Pack With Me for Spring Break!

Pack With Me for Spring Break!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another vlog. We are so excited because today we are packing. We are going on a road trip and we're taking a little staycation in austin. It's gon na be my whole family and then omar, and i and elena and it's gon na, be so fun. We rented a house there so basically today, i'm just gon na be taking you guys with me as i pack and get ready to go right.

Now i'm actually making lunch, so i thought i would just start with that and then we'll move on with the rest of the day, i'm currently in the middle of making this southwest chop salad.

I was really inspired. I was just looking through pinterest and i found this really good salad dressing idea. It's basically like avocado cilantro, a little bit of jalapeno lime, olive oil, greek yogurt. It's like a creamy avocado, cilantro lime dressing. It just sounds so good. I'll. Put the recipe down below, then i wanted to make it kind of like a southwest theme, so i have like some romaine cilantro, cucumber red onion tomatoes, corn and black beans.

I'm just gon na whip. All of this together, we are so excited to finally be going on a vacation. It's been so long, and this is gon na be elena's, first trip and you better believe i got her a little bikini. I got her a little mini like floaty, it's, so cute the house is gon na, have a pool, so i'm just hoping the weather's gon na be like good enough.

I'm hoping it's not like too cold or anything, but i mean if it's too cold, then we'll just skip it, but maybe we'll just put it on there for a picture we're so excited to just be getting away for a little bit. We're only going for like three nights, so it's not gon na, be anything too crazy, we're just so, tired of just being in our hometown, just ready to get out and explore and do something fun, we'll probably just be eating going and eating. That's basically, probably all we'll do the memory of you just.

How beautiful does that look? I have the romaine underneath and all the toppings on top so. Now i'm gon na move on to making the dressing. Somebody just woke up.

And you guys look at our outfits today - we're matching tie-dye, it's so cute.

She wants the camera.

Oh my gosh, anyways, okay, i'm gon na get back to cooking, i'm starving, oh my gosh, and also it is the most stunning day today.

This guy is so blue, and it just makes me in such a good mood. We went on a walk earlier and it just gave me so much energy.

Are you gon na play in your activity center and are you gon na? Let me cook: are you gon na? Let me, you wan

Na show us your tooth.

You guys she got her first shoe. You want to show us, i don't think she's gon na be out. I can barely even see it. Sometimes i have to feel it with my fingers.

Here you go okay, so play play by yourself for a second.

I don't think we're okay be able to do this guys all right.

We busted out the handy dandy carrier. She loves it. I haven't actually put her in this in probably like a couple months, so this is the babybjorn free, it's better for when they get bigger and everything a little bit heavier.

She was very scared of the blender.

I realized. I forgot the lime juice, so let me taste it real fast and see if it needs anything else. Oh.

I think it just needs a lime. Oh my gosh, you guys. I've never made this before it just sounded good, but dang. That's so good!

Hello, my chef! This is what the dressing wound up.

Looking like it has a little tiny, tiny kick from the, a fourth of a jalapeno i put in there.

It was a big jalapeno, but really good. It's so creamy. I added the greek yogurt, the avocado, the lime.

I may add a little bit more salt, but i'm gon na go ahead and mix it all together. and i did make some chicken to go on top as well.

I forgot that i was actually gon na. Add um quinoa to this. That would have been amazing, but it is so delicious. You guys it's so creamy and like guilt-free, because there's literally i mean it's just like avocado greek, yogurt.

Highly recommend adding chicken to this.

It's so delicious. You can add cheese if you wanted to so good. So we're about to eat lunch and then i'm gon na finish packing and i'll. Show you guys what we're bringing i'm in the middle of kind of putting together some stuff and, trying to pick out my outfits for the trip but um.

I wanted to share with y'all some of the sandals that i just got in recently. Um from shein, i wanted to make sure that i got these in and tried them out before. I shared them, because i was worried about the quality. They are actually really good quality for the price. I think they're all under i mean i think, they're all around twenty dollars uh.

Maybe one of i think this healed. One is thirty super affordable, like a. Lot of these are designer dupes, like the bottega um trend.

I just feel like these are so adorable like this chunky, braided one, it's probably my, favorite, so beautiful and they're all super comfy. So i will link all of my favorites that i found down below in the description box and they have even more.

I mean they have so many shoes and i just picked out my favorites, so i'll have to figure out which ones match the outfits that i'm wearing i'm trying on some potential outfits for the trip.

I always like to try them on

Before i pack, just so that i know if i'm gon na, like it together and everything this one.

I just got this: it's a mini dress, but i'm wearing it as a tunic. It's from um amazon and i also got it in a really pretty blue color. i'll show you guys, but it has a really nice polka dot, design.

I just loved these frills. I just thought it was a really really flattering: top i'm just wearing it with some white jeans and then these white bow sandals. I need to do my toes. That is the first option. I think it's really really cute. I think i might change the jeans to like, so my skinny jeans, these are a little bit too cropped for me. I feel like it's not very flattering so i feel like i need just like.

I need them to be a little bit longer there. It is in that blue color. I know you probably can't believe i'm wearing blue, but i feel like i'm channeling, like grease or something recently whenever i've been shopping for spring.

I'm like ooh like the light blue and the white, and i don't know i just - i miss grease so much comment below. If you saw my grease vlog here is the next option. I am absolutely obsessed with this top.

Oh my gosh. It's from a brand called lavish alice or pretty lavish. Oh, my god. I get those confused. I think it's pretty lavish and i got suckered into an instagram ad.

I picked up a couple of things.

This top is gorgeous. It has these shoulder pads. It has like a cowl neck detail, but it's pretty it's still pretty like high neck. So it wasn't like too low. The sleeves are a little bit wide. It's stunning! I just tucked it into a pair of jeans that i got from express a while ago, and then these are those peeled, braided, sandals.

This is definitely coming with me. It's so cute excuse the mess.

In the background, this is the last one that i have to share with y'all that i'm still deciding what i'm gon na bring i'll, probably just show show y'all what i'm wearing once i get there, but this is another one from amazon that has so Many good reviews, the only thing is - i had to work with it a lot, so it's normally open down to here like a v like a wide v-neck and it's also open in the back.

So what i did is i got a size up. I think this is a large

I'll put it down this description box, the exact size i got, so i was able to pin it closed since i had a little bit more fabric.

The only thing is the back i'm wearing a nude undershirt, but it looks like my skin, so i'm gon na have to find something:, maybe more similar, maybe white, to just to go under this.

It is so beautiful. I love all the ruffles. I love the color, it's like a sage green, which is really on trend.

It's like a really nice like leopard. The cut of it is so flattering, i'm just wearing these sandals, which are very, they look very expensive, but they were super inexpensive. I have elena's wardrobe sorted, so we're only staying at the three full days, so we have three different cute outfits for her and then i have a bunch of pajamas and comfy stuff for her as well. I'm so excited. So this is a dress that i literally bought when i was pregnant. I got it from zara and it's probably my favorite dress with the ruffles and the eyelet details and, i'm so excited for her to wear it. I brought some nude leggings for her to wear with it just in case it gets chilly. I have a little velvet nude bow from lulu and company, and then these sunglasses, you guys, if you saw our reels, that we did with her. You probably already saw these they're from amazon so cute. This is from h m. I just got this recently and look how big it looks you guys. I was like there's no way she's gon na fit in it. So i went ahead and just put it on her today just to see and it fits her like literally perfectly, which i'm glad, but i'm just also sad because it just seems so big and then.

These little shoes are from etsy they're, faux leather, moccasins, but they're only like twenty-five, and they have so many colors they're my favorite shoes and shows that wear shoes very often, but the last shoes that she had in this color. She grew out of so i went ahead and got the bigger size, so she'd have some cute shoes and then i got some cute little headbands recently from lulu and company.

I just love that brand talked about them so many times. This is from a brand called arabella and rose and they're like an australian brand. They have the most gorgeous little girls stuff, so beautiful. I literally got this when i was pregnant as well, finally getting the chance for her to wear it, and then these are some hiney socks from etsy and another velvet bow from lulu and company, and then this, you guys.

I cannot tell you how excited i am.

Oh. She may not even swim honestly, because i'm not sure if the pool is going to be warm enough, but we may just put it on her for a picture. Anyways. This is the most stunning little bikini from a brand called swim, zip. They make um children, swimsuits and actually adult, rash guards and swimsuits as well. They have some really cute ones:, here's the rash guard. I got elena as well. It's like this! Really pretty, pink, gingham, so cute and then um this.

I am dead over this hat, it's from, janie and jack, and it was so cute that's for photos, and then this is for practicality. It's a little swim hat that i also got from swim, zip, i'm bringing a bunch of the lulu and company pajamas, some socks, bibs, some comfy clothes and her sleep sack and then i still need to pack like diapers wipes, toys pacifiers.

I thought i'd just go ahead and mention this bracelet. I put it on this morning and it's from amazon you guys they have all different letters. I got my l initial, it comes as a set and it's super inexpensive and it seems like pretty good quality. I mean this is just the first day that i'm wearing it but. I love it so i'll link this below too. Here is my travel beauty case. I have all of my makeup in here and it looks like a mess, so i'm just going to show you guys kind of the main things i'm bringing for foundation, slash like tinted moisturizer, i'm bringing this.

It cosmetics cc cream. It's spf fifty, which i love and then on days that i feel like. I don't really want that. Much coverage, i'm going to bring the complexion rescue by bareminerals and then i'm bringing just my usual stuff. You guys i'm bringing the physicians formula butter. Bronzer bringing my venti, highlight i'm bringing a new blush that i just got.

From laura mercier called bellini.

It's going to be impossible for me to show you guys all this stuff, also bringing this ecotools beauty sponge. It's called the bio blender and it's a really good, affordable, makeup sponge.

I've recommended the amazon ones in the past, which i also love, but this one is really eco-friendly because you can actually compost it, so it will biodegrade. I love that and it's really affordable. Oh another thing: i've recently discovered is the morphe setting spray.

Oh my gosh, it's a continuous spray. It gives you this really fine, even mist, and it smells really good. Oh, my gosh, that's such a good one! Good morning, last night, elena was like awake and just kind of fussy and i felt bad just finishing packing. While she was awake, so i waited until she went to sleep to do all that. So i finished packing. It last night we're just kind of well. I finished getting everything together last night and i'm gon na just put it all in the suitcase today. I thought i would just finish off, showing you guys what i'm bringing as far as like my toiletries and beauty stuff. here all the skincare and toiletries that i'm bringing with me, i thought i would just kind of go over them quickly, so i'm actually bringing a bunch of tula.

I had a mini size of the sugar

Scrub, so i'm going to be bringing that as my exfoliator, i have the cleanser in a mini size.

I actually. I do like the cleanser. I just don't prefer the smell. That's why i never recommend the cleanser to you guys, because i just feel like it's a little bit too strong of like a, really clean smell. It's just. I like things that smell like a spa like really relaxing and things like that. It's a good cleanser, but i'm just bringing it because i had a mini size, and then i love their sunscreen.

I had discovered this when i was pregnant, but i was avoiding chemical sunscreens. I just kind of rediscovered it again and it is so good. You guys it's kind of like a whipped, formula.

It goes on clear, it's really glowy i'll, try it on for you guys in a future vlog, maybe in the next one i had a mini size of the marula oil by drunk elephant.

So and oh then, my kiehl's moisturizer, i'm just gon na bring that for hair, i had a mini size of the, ogx coconut milk range and then my function of beauty, hair care products.

I i love using functional beauty. I did have sponsorship with them probably a year ago. I guess at this point and their stuff. I just have used ever

Since i use their conditioner, their shampoo, and then this is their leave-in treatment and their serum, so good.

This is just some body wash i put into another container.

I have my each and every deodorant and then a mini toothpaste

And i'm gon na pack my toothbrush we're about to throw everything in the suitcase, and i wish that most of this stuff was for elena, so that i could just blame it on Her, but i have a whole bunch of stuff for just three days and omar, thinks, isn't gon na all fit in the big suitcase like one big suitcase, and i'm telling him like we're gon na need one more. But the thing is like, even if you're going for three days like you, need the same amount of things for three days versus going for like a week or two even, you just have like more or less clothes. So i don't feel like i over packed but you never know so anyways. I guess i'll. Let you guys be the judge. When you see how much stuff i have.

The memory of.

We were able to fit all of our stuff

Mine, omar and elena's stuff in this big bag, yeah, but we also have like, but we also have like three other, the other bags and every day, listen.

Okay! I need we have a baby. Now, so i mean it was already bad before we had it late now: yeah, let's be real all right.

Let's go we're on our way to my parents house we're all gon na leave from there, and we are about thirty minutes late because and i again, i wish we could blame it on elena, but it was basically just because i forgot so many.

Last minute things: shoes, i've got a lot of stuff, um, just so many things. I'm gon na go ahead and end this vlog here, i'm still gon na be vlogging, but it'll be in the next vlog i'll, just vlog our trip in austin.

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