on tick tock. Actually i saw it on reels. It was a um like this viral feta pasta.

So you basically it's like a really simple ingredients. It's cherry tomatoes, basil, and feta and garlic, and you just like make that into a sauce anyways i'll show you guys how i do it, but i'm gon na make that.

I placed an order for my groceries this morning and i asked for four small boxes of basil, but they gave me four large boxes.

I don't know what i'm gon na do with all this basil in my fridge, so i'm gon na have to figure out.

Maybe i'll make some pesto tomorrow, anyways um, let's go ahead, and get started okay.

So the first thing you do is you add cherry tomatoes to a pan?

Is that enough?? Hopefully, then you add olive oil, and salt. You massage that together. I hope this is enough. Cherry tomatoes, my my pan is just really big. So hopefully it's enough! Okay, once you add your cherry tomato sea, salt and olive oil, you massage that together and then you add a block of feta cheese in the middle and you drizzle a little bit more olive oil. On top of the feta cheese, and then this goes in the oven, it seems really easy. Then i'm going to put this in the oven for thirty-five minutes and make sure, if you're, using a pan like this, to use an oven mitt when you take it out. Oh my gosh, i'm reminding myself right now, elena's gon na sit right here.

While i cook, i, usually just put her in her high chair because she likes to have her toys like laid out on the tray. I need to get her one of those activity, little centers that she can try to stand in. You know what i mean, but for now this is kind of what i'm working with okay. I just took this out of the oven, and it looks and smells so good. What you do is you add, fresh garlic and fresh basil.

I have a lot of basil, like i told you guys, so i'm gon na try to use it up and then you try to like mix it all together. then you add your cooked pasta, i'm adding some gluten-free rice noodles, you blend it together.

It smells really good. You guys. Okay, so here is the final result. I'm gon na put a little bit more basil on top and when omar gets back, i will.

Let you guys know how this turns out.

You ready for some food.

You ready for some food. She was watching you bring the food.

Oh my gosh, i'm gon na feed it too. So just wait:! Okay, everything is so delicious. like you, guys, have to try this recipe. It was so easy. I just made some chicken to go alongside it, but we're about to dig in yeah. I can confirm oh yeah, one more to try it, it's delicious.

It's so good and anina she's got her plate of avocado she's gon na eat, all by herself mommy, i'm gon na i'm gon na feed.

You don't worry, don't worry, so we are about to hop in the bath because we got very, very messy. I should have put a bip on her, but i never do so. Let's go.

I absolutely love this hooded towel with the bare ears. It is literally the cutest thing ever um. By this time she usually gets kind of fussy because she's so tired. So i'm going to put some lotion on her.

This is my favorite one that i that matches the body wash um and then i have her pajamas laid out and her hair brush

And then i'm gon na feed her i'm gon na brush all three.

I know she doesn't know very much but. Okay, just laid her down, so sometimes she kind of cries. A little bit takes her everything and it takes her a little bit to kind of like soothe herself, so. We are going to straighten up and then wind down for the night.

Change into some comfy clothes and i'm going to take off my makeup and we're just going to wind down for the night drink.

Some tea watch a show, i'm just gon na leave you guys on the tripod right here. While i do my skincare.

What kind of team would you want? Lina, i'm rocking it. Okay, didn't expect to see me. Did you? Oh, i always say that, i don't know what else to say.

I got our tease, let's see if we can do this boom, baby's asleep. Oh my god, literally spoke way too soon hold on one second. Okay, sometimes you just got ta shush them back to sleep, but that's: okay, um we're just gon na sit here with our tea wine down. What are we watching?

Dream home makeover?

Yeah, i'm sure you guys have heard of it, but we're gon na go ahead and start that.

I hope you guys enjoyed our nighttime routine.

Let us know what you guys want to see next

And i'll see you all in the next one. You