Pack With Me For Dubai!

Pack With Me For Dubai!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, my name is Lina if you're new, I'm in the process, right now of packing for Dubai and my sister Amanda and I are leaving in the morning, I'm gon na tell you guys a secret. It's like ten o'clock at night. I've been like getting stuff ready all day and I finally have everything kind of together, but I did want to show you guys what I'm bringing with me. We just got our itinerary for the trip yesterday. - and I am so excited - I'm not gon na spoil it because I am gon na be doing a vlog while we're there, but you guys just expect some really really fun things that are gon na be happening this week. I'm going to show you guys the clothes shoes, accessories, skincare, makeup, everything that I'm bringing with me. So I hope that you guys enjoy this video and let's get started so on this side of my Rack is all the clothes that I'm bringing with me to Dubai, so you guys can kind of get a little idea of the color palette that I'm bringing. I did want to show you guys a couple of pieces, I'm not gon na try them on just because, like I'm just being lazy, but I did want to show you guys a couple of things that I got.

I always love long sleeved, lacy white dresses, especially when I'm going on vacation - and this is one from self-portrait - that I've had my eye on forever and I found it on a pre-owned. site called the reel reel and it was my size and I just could not pass it up. I'm gon na be wearing a kind of like up around or like a tan colored undershirt, since it is a little bit see-through, I may wear it like in the medina Jumeirah area kind of on the boat, I'm not really sure yet, but I just think this is gon na be so gorgeous. I also found this long-sleeve rust jumpsuit from Nasty Gal, and I just thought it was perfect. It's the perfect, like hijab' jumpsuit. If they still have it, I will link it down below, but I just loved that the the legs weren't tight and it wasn't tight around the bottom area, I'm bringing lots of whites and lots of peachy tones. I just think this color palette is gon na, be so beautiful anytime. I go on the trip I always kind of put together a color palette of the clothes that I'm bringing that way. All of my pictures on Instagram kind of flowed together. I know it sounds silly, but it really does make a difference. That's a little peek at the really cute clothes that I meant bringing with me now. I'm gon na move on to my makeup. So here is my little makeup bag that I am bringing with me recently. I've been using the Born This Way by Too Faced in the color of vanilla for Foundation and I've just loved coming back to this foundation. It just gives the most beautiful coverage and finish. I recently have been sharing it out with the Becca backlight priming filter, so this just gives like a really beautiful glow to the skin. So what I'll usually do like two to three pumps of this and then like, a half a pump to a pump of the foundation, and it just gives a really beautiful, wash of color for blush and bronzer. I am bringing with me at the Laura Mercier and what is called the Stardust radiant glow palette. This is just absolutely beautiful for my highlight I'm bringing the mary lou manizer by the balm. This is just my absolute favorite highlight that I've been using for years for eyeshadow, I'm bringing this color pop. I showed up. Hallett called give it to me straight. It's just the most beautiful palette. I did a tutorial with this. I think it was like last month so I'll link that down below her setting powder, I am bringing the Kat Von D lock-it translucent powder for concealer. I have gone back to using the Maybelline fit me concealer. I just love the consistency of this concealer. I'm in the shade business, ten, so loving this for my lip products, I'm bringing Mac yeahshe, it's a, beautiful nude and I'm also bringing Charlotte Tilbury pillow-talk for brows, I'm bringing the anastacio brow is in the shade, taupe and then just set It I always set it with the Maybelline @ brow drama in the shade soft brown lip liners, I'm bringing a Mac stripped down and Charlotte Tilbury, iconic, nude and then last but not least, I'm bringing the telescopic mascara by L'Oreal.

Just absolutely love! Love! Love so not a whole whole lot of makeup. I usually just try to bring just the essentials. Okay, moving on to accessories, I am so excited to show you guys what I got today in the mail. I recently splurged on a pair of shoes that I've had my eye on for over a year, and these are gon na, be like my special spring and summer sandals. So I'm so excited to show you guys what I got. Okay, can you guys guess what's in here already just by the brand?

I am so excited to open this with you guys. Obviously, I've already like opened it up and tried it on, but let's just do a mini unboxing. Just for you guys, you guys. I am so excited these are just like my dream summer sandals. So I'm so excited that I'm gon na be able to wear these on the trip and then on my upcoming trips for the spring and summer. They are the rock stud sandal heels with this like medium block heel, so they're, super super comfortable and the fact that they're not too high, is perfect. For me, color is kind of like a metallic bronze and it will literally match anything that I wear and will match my entire wardrobe, so I'm so so excited to have these in my collection. As far as the other shoes, I'm bringing with me, I'm just bringing a pair of like comfortable sandals that I can just wear casually and then I have a pair of flip-flops. These are by the brand teks they're super comfortable, and I love that they're. This beautiful nude color and then I just have my blush colored Nike tennis shoes for like the airport or if I need to wear tennis shoes any other time during the trip, I decided to go ahead and bring my Chloe test bag, and this is probably the Only bag that I'm going to be bringing with me other than my Louboutin, never full. This will literally match all of the outfits that I'm bringing. So I really only need this one: a nice bag, I'm in my room now, so I just laid out my hijabs that I'm bringing with me. I just have a bunch of different neutral, colored, hijabs, Jersey and chiffon, and I'm just gon na figure out what matches whenever I get there. I have three different under scarves. I have my swimsuits, my favorite swimsuits for hijabis. That I found is from the brand called MOT. Fifty I will link them down below and then I just have some white undershirts and pajamas. I brought you guys into my bathroom to share with you the skincare that I'm bringing so I have literally been obsessed with the bio clarity. Skincare range. I did a sponsored video with them a few weeks ago, but I have literally been so obsessed. It's not just because I was sponsored by them. Their products are really like clean and very very gentle, and I just feel like they're so nourishing on the skin.

So I brought the cleanser the little restore serum and, then the moisturizer, and then I brought my Peretz sunscreen.

This is the unseen sunscreen by super goop.

I definitely have to make sure I bring sunscreen to Dubai, especially every time I travel.

I always get so many more freckles and I just want to avoid that. Recently I've been trying a lot more Dermalogica products and to remove my makeup. recently I have been loving their pre cleanse product. This is like a like, an oil that you kind of massage into your skin. She removed your makeup and it's so gentle and I feel, like I like this better than my normal, like makeup wipe, so I'm gon na be bringing this and then, since my skin has been so dry recently, I have been absolutely loving. Their photo replenish oil, and I used this both in the morning and night, and it's just so hydrating. Another thing I'm bringing with me is a GoPro. I just got this today:, because we're gon na be doing a couple of things where I thought it would be really cool to have the GoPro and create really good footage and content with this. But you guys, I haven't no idea how to use it. So I'm literally gon na be figuring it out on the plane or like in the car on the way to the airport. So if you guys follow me on instagram, you'll know that me and my husband, Omar love, creating at travel videos together. Omar has amazing skills when it comes to videography, so he's the one that usually films, my videos for me and then I'll edit them. But since he's not here this time to film, I'm gon na be the one filming and editing. So it's gon na be more blog style, but I am gon na try to create some really cool like cinematic shots of me and Amanda on my own, so we'll see how I do so. I think that's pretty much all the major things that I'm bringing with me. I do want to go ahead and show you guys my luggage, because it is new. It's just this beautiful rose gold color. I just think. This is so so gorgeous. I got these at Nordstrom, so I'm gon na go ahead and lay these out and start putting everything in my suitcases:.

For perfume.

I am bringing my wife Salman Perry. I am absolutely obsessed with this perfume right now or at my jewelry I usually don't bring like any of my rings or jewelry or anything when I travel just because I'm like super scared of like losing it, but I am bringing this little. Dainty rose. Gold band, and usually whenever I bring a band like this, I will just leave it on the entire time. Oh and I did get my nails done today - it is at that time of the month for me and which always happens whenever I travel literally every single time I travel, but at least I get to do my nails all of my stuff is packed. Now I just have to add my toiletries, which I will do after I finish using them in the morning, but yeah. Everything is good to go good morning guys I am all packed and dressed for the airport, I'm just wearing a, really like casual athleisure style, outfit.

I have on a black Lululemon cardigan. These are gsella gray, leggings from Nordstrom, and then I have on my pink Nikes. Jersey is a must, when it comes to the jobs for being comfortable, especially on the plane, I'm not wearing any makeup today, and I don't normally wear makeup on flights, I'm just like. This is a fourteen hour flight. Nobody cares what anyone looks like, and I just don't want to feel gross having makeup on my skin at the airport and having to like take it off it. Just like it's too much work. It's like 6:30 right now on my car is coming to pick me up at 7:00.

I've been up since 5:30 and I'm just I'm looking so sleepy and I've been spending the past, like maybe twenty minutes, figuring out how to use it. My GoPro seems pretty easy, so hopefully we can get some cool footage with that. So it's about a two-hour drive to the airport, we're picking up Amanda along the way.

So I will talk to you guys a little bit later.

We just got to the airport, I'm not sure if you guys can hear me, but we are in we're so excited that we will see you guys.