Prep For Ramadan With Me! | Goals | Grocery Haul | Decor | Meal Prep

Prep For Ramadan With Me! | Goals | Grocery Haul | Decor | Meal Prep

Good afternoon, everybody today is Wednesday and Ramadan is in like four or five days in sha Allah. So I am spending it this week getting ready for Ramadan, and I thought I would take you guys with me today to do some grocery shopping and just kind of getting meals prepped for Ramadan. I'm also going to be kind of like setting some goals and talking to you guys about what I'm planning spiritually for this month and then oh, I have some really cute decor that I want to share with you guys. So I'm going to be sharing with you guys, a bunch of really cool stuff today and hopefully get everybody in the Ramadan spirit. I just finished getting it ready for the day and I have a couple of products that I have just fallen in love with recently that I really want to share with you guys that I'm loving for my makeup this one is the bare minerals complexion rescue you Guys have been really good and giving me recommendations for tinted moisturizers, and this one bare minerals, complexion rescue is one of your top recommended ones to me and I have fallen in love with it. You guys it's so beautiful. It's called a gel cream, so it's super lightweight, gives the most stunning glow to your skin. Look at my forehead! It's just like it's like that glass skin! Look! I just absolutely love it. It's really light coverage, so I did use some concealer under my eyes today. Okay, I saw you guys down, so I don't hurt my arm anymore, but my other obsession with my makeup is this gorgeous bronzer from hourglass? This is the shade luminous bronze light. I think it's their lightest shade of bronzer, but it's this beautiful marbled light bronze, but this is kind of like champagne, highlighting it's not like super highlighted. It's just like this gorgeous, like bronzy glow to your skin, and it's just the most flattering color. You guys. Definitely have to try it like. I wish I had gotten the bigger version, but I just wanted to try it out because never tried it before. I love the combination of these two together. It's just gon na be like my go-to at for the spring and summer, so I have to show you guys what Leo is doing right now. I got this faux tree because I know that he's going to destroy my other one like I've, just accepted it and he's literally still trying to destroy the fake one Leo. It's not real. Okay, I'm standing next to the window now, so you guys can see my globe a little bit better, but you guys I am obsessed with this tree product. It would be the perfect pieces to pick up for the spring bonus at Sephora. So you guys can get a little bit of money off of that I'll link all my recommendations for the sale it down below. I'm gon na share with you guys my little outfit today. So I'm just wearing these wide leg jeans from a free people. They have them at Nordstrom and on the free people website. I love the raw edge on the bottom and I love how like loose and long they're, not cropped they're, just so so pretty and they are high waisted, so super flattering then I'm wearing this peach, colored lightweight blazer from Nasty Gal, not gon na lie. It's not like the most highest quality blazer, but it is super cute, and this undershirt is from mango I've raved about this undershirt. If they still have it I'll link it down below. I like it because it's super thin and good for layering it for at this spring and summer, when it's warm and then I have my little Monica vented air little coin, necklace on and my usual hot hijab, Jersey and light make a job, and I will Probably be wearing it, my little pointed cole haan mules that you guys have probably seen me wear over and over. Nowhere now that I'm ready, I'm gon na go ahead and run to the grocery store. I'm gon na share with you guys what I'm getting, because we literally have no food and I need to prep a big soup, because I love breaking my fast on a date and then having something super warm and hydrating like a really nice healthy vegetable soup. I'm in the mood for a minestrone, so I'm gon na make minestrone soup with a bunch of veggies okay. Before I leave, I need to feed Leo. So let me show you what all this little spoiled brat eats on a daily basis. Rami. Have a mixture of a Greek yogurt and pumpkin and salmon oil he's really not supposed to eat on the counter, but he just never lets me finish.

Okay, I just opened my fridge and realized that it's literally so disgusting, so I'm gon na clean out the fridge before I go grocery shopping, and I also need to check my pantry and see what all I need to stock up on. Pantry is doing pretty. Well, I know I showed you guys whenever I organized it and it's still doing pretty well I'll, probably clean up a few things in here. I just want to see what I'm missing. So I am missing pasta and I do want to make some of that pretty soon.

Okay, small setback today Leo and knocked over at my camera that was on the tripod, and smashed it. So literally, I had to go. buy a new camera which actually, I feel like it's a better quality. What the heck it's the same camera, so I'm gon na have to wait for the other one to be fixed. So I have this one in the meantime, so I'm at the grocery store. Now I'm gon na run in and grab the things and then I will see you guys and.

Back home from the grocery store, I'm so sorry, if that footage just looks like crap, I try I do so. I have everything laid out that I'm going to share with you guys everything that I got is to make the minestrone soup and then also a couple of like dishes to go along with the soup. So I got some chicken broth for the soup. I got some baby spinach, this is going to go in the soup and I'm also going to make it as a side dish, and then I have some basil to go in the soups and parsley.

What else is for the soup cauliflower? I have some kidney beans and. I have just some white beans and then I have some squash and zucchini onion carrot what else I already have celery and I already have some marinara sauce that I'm gon na use and and also garlic and bunch of spices. So that's basically, what's gon na go in the soup. I also found organic strawberries that were like $ 3. That looks really good, so I got one of those. Actually, I got two, but I'm not sure how I ended up with just one. I'm gon na have to go check and see. If I left something in the car, I got some organic eggs. I've got some Greek yogurt, the zero-percent one is for Omar and then the 5 % one is for Leo

He's so spoiled.

We were running out of olive oil. I also got some what gluten free pasta noodles? These are brown, rice, pasta and the brand is jovial.

I absolutely love this brand. Their stuff has always been super good and I don't even feel like it tastes gluten free. It just tastes like regular pasta to me if you've been following me for a while, you guys know my obsession with sparkling water and I used to drink with Kroy and I recently kind of just tried out Waterloo, and I love it. It is so so good. I get the lime. Flavor just goes good with every meal. I used all of the bananas to freeze for smoothies, and things like that. So I think that's everything that I got everything is put away now and it looks perfectly clean. This looks so much better than it did and just feels so much cleaner. I was planning on cooking today, but I don't have enough time, so I'm just gon na go ahead and just have everything ready to cook tomorrow. Okay, I just sat down at. My computer, I was gon na answer some emails and just kind of work on my computer for a little bit. But I wanted to talk to you guys about kind of like prepping, for Ramadan spiritually and how to kind of like set goals and kind of like what my goals are for this Ramadan.

Making specific realistic goals for yourself during Ramadan is like the key to success. If you just tell yourself yeah, I want to take advantage of the month, and I want to do good and you'll just fall into the habit of doing the same old thing. You have to set specific goals for yourself, so these goals do not have to be anything crazy. You guys I used to like, be hard on myself and just think like. If I don't finish the Quran, then I failed Ramadan. No, that is not the point. God really prefers you to do consistent, good deeds, even if they're small, my goals are to create like very realistic habits during Ramadan that I can continue throughout the rest of the year. So personally, for me, I just really. I can't finish the Quran just because my reading skills are not that strong. Like, I can read Arabic, but I'm very slow at it, and I really like to get the the message of what I'm reading and like really understand what I'm reading and so for me, my goals are to just read at least a small little section Of the Quran every single day other than the Quran, my goals this year are to really cut down on my social media time. I will be on social media, but it will be a very small small percentage of my day and I'm talking, maybe like ten minutes a day and something that I'm thinking about doing is even like setting a timer and having like a designated little space of time. Like at the end of the day or whatever it is where I will be on social media just to check the highlights, but I definitely definitely suggest you guys really trying to detox from social media not being Instagram YouTube, whatever you're spending the most time on you Guys think about that time that you spend on social media if you spent that time doing something productive for yourself and really benefitting you during this month of Ramadan like just think of how we could get done. So while I'm taking my social media break during Ramadan, I'm going to be incorporating a lot more like just listening to and reading things that are very beneficial to me and help me strengthen my Eman currently listening to the audiobook called in the footsteps of the Prophet peace be upon him and I'm really loving that I'm listening to that on audible, I will link that down below this. Video is not sponsored by audible.

I'm just really really really enjoying that book. Any books that will help me kind of understand the life of the Prophet peace, be upon him and just how he was and anything like that. Just really really fascinates me and just makes me love him even more. If you guys have any audio books or lectures or podcasts or anything that you guys recommend, please leave them down below in the comments.

I'm sure that everybody would really really appreciate the advice, and if I find anything else that I see beneficial and interesting, then I will definitely let you guys know another. One of my goal is this Ramadan is to really be consistent in making duaa after every single prayer, and I really just want to sit down after every single prayer pause and like make dua and talk to God and ask him for things. And thank him for things and just really take that time, and then I also want to make sure that I'm making you all like at least once during sujood and each Salah, that's like whenever you are closest to God, is when you're institude and I feel like Making JA during that time, it's just it makes me feel so much closer to him. So those are just like a few of my goals for this Ramadan. Obviously, there's more like giving charity and helping others and making sure that I'm going to shadow, we have a few times a week, so those are kind of like the things that I've written down for the month of Ramadan and I really want to get even more Specific as to like what I'm gon na do every single day, so I hope that kind of inspires you to make your own a goal as this Ramadan and if you guys have your own goals that you're working on leave them below. If you guys have any recommendations for books or podcasts or any lectures or anything that are beneficial like I said, we would love for you guys to leave those down below as well. Okay, it is the next day - and I and currently at getting all of my Ramadan decor together and I'm so so excited. This is the first year that I've kind of invested and some just a few little Ramadan, decor pieces. You guys know that my style is very minimal, modern and chic, and I wanted that to be incorporated into my romantic core as well. So have some really cute stuff to show you guys. Okay, so I have it all kind of laid out on my countertop. I'm gon na be decorating my dining table, and this is just mainly because I really would have loved for all of us to be like on top of my fireplace, but I don't really have space on my mantel. I don't really even have a mantel. We just kind of have a cutout for our TV above the fireplace, so this idea would be perfect on either a coffee table or a fireplace mantel, but I'm just putting it on my dining table, because that's just like the only space that I have. I really wanted to decorate with lanterns and candles. I think that is super chic and ramadani at the same time. So I found these lanterns at Michael's craft store. I will link them below if they have them online, I'm not sure, but they had some similar ones at Target and world market I'll try to link some similar ones down below, but I got a big one for the middle and then two on either side. So that's gon na be like the main focal point of the centerpieces, and then I just had these like pillar candles, already they're all three different sizes, but I just didn't want to buy any new candles, so those are inside the lanterns then also, I found these At Michaels they're just little called candle votives, I'm not really sure, but they kind of wear that same gold color and they look super pretty when they're lit. They have this like gold-flecked paint on there. So it looks super pretty when they're lit. I already had some faux eucalyptus branches that I got from Amazon a while ago, and I'm gon na create a kind of like a garland across the table. With this, you could obviously buy a premade garland, but I'm just gon na use these pieces and just kind of create my own and then, since I am doing it on the dining table, I really just wanted it to be a beautiful tablescape. So I have a table runner that I got from target. This is just a beautiful cream, linen e material, and then I have some beautiful little napkins with this little design on the edge and then I found this gold silverware from Target.

I only got two sets, so I'm just gon na use these. I think they were like twenty dollars each. So I didn't want to spend too too much money and since it is just me no more, I just thought I'm just gon na get two sets of them. These are just little Ramadan, they look like little cake, toppers or maybe like cupcake toppers, but I'm gon na see. If I have any use for them on this tablescape, I thought they were perfect because they were gold and they would match the lanterns. And this would be beautiful as like a little place setting or even just chip it on a cake as a cake, topper or something like that, so so cute. I think I got this from a company last year, called Eid party Co or something I'll link them below.

They have some really good Ramadan and Eid decor pieces. I already had these clear little candles that I'm gon na be using, and then I have these little fairy lights that I got from world market so I'll leave all the pieces that I can down below. I am so excited to get this all set up. I have my tripod right there, so we can film it for you, so let's go ahead and get started. Okay, guys. How beautiful is this? I am so proud of it. I even did use the little Ramadan place settings and I think that is super cute. So I'll link everything down below, I obviously do not know how to set a table.

I don't know if that's correct, I weaved the little fairy lights in between and I still have to light the candles.

I love how it's Ramadan asked with the lanterns, but still has the greenery, so it reminds me of like spring in summer time. So it's like perfect for this time of year. Okay, I went ahead and blow out the candles I took so many videos and pictures of this. I think this is gon na be super cute and a really cute idea for those of you who wan na decorate for a Ramadan. So now I have to get to cooking. So since I didn't get you cook yesterday, I'm gon na go ahead and cook today with you guys. I'm gon na make my minestrone soup and then I'm gon na meal prep a couple of meals for me and Omar to take to work this weekend and then also since Ramadan is on Monday. We can eat some of that food for the first day of Ramadan. As well.

So right now I have the minestrone soup cooking and waiting for all the vegetables to soften, and then I will add the beans and the fresh basil and parsley at the end. I'm also about to get started on some pesto pasta and I always make my own pesto. It's so delicious. All, it is, is basil, olive oil, garlic, salt and pine nuts. But this time I didn't I forgot to get pine nuts, so I got. I just had some walnuts and I used that and it was perfect. I also have some quinoa cooking and I have the fish that's about to go in the oven. I just seasoned it with some salt and lemon pepper and lemon and olive oil.

The pasta is pretty much done cooking now, I'm gon na add some cherry. I used to add cream to those and make it like a creamy pesto pasta, but I found about just making the pesto and the blender makes it super creamy and I do not even miss any of the cream or cheese or anything like that.

Okay, so update, I'm finished cooking. I made the minestrone soup, it smells so good, there's so many veggies. It has cauliflower, zucchini and squash beans, and anyways. I will leave the link to the recipe I followed down below. Then. I have my fish that I prepared up. Here is my pesto: it turned a little bit brown, I guess it kind of oxidized, but it still tastes, really really good. I have the quinoa I prepped shrimp and I only made like all of that. Spinach only wilted down into this tiny little thing. I forgot that spinach wilts down to nothing so I'll, probably have to go, get some more spinach, but that's easy to make. So that is everything that I have prepped for work and for the beginning of Ramadan cooking is done and I am exhausted. So it is now almost seven o'clock at night I sent em we're off to work with them, food and we ate a little bit here before he left. So now I am going to go and visit my parents and I'm taking Leo with me just because we kind of want him to get used to being in my parents house, because whenever, like oh we're and I go out of town and my parents Are going to watch him so I have in the little carrier. I should have seen what I had to do to get him in here. It was really hard, but we're gon na go over there and see how he does. We are faced, timing, the girls - I don't know hi, Amanda, you guys look. How scared Leo is.

It is Friday afternoon I actually work on the weekends. Usually so this weekend I work Saturday and Sunday. So this is like not the typical Friday that most people would have today is kind of like my Sunday, so I'm getting the house all together and getting everything organized because Monday is inshallah, Ramadan, so I just. Whenever I get off work on Sunday, I just don't want to have to worry about anything. I just want all my food to be done. All of my house would just be under control and not have to think about we're doing too much on the first day of fasting, so I have organized at this room. I'm gon na be doing a tour of this room very very soon, inshallah. I'm super happy with the way that it's come together and the closet in here it was really really bad. It was like just not organized so I organized that, so that video should be coming in the next couple weeks in sha Allah. I did get in the Amazon package of just like a couple of like random of things that I'm gon na be using during Ramadan which aren't lit really Ramadan specific. That sense is about two Ramadan, I'm gon na be using them during Ramadan. So this is a water bottle that is my favorite water bottle. I actually lost mine from last year. I talked about these water bottles in my Rajon a favorites video last year.

So I will link that video for you up on the screen above because all those favourites are still my favorites, but since I lost my water bottle, I don't know, I think I probably left it at work or at yoga or something I went ahead and got Two more for me: you know where these are the Camelbak Eddy water bottles. They have a really cool straw on them where, like, if you tipped it upside down, it wouldn't spill. But then, whenever you go to drink, you have to kinda like bite down on it. It's like a squishy straw. I just love having a bottle with a straw to drink out of, especially during Ramadan, because it just makes me drink so much more. It's so easy to drink. Out of these, it has Leo God here on this, because he was playing in the box that it was in it's a thousand mils, which is a leader and you're supposed to be drinking at least two litres of water a day. So, honestly, like last Ramadan, I was drinking like three of these a day and I had no problem, so I would just drink one for score, one for, iftar and then one in between. So these are really really good to help. You keep track of your water consumption during Ramadan. I want to know what kind of videos you guys want to see from me, so everything that I have planned for the month so far and sha Allah is some recipes. So I'm gon na do a suhoor recipes video and then a healthy Ramadan, a desserts recipes, video, I'm also going to, do like some vlogs, I'm not going to be doing the daily vlog thing I just I would rather take advantage of the month. Rather than vlogging every single day, that just sounds like way too much work and then I'm thinking about doing a job story, because I've never really talked about like what the job means to me and like why I started wearing it and all that kind of stuff And I think that would be super helpful for a lot of you guys, so I think I'm going to be doing that during Ramadan, but other than that I was super excited for Ramadan and Shawwal on.

I'm excited for the upcoming content that I have coming your way very soon:.