Pregnant During Ramadan | 2nd Trimester Update | Iftar Idea, Nursery Update | Why I've Been Sad

Pregnant During Ramadan | 2nd Trimester Update | Iftar Idea, Nursery Update | Why I've Been Sad

Good morning, everyone, I hope you guys are all having a wonderful Ramadan so far. It is what is today Thursday April 30th. So we are a week into Ramadan. I actually haven't picked up my blog camera to do a proper blog in a really long time and I'm really sorry. I have not been in the proper headspace to vlog. I always want to keep my videos super positive and I just honestly have not been good. The past few weeks, which I will get into a little bit later in this vlog, I just have to figure out exactly what I want to say, I'm doing much much better, which is why I'm blogging today. I just wanted to kind of bring you guys along. My day and show you guys what I'm doing in foreign team during Ramadan actually about to go on a blog Anna, I don't normally wear makeup when I walk. I realized that all the sunscreens that I've been using while I go on my walk, have been chemical sunscreens, which is not the safest for pregnancy, so I've been trying to like, like dig through my products and figure out like which products I have that aren't physical Sunscreens, so I could just throw on some SPF before I go on my walk and I just got this in the mail. This is the it cosmetics CC cream and I'm in the shade fair light, and I really love it. It is full coverage. So this is not necessary for my walk, but it's SPF fifty and it's a physical sunscreen. So I really love it.

I'm gon na be taking this off and washing my face after the walk, because I'm sure I'm gon na get really sweaty. Spf is applied, I'm gon na just protection. This is a look for my little walk. I have on at these new joggers from Target if they're still available, I will link them because they are so good. You guys, I love that they kind of have this pleat down the front, so they're really cute too, just like we're out anabolic if you're running an errand or something and they're so comfortable and soft that I've literally slept in these, and I'm literally going on A walk, so I just do everything in these pants and then I'm wearing my white H & M, sweat, shirt and my light manga job, my hot job and then I threw on this the baseball cap just for a little bit more sun protection. And then I'm about to go grab my white tennis shoes from the garage ever since Ramadan started. I have been trying to listen to something beneficial on my walk, so I have been listening to the angle, translation of the Quran inaudible, and I talk about this. All the time, but I could still get questions about which one it is it's this one and I really love the translation, just cuz. It's super easy to understand and I'm really grasping the meaning of it more than I ever ever have before. So I really love this. I also post it on my Instagram yesterday.

It just for you guys to like give me your recommendations for lectures and books and stuff, and I had a lot of people recommend the series on YouTube called 34:30 by Omar Suleiman. We have different speakers every night that go through the meanings of different passages of the Quran and it's really really insightful, and I'm really really loving that. So I will link that series down below I'll, probably listen to one of those lectures on my walk today. Since I kind of discovered it a little bit late, but they do one every single night during Ramadan and I'm trying to catch up now I did decide not to fast this Ramadan. I know there's so many opinions about fasting while you're pregnant and things like that. But God did give pregnant women and breastfeeding women the option whether to pass or not, and I think, there's an option for a reason and I don't think that you should feel guilty if you're not fasting when you're pregnant. I think you know your body the best, and you know what's best for your baby, and I just decided that I just didn't think I was gon na be able to get enough nutrition at night and enough hydration at night to like properly feed myself and The baby, my stomach literally, gets so full like when I eat big meals. I have to eat small meals throughout the day and I just made that decision for myself but yeah. I just want to update you guys and if you're pregnant and you're trying to figure out whether to fast or not, I don't think you should feel guilty at all, and God just wants ease for us at the end of the day beautiful sunny day. I wish I had gotten my day started earlier: I'm really gon na. Try, especially now that I'm not fasting, but it still feels really good. I'm kind of breath right now, but it's like the breath is really nice and just such a beautiful day. I love this trail because it's kind of like at an incline, as you can see it's like a hill up there. So it's a really good workout on the way up and then on the way back. It's like a really nice kind of like leisurely walk back. So I love this trail. It's a few hours later I spent about an hour breaking down a ton of cardboard boxes. I am literally swimming and cardboard boxes right now you guys because they're I mean a few of them are like things. I've ordered for myself a few things that are PR packages, but mostly they are, just tons and tons of boxes from like just ordering stuff for the baby and for the nursery and like just like huge boxes like for the crib for the dresser. For, like all the things that I've ordered they, I have not been able to go to the recycling center to dispose of them. So usually we go like every week some able to like cleared out like every week and they have been closed for like two months now and I'm so excited. I think it next week like on Monday. They were supposed to be open, so I went ahead and like broke everything down, so it's ready checkout then I took a shower put my lingerie on put some makeup on put some jewelry on and a little bit of perfume and just feel like so much more. Like ready for the day, even though all I'm doing is just cooking but anyways, it just makes me feel better and just makes me feel like more of a human being. I wanted to give you guys a little bit more of an overview of everything we've done to this room so far, because I haven't updated you guys on YouTube of all the progress we've made in the nursery and we've gotten so much done since I posted our Last video about the nursery - I just want to give you guys a quick overview just because I'm super excited to show you. But I am going to be doing a in depth like full nursery link reveal, even though you guys have seen most of it and once it's all completely finished. But I wanted to share just kind of like everything that we've done so far. We hung the mirror.

I have our changing pad. I got her bedding in and the chair, like we've just done so so much, I'm so excited and we also hung these curtains and a chandelier. I think I showed you guys the chandelier I'm at the end of the last video. I love the way that this looks in the mirror, because it's like the mirror, curtains and the chandelier all kind of, like a line perfectly, so I'm super excited for like selfies and pictures in this mirror. I showed you guys this in the last video that this was kind of like the inspo, and I was thinking forever, like what I was gon na do on this back wall. I just couldn't figure it out. I was thinking maybe to do some like, like a gallery wall of frames or even, like the big like wall mural of like the flowers, and I just couldn't decide so. I went ahead and found this piece of art from Restoration, Hardware teen, and I thought that that just really tied the whole inspo together and I'm so excited it's a piece. That's not too babyish where she could use it in her room as she gets older or we can use it literally anywhere throughout our house. It's a gray and it just matches like the rest of my aesthetic for the rest of my house. It's just beautiful. So I did find some similar ones on Wayfarer. I will go ahead and link all of the nursery decor and furniture and everything in the description box. everything is usually on my like to know it.

I wanted to show you guys this cute little bear has a really special meaning behind it. So I was cleaning out my closet yesterday and I found it. It's a bear that Omar got me when I was literally like fifteen or sixteen years old, and I still have it and now it's in the baby's room, and it just means so so much to me like I would sleep with this literally every single night. Whenever I was in like high school and whenever we couldn't really like see each other, that often - and it was crazy - that it's in our baby's room now. So I thought I would do a little bump date because I am twenty-seven weeks today, which means that I only have one more week of the second trimester which is absolutely crazy to me. I cannot believe I'm about to be in the third trimester, so I thought I would just share with you guys kind of what I've experienced over the last. I guess has it been three months. A lot of people call the second trimester the honeymoon phase of pregnancy. I think one of the reasons why I haven't been updating you guys very much is just because I've mostly felt like normal, and there hasn't been that many changes, but I completely understand why they call it the honeymoon phase, because you get all the fun parts of Being pregnant, get your bump, you get feeling the baby move your morning. Sickness is usually gone. Mine was gone, thankfully, I'm so blessed that it was gone around eleven weeks and I haven't been nauseous like ever, since the only issue that I have had and is I'm almost 100 % sure that I have like some gallbladder pain. I did get it checked out by the doctor. I got a sonogram and everything was like clear. I don't have any gall stones or anything, but I'm having the exact pain that you would have. If you had gallbladder issues like if I eat something like super fatty or if I eat dairy or anything, I'm just, so much pain in my upper right, abdominal area, and it like goes around to my back and I'm just miserable. If any of you guys have ever experienced anything similar during pregnancy, let me know because that has been a super annoying, but I'm just super thankful. It's something that I can control it like with my diet, and I can just cut the fat out and I won't be in pain other than that I started feeling the baby move. Probably I'm trying to remember back. I think I started feeling the first movement around twelve weeks, which I know is so early, but I just was convinced that that had to be the baby moving and now that, like I know what it feels like, I'm almost positive that I did feel It back then, but I felt like bigger movements like for real. I was like there's. No doubt this is definitely the baby. It was probably around fifteen weeks and it's just so crazy people describe it in so many different ways. But to me it just felt like I don't know, people will describe it like bubbles popping like gasps. It did feel it. Maybe like a little bit like gas bubbles like moving. You figure out your tummy, but to me it just felt like a little fish swimming around in there. It's just so weird, but so beautiful at the same time. Now that I am at twenty-seven weeks, obviously she's a lot bigger, so you can actually see the movement from the outside, like I think it was like three weeks ago I was twenty-four weeks and I was feeling her move a lot and I was like oh my Gosh, like I wonder if you can see this, I come the outside. I just looked down and my stomach just went like like it was so cool just to like see the movement from the outside for the first time. That is just crazy. It's upon Allah! So last week I also started experiencing heartburn, which I know like every pregnant woman experience I just haven't had that until about a week ago, and it hasn't been terrible, just like a little bit annoying after dinner is when I usually will feel it a couple Nights I've had to like prop myself up to sleep because it's been kind of like really uncomfortable to like lay down, because I start feeling it more. I think than that. I just feel so blessed that I'm really. I really have had like an uneventful pregnancy

Hum Dil, I'm so so so thankful, I'm it just now. I'm getting to the point where my stomach is feeling big like I just like. I really get surprised when I look at myself in the mirror, sometimes like especially from this side. I just like I'm just like. Oh my gosh, like I'm, really pregnant like in the beginning, like the first trimester I think I was just in complete like lala land like I was just in denial like I just it just never felt real and now that I'm actually bigger - and I Can feel the baby move, it really does feel real, but I'm pretty sure that's all. I have to update you guys on the second trimester I have been shopping like a lot and like in any spare time that I have I'm always like researching baby stuff and trying to figure out like what the best stuff is, because, obviously we have never Had a baby before - and we don't have anything literally - I'm like starting from scratch, trying to like build a baby essentials, list and everything, I'm pretty much done shopping it kind of sucks, because I wasn't able to have a baby shower just, because obviously Kovat but we're hoping that I might still be able to have a baby shower, like maybe towards the very very end of my pregnancy, but we'll see it'll, probably still be a really really small gathering, like maybe just family or something I am planning to do a Bunch more baby content after Ramadan. I want to share with you guys like a halt. Everything I've gotten, I'm pretty much done shopping. I think all I need left is like a stroller, a car seat like the big things I've gotten most of the little things yeah. I think that's basically all that I have to update you guys on. I am gon na go ahead and go cook. I need to make iftar and I'm gon na make some brownies I've been alternating between brownies and banana bread like every uh every week. It's a brownie week, so let's go ahead and get to cooking all right before I start cooking.

I had to share with you guys this Eid outfit option. I just got this jumpsuit in the mail, so I was like I have to throw it on and included in this vlog, I'm always looking at for jumpsuits like this, and I was just so obsessed when I found it. First of all, I love that it's high-neck. It is so hard to find things that, just like you don't have to like layer things under. I also love it. It's fully lined, so it's lined from literally the top to the bottom. I love the wide cut like loose-fitting leg, and this tie detail is so pretty it. is short sleeves, so I actually think that's really nice, because then, if you lay or something on top, you don't have like all these extra layers. But if you don't wear hijab it, but I think it would still be a really nice modest option because of the high neck. I am wearing a size medium in the jumpsuit, which is my normal size and I'm actually really surprised because it still fits on my bump, but I do believe it still runs true to size. I think it would just be a lot like more of a loose-fitting like modest fit on me if I didn't have a bump, so I would just get your normal size if you want to get it, but I would totally recommend it. I am like just completely obsessed, then I just threw on this satin duster that I got from Express recently. I love the nude color and I think I need to steam it a little bit, but it's one of those pieces that is super hard to find, but it is really nice to like dress up if you're like going out to a really nice dinner. It's not really nice satiny, silky material or you can literally wear it with jeans and dress it down. So that's why I really love pieces like this. I just washed some berries, I'm not going to eat this whole bowl, but I'm just gon na snack on some of these just to get like a little bit of like antioxidants in and just kind of like tied myself over until dinner, I'm going to make Salmon, broccoli and red potatoes, I'm just something like a super simple that I can just throw in the oven. Basically, and then I'm gon na make my famous almond butter brownies that I actually posted a video last Ramadan. It was my healthy Ramadan, desserts, video and a lot of you guys have made those brownies since and they're. Just always such a hit. Ok, so I have everything laid out. I like to make things that are super simple and healthy and easy. I think you guys probably knew that already, but basically salmon is one of those things. I just go back to almost every at least every other week, because it's just so simple and easy and good. So I have four fillets here: we'll eat two tonight and then that gives me a couple extra for lunches for the next couple days and then I have some chopped up broccoli that I'm actually going to go ahead and stay, because I, like my broccoli, boiled Or steamed better than baked, then I'm going to chop up some red baby potatoes. I love how it stunk, tiny and cute. These are I'm just gon na chop them in half and then I'm gon na coat them with olive oil and I'm just gon na put salt and pepper garlic powder and some dried rosemary. I'm also gon na put pretty much those same spices on the salmon as well and. Just a super simple, easy, healthy and. Quick, okay, just realize that we still have two hours until it's our. So I went ahead and just covered the salmon and the potatoes and threw them in the fridge so that I can just put them closer to a Tsar time in the oven. It's only gon na take like thirty minutes, so I'm gon na go ahead and start on my brownies.

All the ingredients laid out to make my brownies. My recipe is on my blog. I literally have to like refer to it every single time, just to make sure I don't forget anything, but it's super clean ingredients and everyone who made them so far has loved them and I am just like addicted.

Okay, these brownies are ready to go in the oven, I'm just gon na clean up the kitchen a little bit I did want to mention in case any of you guys are wanting to make these brownies. It did take a little while for me to figure out how long to cook the brownies and like at what temperature I set my oven at three hundred and twenty-five, and I cook them for about thirty to thirty-five minutes when you check them at. Like thirty minutes, you don't want your fork to come out completely clean, and I made that mistake so many times where I was like waiting for it to become firm when I was cooking it, but it takes a little while, after that, you take the brownies out For them to like be able to set - and that's when you get that really good, like chewy, consistency, okay brownies are in the, oven and Omar's going to put that other food in the oven once the brownies are done. So I came into the baby's room, so I can just sit down and just chat with you guys and let you guys know kind of why I have been a little bit distant on my social media recently and just kind of what I've been going through, Because a lot of you guys have kind of sensed that I've been a little bit distant. I know that I was super excited and just an, absolute bliss, the beginning of my pregnancy, and just ready to share everything and just things kind of just stopped, and I wanted to kind of just let you guys know what I've been feeling the past few weeks, the past three weeks have been some of the hardest weeks, emotionally for me. Basically, what happened is three weeks ago. Our little baby Kitty Leo went missing and this is really hard for me to talk about without crying and I'm really gon na. Try not to cry, because I am doing better, but it's still really hard. I have not mentioned it to you guys on any of my platforms, because there's so much going on in the world right now, just so many devastating things happening to people that I know personally, that losing a pet seemed like, so minuscule compared to What everyone is going through in the world? This was, probably the biggest loss and most grief that I've ever experienced in my life and I'm really learning how to deal with loss and yeah. It's just been really hard.

Um. It's been really hard on home, wear as well, but he has experienced loss more than I have in his life. So he's been helping me a lot with dealing with my feelings, and I think it's also been just intense about so much just because I'm pregnant and also really hormonal and things just seem to be making me a lot more sensitive than I already am, I just wanted to update you guys, because I shared Leo with you and he was a huge part of our lives and I just wanted to. Let you guys know what happened if you are unaware. Bingle's are definitely not. Your average house cat, if you have a Bingle, and you probably know that they are definitely a little bit wild but. They are so so so special they have such amazing personalities and they make the best. They just make the best cats but. They are not very happy inside, especially if they've been given a taste at the outside, like we used to take him on walks Leo just got to the point where he was not happy inside at all, and I felt terrible just keeping him cooped Up in the house, when I knew all he wanted was to go outside, so we wound up building a fence because we didn't have one just try to like. Have him some outdoor space to run around our backyard. We even connected this cat fence thing at the top of our fence so that he wouldn't be able to climb over it and he wound up by figuring out how to just crawl under it. So we got him a GPS collar, so we could at least keep track of where he goes and for a few months. He was doing so great. He would leave in the morning and just come back every few hours to eat and to get some loving and to play, and he was just having the best time and was just having the best of both worlds. And we were so happy and then one day three weeks ago, I let him out in the morning as usual, with his GPS collar on and about, ten a. m. his GPS collar stopped working just suddenly, and then it never started working again for The rest of the day and he didn't come home, which is extremely out of character because he never came back to eat, which he always does. And we know that he is an extremely smart cat to the point where he would never get lost or not know where his house is. He always came back home every single day before the Sun set. He was home, so he could sleep at our house. We put up signs. We called him everywhere around our neighborhood.

We looked everywhere.

I actually hired a ma. This sounds crazy, but I hired a pet detective that um she has like a dog that can like sniff out where your pet has gone and like find missing pets and the scent never led to anything and the fact that he Went missing in the middle of the day and his GPS collar stopped working at 10:00 a. m. we are almost like a hundred percent sure that someone's told him so. As you can see, it has been extremely hard for me to cope with this loss and. This may not seem like a huge loss to you guys because I'm sure that so many of you guys have had such more devastating experiences than this one, but, like I said this was the biggest loss that I've ever experienced in my life. Personally. So far, so I'm just learning how to deal with the grief and loss, and I'm just you know, working through my feelings and being pregnant, definitely doesn't help, especially during this difficult time in the world for everyone. I started. Reading reclaim your heart by yes, mimmo go ahead, and I had read it a few years ago, but actually reading it. Now I feel like I relate to it so much more and I feel like it has definitely helped me cope with these feelings of loss. So the book is really helping me realize that even the people we love our relationships and the things that we value.

So much in this life are still part of this life and God owns and is in control of every single thing and at the end of the day, we have absolutely no control over his plan and that's really been helping me cope

With you know, just feeling that sense of loss in my heart - and I know that me feeling this strongly over my you know my pet. I I just can't imagine the pain and the emotional pain that people go through when they lose, someone close to them or a family member, or anything like that. So I just wanted to recommend that book to you guys cuz. It has been helping me a lot and just kind of give you guys kind of my mindset and how I'm kind of coping with things I am doing a lot better, even though it is still really hard for me to talk about every day. It gets a little bit easier. I know that this is such a hard time for so many of us and there's so much loss, and grief going around in this world and just know that I'm praying for all of you who are experiencing any sort of loss right now that you Find peace and.

Just know that things are just going to get better. That is all that I wanted to update you guys on. I think I said everything I'm going to go check on the food. I hope this wasn't like too heavy hearted on you guys. I've been really dreading talking to you guys about this um, but I hope that you guys understand why I've been a little bit distant, which piece do you want this one? It doesn't matter can't say no to that, it's all going in the same place, really good. Remember I made them one time: yep, Wow, here's the final results with our salmon and potatoes and broccoli super simple and yummy mine turned out a little bit more pretty than ours huh. I wanted to share the brownies and now that they are finished, I did a horrible job of cutting them. They have never looked worse, but they taste so good and they're, so fudgy and chewy on the inside, so yeah. I baked them for thirty-five minutes and they turned out perfect, except I think I just didn't wait long enough to actually cut them because they kind of fell apart, but I'm going to make myself some tea and enjoy one of these