Prep With Me For Eid | Leo Ran Away

Prep With Me For Eid | Leo Ran Away

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, my name is Lina Bruno I'm having a really weird, I'm just in a really weird mood right now, because this morning Leo ran away. I was so stupid and I let him out. I don't know I was so tired and he was meowing so much to go outside and normally I go out there with him and watch him the whole time. But I was so tired and he woke me up meowing and he just would not leave me alone. So I put him outside sat back down on the couch thinking, I'm about to go back out there and then I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up an hour later and he was gone and he was gone for four hours and then yeah.

I was crying at the entire time I had my family over here. We had a whole search party. Omar was walking through the woods. We have like a bunch of woods like a wooded area back behind our house and it's really thick lots of brush and we were just all like calling him and calling him and like he doesn't go outside by himself. So I was scared that he wasn't gon na be able to find his way back. My sisters came over for moral support as well. They were all just sitting on the couch and I was literally just bawling my eyes out and anyways. I would get up everyone. Storms just check outside and see if he came back and randomly I got up just to track, not thinking that he was actually gon na, be there and this little cat isn't just chillin on the back patio, like nothing even happened. Thank God like everything is fine. Now, but I just had the worst morning ever so yeah anyways, it is two days until Eid. I really wanted to share with you guys my prep with me for aid video.

This girl is in dire need of a pamper session and I just got out of the shower. I just scrubbed myself from head to toe and I feel so much better, especially after I was outside like in in the woods I just felt so disgusting, so I feel it so much better. Now I wanted to share with you guys a couple body care products that I'm loving, especially for like pampering, especially when you're getting ready for an event like eid or a wedding, or you just want to like just feel super fresh and good. So this I know it looks weird. This is, actually a Moroccan mint. So when Omar and I went to Morocco, we went and did a hammam scrub where they used a traditional mitt like one of these and they just literally scrub your whole body down, and it gets everything like super polish. So I was like I bet they sell these on Amazon. I'm like I, don't know why I didn't think of this earlier because believe me, you guys like these Moroccan people. They have like this secret weapon that we do not have. I've used exfoliating gloves before, but this is just like a different level of like exfoliation, really like exfoliating with something like this, because it's so much less messy than like a scrub. I guess like a sugar scrub or something you can just use your regular body wash with this and yeah. It's super good. It came with a set of five, so I'll link these down below for you. I went ahead and repurchased my favorite body butter. I haven't had this one in a while, and I have missed it so much so this is the Josie Maran whipped argan oil. I personally love argan oil for this skin. This one is a whipped body butter, so it doesn't have that, like really greasy consistency. I feel like it leaves a really nice finish to the skin. It doesn't feel like it's like really heavy or anything. So I like using this after the shower. I actually got the vanilla apricot scent this time and it's a really nice subtle scent it. I used to get the unscented one, because whenever I would like shave, it would irritate my skin, but now I actually do not have to shave anymore, like barely ever because I've been doing my laser. I've told you guys before that Jun laser at this place called Laser away in Dallas. They have several locations across the US and they are amazing. So I am obsessed with laser hair removal. I get questions sometimes about like how you deal with body here:, whatever and girl, just save up and just get the laser and just be done with it. It's so much better. So after these two products, I just feel so much more like squeaky, clean and moisturized, and just so much more fresh. So what for my skin, so I haven't done my skin care routine with you guys. Yet I wanted to kind of do that with you guys, but I did do this, so I'm sure you guys know what these are. There's those little eyebrow razors that you can basically just like shave your face with.

I did that today and oh, my gosh, my skin feels so much better. It's just like so smooth. I just got off all of like the peach fuzz and like my mustache and my beard and like everything, especially when you have an advantage like eat or a wedding or something, and you just want your makeup - to go on like flawlessly getting off all that peach. Fuzz and stuff just makes your skin look super like perfected now or at my skin care. I just went to Sephora yesterday and I picked up a couple of products along with that body butter that I should just showed you. I have like a couple of my all-time faves that I just wanted to repurchase. I haven't like used them in a while, and this is one of them. This is the good jeans by Sunday Riley. I feel, like I've talked to you guys about this and like previous videos, but this one is my favorite. I love this stuff so much you guys. It is a lactic acid treatment. So I talked to you guys recently, one of my videos about like chemical exfoliant. So that's what this is and it's like, the ultimate of chemical exfoliant I feel like after I use this one time. I see a difference and I have a couple of other friends and even Lauren. My sister started using this, and it just makes such a visible difference in your skin. It just makes it like super like smooth and glossy. I have heard that this also helps with like making your skin super clear and helping with breakouts and stuff. So I have missed this so much so it's like you know what I deserve it. It is expensive. That's why I haven't repurchased it in a while anything from Sunday Riley, it's a little bit on the pricier side, but I feel like Riley products. Just like actually work. I mean like instant gratification. It smells like lemongrass. So to me it reminds me of like a spa, but it is like a really strong lemongrass scent, so it is kind of a scent that you may have to get used to and then also it does like tingle a little bit, but that's not acid working. So it really doesn't bother me at all, because I know that it's like doing good things for my skin next, I'm going in with the Clinique Moisture Surge and I've been using this ever since the beginning of Ramadan. They did send this to me. I am literally obsessed, it doesn't have a scent. It is this really nice gel cream consistency very lightweight, perfect under makeup, but it is supposed to work for seventy-two hours. If I was to put this on now and wash my face tonight, it would still be working in my skin and making my skin moisturize Clinique, also sent over the Moisture Surge 96-hour hydrophilic concentrate. This is for under your eyes, so this is. I think this is like a new product, but it's basically like that Moisture Surge eye concentrate okay, I feel so much better after my really good shower and my skincare routine. This is my morning skincare, but it's literally 4:00 p. m. you guys. I've had I've. Just had the worst first half of the day, with Leo being missing and just all of that mess. It just feels so good to have my skin and everything. I feel prepped and ready for Eid, so I am going to go. Get to myself ready, I'm gon na put on a tiny bit of makeup. I really haven't been wearing much makeup during Ramadan, but tonight we're gon na go meet with my family for iftar and I just want like a little something just maybe some potential moisturizer, but the plan for the rest of the day is making Mammal. So if you guys don't know what mama'll is, it is a like a date stuffed Arabic cookie and it's like a traditional cookie that a lot of people make around Ramadan and Eid time I really haven't been able to eat it. A lot since I eat gluten-free.

Last year my friend, I, made me some gluten-free mama'll cookies and she also gave me the recipe they were so good, so I'm gon na try to make that with you guys today. I haven't made them myself yet so we'll see how they turn out. My sisters and I are planning on getting our nails done before you need. I need to pick out my outfit I'm going to pick out Omar's outfit. Actually, I think we're gon na go shopping, for maybe tomorrow cuz he, like literally, has no clothes. So that's pretty much all that I need to do to prep for eat. I just want to make the mom'll need to figure out what we're wearing maybe clean up a little bit.

So I'm gon na take you guys with me. So let's go neo. Where did you go today? Why did you go? I was so worried about you little boy, you guys.

The first thing that he did when he came back is go use the litter box, like how spoiled is this cat? Okay, that's literally all I need for my makeup today. You just need to look awake and alive so mission accomplished, so I'm gon na go work on my mom'll. Now I'm super excited I'm just gon na start. It like I said and then we'll finish it tomorrow. In my kitchen, I have all the ingredients laid out that I've already prepped, I'm gon na, show you guys what all I've done so far, caramel is made out of semolina and flour which both have gluten. So the base to this specific recipe has gluten-free all-purpose flour. It has polenta which is cornmeal and it also has almond flour. So the mixture of those three is the base of this mama'll recipe, so I'll have all the dry ingredients. There's a couple of spices in here that I had to borrow from my mom. So some of these you'll definitely have to find it like an ethnic grocery store or an Arabic grocery store, or something like that. It smells like mom will so that's making me super excited. I have some butter that I'm leaving here to soften. Hopefully I think it's soft enough now, so I can mix it together and then this is a mixture of dates and pistachios that I just did in the blender to make a pace.

I'm actually horrible at baking.

Things like I feel, like I'm good at cooking, just because things don't have to be exact and I never measure anything but with baking like you have to measure everything, I'm not good with those kind of recipes, yeah, okay, guys, I'm not really sure, because I've never made regular mom wall, but this looks like and smells like mom wall to me, so I'm super excited for tomorrow to see how this turns out. Oh, my, how mad were you whenever you, found out every cat home where has ever had ever has either run away or? Something has happened to it, gotten, sick or gotten run over with in like what three four months of having the cat, yeah, three cats, three heartbreaks and literally I know I was like Omar - is cursed. We've got even though it's my fault, but he found his way back home all right. He knows where he lives. He knows his home base. Yeah, hey guys, it's the next day and tomorrow isn't sha Allah heed. I believe it was confirmed. So I'm a super excited. This is the last day fasting for a while and I'm just over the moon, I'm so done with fasting. You guys, my body cannot take this any more, but I ran a couple of errands this morning and then in just a second. My sisters are gon na come pick me up and we're gon na go, get our nails ready for tomorrow. After we get our nails done, I'm gon na come back and make cookies, and then I have a couple of eight outfit options that I'm gon na share. With you guys - and I want to get your opinion I'll ask you guys on stories like on a pole, so I'm gon na ask you guys which outfit you think I should wear. I have a couple of different options that came in the mail today. I think Omar and I are gon na - go shopping for his clothes literally last minute. Both of us are so last minute with our outfit. We are at the nail salon. Look how cute Amanda looks well, I I feel, like I just woke up today. We just got our nails done, both just gotten nudes already it just got back from getting our nails done with my sisters and my cousin.

It was kind of a quick trip. We just went, got our nails and left because it's kind of a busy day for all of us and we're trying to get things prep free. So right now, I'm gon na share with you guys a couple of outfit choices that just came today. These are the outfit choices that I have for Eid. I just got packages from a brand called al Jamila from the UK. I have two coordinates. One of them is a really beautiful, blush, pink color, and this one is like a satiny grey and then this one is a gorgeous floral kind of like a vintage e floral, maxi dress from hijab house, and this one I was thinking. Maybe I didn't want to wear it for Eid, because I kind of want to save this for an upcoming vacation, but I'm like I could probably wear them for both. So I'm gon na try these on and let you see the options. Okay, this is the first option, so this is this gorgeous, silvery, gray, satin material cohort and I love the wide leg pants. This top is a really gorgeous long tunic style with this really pretty wide belt and then. The sleeves are like a bell sleeve and I actually kind of altered the sleeves I'll show you guys what it actually looks like. I kind of took this layer and pinned it up, because I really loved the shoulder kind of proportion that this style gave. But I'll show you guys whatever it originally looks like I paired it with my gold, little Zara sandals and my nude Chloe Niall bag, and I'm just so obsessed with this. I'm gon na try on the other one and ask you guys, which one you guys would pick for me to wear for Eid, but I feel like, like my favourite like this, is what I want to wear just to show you guys. This is what the sleeves originally look like, and I love this as well. It's super gorgeous. I just really liked the way that pinning it up gave like a little bit more of like a structure to the shoulder and gave like a little bit more proportion, but this one is super super super. Pretty I love it. This is the second cohort option and I'm actually loving this one as well. I don't know why I thought it was gon na like be a silver one more, but I love this one. It's super flattering.

I love the kimono sleeves. I love how it has this really like thick like a little bit of a thicker tie belt. I feel like it's really flattering and still like cinches you in and the most flattering modest way possible. Sorry, my lighting is changing and it's really getting on my nerves. I think I'm gon na save the dress for a vacation, but between these two cohorts I just want to see which one's you guys think that's better. Okay, I had to change back into the gray one because I forgot to do a poll with it, but when I was wearing it earlier, okay, so I just posted the poll and it looks like the pink one is winning. I love the pink one as well. So we will see what you guys choose. I literally just posted it not even two seconds ago, so we will see this is really close, so we'll see which one I love both of them. So it doesn't really matter to me. Okay, I changed into the outfit that I'm gon na wear to go shopping, so I want to share with you guys this out, because I think it's super cute. It's actually the same outfit that I was wearing yesterday, but I was rushing out the door and didn't have time to show you guys my outfit. So this is a beautiful chiffon blouse from mango, and I don't believe that it's in stock anymore, but I'm gon na link some similar ones. My mom was actually trying to buy the same one, because this is so her color, but it wasn't stalking me more. So I think I'm gon na give this to her. These are some wide leg jeans from Banana Republic, and I thought these were super flattering. I had to size down one in these jeans for some reason. I never have to size down one, especially in like a wide-leg fit Jean, but these were super super big so, but I thought they were super pretty. I love the white cuff at the bottom, I'm wearing my white cole, haan mules.

I honestly don't feel like these match very well, just because they're like super stark white, but they're so comfortable to walk around the mall in, and I don't really have anything else that would really suit this outfit honestly wearing this cream-colored khalaby bag and my chiffon Hijab, I think this one is by wall chic, but I'll link, some similar ones down below, and it looks like it's nap time. Oh, is this a bye, Dora or a kiss or what? Oh, it's not naptime anymore. It's crazy time! It's crazy time. This is why my hands are all messed up guys. This is why we aren't just gon na go look for some clothes now that I figured out what I'm gon na wear. I actually I don't know. I need to go back and look at the pole because I asked you guys, which one I should wear and it looks like the pink is still waiting, which is fine. I love to both, but I think if I hadn't it in the pole, I probably would have won the great good morning, guys and in robotic. It is Tuesday morning it's about 7:30 this morning and I'm gon na quickly get these mammal cookies made. Hopefully I don't burn them cuz. I made like a little batch of like four cookies last night and I burned them. I just wanted to test him out and I'm glad that I did so. I'm gon na make these quickly. Hopefully they turn out this time and I'm gon na have some tea and I'm gon na. Do my makeup get ready and then we're gon na go to the Eid festivities. So we'll start out with a prayer, and then I really don't know what else we're gon na do today we're just gon na figure it out as we go. So basically, what you have to do is you take some dough and then you flatten it out, and I know, there's probably a lot of you guys who are mama'll experts and you guys know so much better than me.

You guys have actually been giving me a really good tips through Instagram stories. So basically all you do. Is you take a piece of dough? You flatten it out and you take a little piece of the date paste and you make it into a little ball. You put it inside and you wrap it, and then you put it in the mold and Omar actually taught me this, because my mold wasn't sticking there. It was sticking to the mold, so I put a piece of plastic wrap between the mold and the cookie so. That is the process, so I'm gon na get to making it the rest of them and hopefully these turn out. I'm actually not hungry.

At all, so I'm just gon na have some tea right now and then maybe test them Amol. Once they're finished okay sitting down at my vanity, I have my tea. This is green tea, kombucha by yogi, tea, and I absolutely love this tea, because I don't really like green tea on its own. This gives a really nice subtle, fruity, minty flavor, to the green tea, it's so good. So I would highly recommend you try this anytime. Anyone comes over to my house and I give them the green tea kombucha. They just like immediately. Ask me like: Oh, what can I do? This is, and a lot of them have purchased it themselves and like started drinking it so me, and my family love this team, but I'm going for more of a light, neutral, glowy makeup, look as usual, so I'm not gon na go to too heavy On my makeup, but I have not been into like the heavy makeup just because I've been really happy with my skin recently.

I actually just did the skincare routine that I showed you guys at the beginning of this video. I just used the good genes by Sunday. Riley and the clinic Moisture Surge products and I'm loving, loving, loving the way that my skin has been working with those, especially the good genes. I've used it for literally three days and I already see a difference in my skin. It's super smooth and glowy. I'm just gon na go in it with my bare minerals, the complexion rescue that I've raved about before I'm just gon na wear this and concealer and just set it lightly with the powder and that isn't going to be my base for Eid. I'm just not into the foundation look anymore at all, I'm just like so over that, especially for the this heat it's supposed to be really hot today, so I don't want anything too heavy and cakey and I've been loving this, so I'm just gon na speed through My makeup with you guys.

So I just went super light and minimal. Basically, my everyday makeup look for Eid.

I I've just really been into like the varied natural look. I have the outfit on that you guys it shows that yesterday. So we are about to head out the door now Leo. It's your first easy baby boy!! Do you know what that means? You just want to go outside. Okay, so I got these out of the oven and they are not burned and they look perfect. So I'm gon na take these with us and we're gon na try them in the car. We are ready to go. Oh my! Let me see your outfit.

This is now that we pick up picked up yesterday from Banana Republic. Actually, we picked out like a long-sleeve dress shirt, but it's really hot outside today. So this is a really nice Apollo love it oh and we got him. Some new shoes show off the Chelsea boots. This is this first time getting chelsea boots and i love them very cute. Love it. Can you show me outfit very nice? Okay, we got to go to prayers come on. We are on our way to the aid festivities and I brought just a couple of the, so we could try them flee. They turn out better this time.

They're soft this time, you're not really good, success, hey guys, it is the next day it is Eid day at number, two, I'm the worst vlogger ever. I didn't film the Eid day. Basically, because we didn't do too much, we just went to the Eid prayer. In the morning we ate some breakfast at my parents house took a nap and then went to dinner. It was just kind of like a chill day so anyways today, we're gon na go bowling with my family, and I just wanted to wish you guys a robotic.

I love you guys so much and I will see you guys in my next video