Prep For Eid With Me! | Family Eid Pictures, Making Cookies, Eid Pamper Session, Decor

Prep For Eid With Me! | Family Eid Pictures, Making Cookies,  Eid Pamper Session, Decor

Good morning, everyone

I am currently almost finished, getting ready for the day. it is tuesday may 19th and ramadan ends, i think on friday. So each should no saturday. So each should be on sunday. I believe, which is just crazy. So i'm going to be spending this week, prepping for eid, and i thought i would just take you guys with me. I hope you guys are having a blessed last few days of ramadan. It's just absolutely crazy that it's almost over, which is so sad, but i am excited for eid and i have a bunch of fun stuff planned for this week.

We're really gon na try to make eid special this year, since we're not gon na, be like getting together with our friends, so we're gon na just try to make it super special with my family this year. We're planning on having like a really nice eid brunch at my parents house, we're all gon na, hopefully dress up we're, also planning on doing like a family aid photo shoot so that we have like some nice family pictures, because we honestly haven't taken pictures Together as a family, since my wedding - and we never take family pictures together, amanda and i were talking - and we were thinking that we should just take family eat pictures every year, so that we at least have like family pictures to look back on. So we're gon na start that this year, we're just gon na take them. I think omar's gon na take them and we're just gon na use like the tripod and things like that. I was trying to find like some family picture, inspiration on pinterest and. It looks better when everyone is kind of like all color coordinated, um. So i found this picture and they're all wearing blue pink white like navy, gray. So that's kind of what we're going for at the beginning of ramadan.

I actually sent my family this like mood board, i'm so extra.

I like sent them a mood board of like what our outfits need to be and like how they need to like pick things out so that we all match so we'll see what we end up, all looking like together today, i did. I mentioned this already: i'm doing a eid photo shoot at my house so that i can just have some content for the week and.

I'm just kind of like batch create some stuff, so i have some aid content. I wanted to find a really simple.

Like easy, arabic style, cookie recipe that we could make together, i'm going to try to do it on my instagram stories.

I found like this shortbread cookie recipe.

I'm gon na use gluten-free flour, but it's really not like all that healthy or anything i mean it's gluten-free, but still has all the butter and sugar and everything you could make them regular without the gluten-free flour as well.

I'm gon na test it out today. So i'm gon na make that with you guys and then maybe i'll make another batch closer to eid on my lips today i am wearing, let's see the lip liner, i'm wearing.

I really like this one from mac. This is called oak. It's a really pretty like light nude. It almost is just kind of like a little shadow. It really doesn't give too much pigment on my skin tone, but it's like just a really nice natural definition.

And then i have the armani lip maestro in the shade 100. : it's a really pretty kind of like matte lip cream and then, on top of that i have the fenty gloss, balm and fussy, so that is the lip combo.

Also, i wanted to talk to you guys about my jewelry, so you guys know i wear the same jewelry literally all the time. This coin, necklace, is by the brand gorjana, and i love this coin, necklace. It's so beautiful. I love the chain. I love how it like hangs down and like is longer, and then i have this necklace, it's by kendra scott and it's like a really gorgeous stone, and i thought those two looked really pretty layered together.

But i want like to add more pieces to my collection. I feel like i just wear the same pieces all the time. So what are your favorite jewelry brands??

You guys know like what i like. I, like super dainty, minimal, feminine pieces to kind of layer up and i'm looking for some more like chain link style, necklaces, so yeah. Let me know if you have any favorite um jewelry brands, so that i can look because i've been looking online because i'm gon na add a little bit more to my collection, i'm gon na go start on the cookies.

I know it's weird that i'm, like literally all dressed up to go bake, but i want the cookies to be in my pictures later, so that's kind of why i'm doing it.

Now i have all my ingredients laid out, i'm going to be making these cookies. Today they are called russian tea, cake, cookies, they're super simple because they have like minimal ingredients.

It's just flour, i'm using gluten-free flour, vanilla, extract salt, powdered sugar. It calls for walnuts and then also butter, to make it a little bit more arabic. Inspired i'm adding pistachios and some orange blossom water, so i'm really hoping. These turn out really good.

I think they'd be so good with tea and coffee on eid.

I am filming this on instagram for stories, so that will be over there i'll link it down below it'll, be in my highlights for ramadan, i'm just going to do a little time lapse, for youtube.

Here is the final result. With my cookies, they turned out so good. I dusted them with powdered sugar and they look so cute and i already tasted a little bite of them and they taste so good. They still need to set a little bit and cool they're, more of like a shortbread cookie, so they're definitely like a dry kind of like not crumbly but they're, just more like a dry cookie, so they're, really good with tea.

I'm so excited about these omar is going to love me anytime. I make like any kind of treats like this. Omar just goes crazy, like he loves when i do that food is definitely the key to his heart.

So he's gon na be very happy about these later. I thought i would share this because i really want to create, like a cute little coffee table, set up on eid for omar and i to enjoy our cookies and tea, and things like that.

I actually have had these um cups since before i got married literally, i was still living at my parents, house, and a company sent me these and i just thought they were the most beautiful teacups ever and i'm finally using them in my own house, Which is so fun, i will try to um link the company if i can find them again down below. I literally forgot what their name was, but i have this cute little tray and this cute little teapot. So this is gon na go on our coffee table good afternoon.

Everyone i just got out of the shower and i am gon na be getting ready for our family photo shoot tonight. Last night i was planning on vlogging, but all i did was like shoot at my house all day, and then i went to my parents house for a star and i actually brought them a bunch of cookies and they were gone within the one night. They loved them so much so you guys like, definitely need to try them. I'm gon na have to make another batch, because i only have like a little bit left over for omer's mom and a little bit for me. No more so i'm gon na have to make another batch they're, so good right now. I wanted to do a little like eid, pamper prep session, with you guys i did just film, my pregnancy skincare routine.

So it's my current skincare regimen with all the products that i use on my ig tv, so i'll link that down below it goes step by step and all the products and everything like that anytime. I'm about to start just like a little pamper session. I have to turn on my diffuser. I bring this kind of throughout the house with me. I kind of wish i had more than one, but it's okay. It was kind of a pricey one and it's really, really nice just filling up some water. This is one from amazon. I think it was like around a hundred dollars, but it is so so nice and it really does fill the room with a really beautiful scent, i'm just using some eucalyptus, essential oils. This is one of my favorites eucalyptus and lavender, i think, are my favorite. I will link all of the products that i'm using down below in the description box, but this one is the caudally.

You know perfect serum good jeans by sunday, riley, the drunk elephant, vitamin c serum and then just some moisturizer. This is the rose. Deep hydration face cream feeling lots better and lots more glowy, like i said, i'll link the igtv down below. So you guys can see like the step-by-step routine, that i usually do at night. Oh, my gosh, it smells so good in here from the diffuser. It smells like a spa which is like exactly what i like.

Whenever i am not on camera and my hair is out, but i'm doing my skincare and i don't want to get my hair wet i actually, whenever i took a shower, i did not like wash my hair, and usually i wouldn't want to like get my Hair all wet, while i'm like washing my face and putting my skin here and everything. I love these little terry cloth. Headbands they're, really good for like when you're taking off your makeup at night, and you don't want to mess up your hair or something. So i will link these down below. They come in a little pack on amazon, they're velcro, so you just like tie it around and like velcro it like a headband and it just keeps the water off your hair. I think that's just such a good little thing to have in your skincare drawer. Let me go ahead and show you guys what i use for taking care of my body when i do a pamper session.

You guys know. I love these moroccan mitts that i get off amazon and they just are the best body, exfoliating gloves that i've ever tried.

I use this with my body wash and then when i get out being pregnant. I use a tummy oil, this one's by mama mio. I think i've talked about it before, but i love this product. It smells so good. It works so well to hydrate the tummy the chest area.

So i use this for the rest of my body. I use the josie marin whipped argan oil, which i talk about all the time too. This is my favorite, so i used all of that already, i'm gon na go ahead and show you guys what i used to do my pedicure.

I have not done this, yet

I don't think i'm gon na do it on camera, because it's kind of like gross - and i don't like seeing feet so, i'm sure a lot of you guys are the same, but i'll just share with you guys the products that I use because i have really like rough feet. I feel like omar's feet are like so much softer than mine. Naturally, and he doesn't even do anything to his feet. It's not fair whatsoever. I was trying to figure out like the best products to do an at home, petty and i have found them you guys. I know a lot of people are really scared of the foot file. I was too honestly. I did a lot of research on which ones were the best, and i found this one. It's called the microplane something got it on amazon. I will link this down below. It works so well and it's really fine. It's not like a cheese, grater they're, not like really thick holes. If you know what

I mean, it's just very fine, so it very finely buffs the dead skin off of your feet. I would really only use this if you have really rough dry heels. you use this on dry feet, so that's the only way that i have used it and that's the way that they recommend using it first with dry feet.

You use the foot file and then i go in with the tweezerman little pumice stone tool. It has the rough side and it has the polishing side, and this i use on wet feet.

So these two products in combination, just really gives you that, like salon, pedicure feel to your feet. It's amazing! I cannot rave about these enough. I probably wouldn't use this every single week. It really just depends on your skin and your feet, and everything like that once my feet are really smooth from the buffing products.

I go ahead and go back in with my body butter that i use all over my body, but i use this on my feet as well after the pedicure, and it feels really really nice and then to lock in the moisture. I just throw on some fuzzy socks. I feel like that's key, because you don't want to walk around your house with, like lotion all over your feet. It's going to like come off and it's just not going to be a good situation, so fuzzy socks are a must, i'm not going to paint my toenails today, but um.

I wanted to share with you guys the polish that i am literally obsessed with this is, like my favorite pale pink.

I really love this one, because it's like a really pale pink. It looks almost white, but it's not like a stark white on your nails and it looks really good against tana skin in the summer. I love this one. This is not like a breathable polish or anything like that. It's just a regular one, but if you guys are looking for a beautiful pale pink, this is opi beyond the pale pink and it is so gorgeous. Okay, i came into my dressing room, so i can go ahead and do my makeup, like i said we have, our family eat photo shoot tonight.

I'm super excited to just make this, like a tradition and just hopefully, inshallah, be able to have like our baby.

In the pictures next year, it'll just be so fun to be able to look back on these, so i'm gon na do my makeup: real, fast.

This is the dress that i'm going to be wearing for our family aid pictures and the reason i chose this one is because our color scheme is blues, pinks, navy's whites, any kind of gray tones, and this was seriously the perfect pattern.

It's so elegant, it's just super modest and. I just love it so much. It's even more beautiful in person it's by the brand um gal meets glam. They have some really nice modest pieces on their website and i think they should be. I think they're having a sale right now, so i hope they are i'll link this for you guys, but it's so so beautiful went ahead and put on the dress.

How stunning is this pattern? I was so excited when i found it because it's just like lightweight and non-sheer and perfect for summer and it's bump friendly literally.

Nothing fits me now, except for maxi dresses, which is fine but sometimes they're hard to find in long sleeves and everything. Also, this is the pearl chiffon by hot hijab.

I hope that this lighting is okay, but i got all my package in, here's eid club and we shop for him literally once a year, and it's always from banana republic um around 8. They were actually having a really big sale and i literally just got you um wow, the same shirt and like four different colors, so i hope. It fits no actually um. Is this the tall yeah? I was actually excited about these because um on my shirts - i don't - i do not wash them on hot, but apparently they get short for some reason, so they have the long version. So i think these will be perfect. Okay, so i got him basically, some just nice polo. I like buying him grays blues, blacks and whites - he's not allowed to wear any other colors, actually, how about red every once in a while, hey, remember, when um someone commented one time. If our daughter was gon na be allowed to wear colors and we're here, like no only neutrals allowed in this, obviously we're kidding like a really light.

Blue one literally the same color i mean the same shirt and just different colors.

I hope i like the shirt and now you're gon na, have to try it on and then black, because your other black can't go wrong with black. Your other black one was like getting all ratty, oh look, another bluish and then a different blue wow, surprise. But i like these because it's good for summer and you can dress them up or down so um, which one do you want to wear for. The pictures, not the black, what am i?

What pants am i going to wear?

Okay, i'm thinking i just brought those out they're navy and you haven't actually worn them in there from banana republic from last, okay and they're - really nice.

So probably either this one or this one or this one or black, but not probably not black, i'll, ask my mom. What name is wearing so make sure y'all aren't wearing the exact same color, but go try it on, so we can at least see what it looks like. Well, i don't think i should wear this one. Oh no. Why not? I think it should be the gray try, the gray and the pants on this mirror is going in our bedroom soon. That's why it's sitting there okay! Let me see, it's your turn to have a try on wow. I love that outfit. It's just super simple, but sleek and the pants look really good and the hair. I love it. Babes aiden, quarantine, outfit, okay, amanda, just called me, stressed out. So i'm gon na bring this jumpsuit, just in case she decides to wear this one lauren is wearing a light, pink dress and i think my mom is wearing something navy and then the guys are wearing light, blue gray and navy and white.

So i think it's all gon na look really good together. I hope we'll see i'm really hoping that this color scheme works out. We are on our way to my parents, house. I think i told you guys earlier, but we're taking the pictures in their neighborhood. They have like this really nice little pond kind of in their neighborhood, so we're gon na take them there. It's really overcast, though today. So i'm really hoping that these pictures turn out, because i really prefer pictures that have like at least some pretty lighting to them, and it's just really overcast, but anyways also um, i'm sure you guys might have noticed, but omar has been going a little bit less. Facial hair recently because of the masks, the n95s that work they make them, have either a goatee so that you can have like to get a good suit. a good seal around yeah, either a goatee or.

Just clean shaymin he's been doing the goatee for a while, but um got tired of it got tired of it, so he just shaved everything off this reminds me of when we took our pregnancy announcement pictures, and i think that was probably was that

The first week that you had to start - oh no, he was getting fit tested for n95 and he just just completely clean shape that, right the day before we were supposed to take our pregnancy announcement pictures. I was at the nail salon, and omar texted me and told me: oh yeah. I had to clean shave and i'm like you're. Actually, joking me right, like you are, you are kidding me like that, was like my worst nightmare, like we're about to have like one of the most important pictures taken ever and you're gon na clean shave your face and get rid of your gorgeous beard. Yeah but anyways i just started. I literally cried at the nail salon. He sent me a picture. I thought he was joking, but then he actually sent me a picture.

I'd already trimmed it down.

So i could shave it so i was like and it was like literally so short he might as well have just shaved it off.

So i was just like. I never shared that. So that's why he has barely any facial hair in our um pregnancy announcement picture.

It is a couple days later. I'm sorry. I didn't pick up the camera to vlog the rest of the night. When we took pictures. It was literally almost after our time, so we took pictures in my parents neighborhood and then drove back to their house and broke our fast and we had

They made like those mini pizzas.

I don't know if you guys have seen it on amanda's, vlogs and stuff, but they've been making mini pizzas a lot at my parents, house.

They made those they had salad, shrimp soup. It was just a bunch of like really yummy stuff, so we had that and now i'm about to go over there um in just a little bit because not tomorrow, actually but the next day. is eid. It's crazy! That ramadan went by so fast this year and i remember saying like before ramadan i was like okay after ramadan's over i'm only gon na have two months until we have this baby, inshallah. So that's even, more crazy to me. Anyways, i'm gon na go over there because i just got some eid decorations in the mail.

Some really cute, like eat balloons and stuff, so we're gon na set that up for our um aid brunch on sunday and yeah. I'm super excited, so i'm gon na take you guys over there and we'll set up for eid brunch.

I think we're just planning on having like an arabic breakfast spread like eggs, cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, like, almost like all the good stuff, but we wanted like a really cute table setting and stuff. So let me show you the decor i got so the company is called creating memories, they're based in louisiana, and they sent me um their little eid party box. So it comes with a bunch of stuff to create like a cute little table, setting with some plastic aid plates and our paper and then a happy ead banner. I also got the balloon um arch and then we're gon na hang up a little star banner a little happy eid cake topper.

I don't know what we're gon

Na use yet, but i'm gon na bring this over and we'll see how we can make everything.

Look super cute, okay, i just got to my parents, house.

We have amanda and we have lauren and we're gon na set up our balloons here in just a second. We have no idea what we're doing. Okay, so, we started blowing up the balloons and it was hurting my stomach and it was actually really hard to just novel up a balloon to save my life. So we have this amazing idea to use the car uh tire pump, yeah. It's like an electric one, but you have to connect it to the car, so we're doing that to all the balloons and it's genius. I had to show you guys my parents fig tree mashallah. It is so big now and every summer we get little figs. I absolutely love fresh figs. I can't wait till these are ripe enough to eat a lot of times the birds and bugs will get to them. So we have to kind of be fast with picking them, but i cannot wait.

Okay, we finished the balloon arch and we put up the happy eid sign.

We threaded the gold stars throughout too, which i think is really pretty.

This was way harder than we thought it was going to be. Oh, my god, we were so frustrated by the end, but we did it. We have like um the big like moon and stars and stuff, but we decided just to keep it simple. mainly because we can't figure out how to put it up there, but i think it looks really good.

I think it looks good simple, like that, so we're super excited to have our aid brunch.

In a couple days, i will vlog the day for you guys, but until then i will see you in my next video bye,