Prepping For Labor | How Omar and I Feel About Becoming Parents | Last Minute Baby Haul

Prepping For Labor | How Omar and I Feel About Becoming Parents | Last Minute Baby Haul

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today.

Is july 25th and. I am thirty-nine weeks this week and i am feeling so ready to have this baby, so i thought i would vlog today because i want to share with you guys everything i'm doing to prep for labor, and i just want to update y'all on how i'm Feeling i have some errands to run, which is why i'm trying to just quickly put on just like a little bit of something i'm actually going to pick up a pickup order from by my baby.

Thank you so much to bye, bye, baby for sponsoring today's video. They actually do curbside pick up, so i literally don't even have to get out of my car, which is amazing.

I just wanted to pick up a few last minute things before the baby gets here, so we're gon na go.

Do that today and i'm gon na share with you guys just kind of everything that i've been feeling in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

I'm really hoping i don't have to wait any longer. So at thirty-nine weeks, my app says that my baby is the size of a honeydew melon and we actually had a sonogram last week. That said, she was about 6. 3 pounds, which is perfect right on track and i'm very happy because i was actually around seven pounds when i was born and omar was like almost twelve pounds.

You guys like chunky, baby, even as a labor and delivery nurse. I never saw a baby that big, so yeah. That really scared me, but thankfully it seems like she's just like on the track to being a normal size. I did want to update y'all because in my last vlog i told you guys that the baby was transverse, and i told you guys i was doing like literally all the things that i could like think of, to try to get her to flip Head down and she finally head down, i'm so excited i have been walking.

I have been doing all the exercises. I've been on the bouncy ball. I've been going to the prenatal chiropractor, so i feel, like all of that kind of combined, has helped her kind of like nestle into the right space and she's dropped.

You guys my belly is a lot like lower than it used to be so. Hopefully that means that that labor is sometime soon. I thought i would update you guys, because the past couple weeks has been a completely different experience than the rest of my pregnancy has been.

I have just felt very like exhausted, and emotional, and it's just crazy, like i can really feel like.

My body is literally gearing up for labor last week. It was funny because i started feeling crampy and kind of like some low back pain, and i started feeling braxton hicks contractions, like the tightening ones. They were not painful, but i just kind of like felt them coming going like pretty frequently.

I started timing them. They were like ten to twenty minutes apart and i was like. Oh my god, it's happening so i went around the house. I was like making sure things were together, making sure that i had everything in my hospital bag completely packed. went to sleep and then nothing happened.

I was just like this is gon na be probably happening for the next few weeks until the real thing starts. This is what they mean by the last month of pregnancy, feeling like an entire nine months, because every little thing you're just like am i going into labor like every little like twinge or, like anything, you feel you're like?

Is this it and you're? Just like waiting and you're so excited and then you're so like done being pregnant. I know people say that you can feel like that nesting feeling right before you go into labor. I have been feeling the nesting thing since, like five months pregnant, i have been getting my house ready, getting the baby's room ready getting stuff all together for baby.

Ever since i was literally five months pregnant, so it's been months. The nest is complete.

I'm just ready for my baby, god willie.

I have a few last-minute things like. I said that i'm gon na go pick up from bye, bye baby today, so let's go ahead. I'm pretty much ready! I'm literally just gon na go, get my curbside pickup order, so let's go grab that and i'll share with you guys kind of like the rest of the things i'm doing to prep for labor.

I thought i would go ahead and share with you guys. My thirty-nine week bump, you guys we are. We are popping at this point, and can you tell that she's dropped a little bit? I can. I can really tell literally stare at my closet for, like twenty minutes every morning, trying to figure out what the heck i'm gon na wear and i just throw on the same maternity jeans, maternity t-shirt and duster every day.

So this is what i'm working with right now. Oh also, i thought i would mention that i am gon na, be so sad, after pregnancy, when my lips deflate, because they've definitely gotten a little bit puffier and like a little bit more pouty, which has been so cute, and some of you guys have Even asked me if i got my lips done, which obviously obviously not but anyways, oh and my feet. have been puffy as well, which they barely even fit into these sandals anymore.

So i'm really hoping that that goes down after pregnancy as well, because i've heard that some women can actually gain a shoe size during pregnancy and i'm really hoping that that's not the case, so anyways, okay, let's go be a productive, just parked it By my baby they have a little area for curbside pickup on the email. It seems super easy, there's literally a button, you just press. It says i am at the store, so i'm literally pressing that right now and then looks like they're going to come out to my car. So that's like, so easy got my mask on so that when they come bringing my stuff, but you guys this would be so convenient like. If i actually had the baby, you wouldn't have to like get the baby out of the car to go into the store or if you have like other kids with you, can just like stay in the car, so that's so convenient okay. I am back home from bye, bye, baby they're, five minutes from my house, you guys so that was so quick and easy. Basically, i just placed my order last night and they can actually have things ready in two hours or less, but i just came the next day: parked in the curbside pickup parking spot and someone brought it out to my car. It was completely contactless and i didn't have to get out and be around a whole ton of people, so it was super safe and convenient. So i would totally recommend doing that

Um, but i'm gon na go ahead and do a little haul of every single thing that i got from bye, bye baby as a new mom.

I am so obsessed with bye, bye, baby. They are like the expert guides when it comes to, giving you product recommendations, they're. Actually, the only us retailer that specializes in all things exclusively baby and they have literally everything in their store that you could think of and even more online strollers car seats, clothing, toiletries, nurse like nursing and breastfeeding supplies um. Just literally everything. You name it, they have it for your baby and, if you're not able to go into the store, i did see on their website that they have where you can do a phone consultation for them to be able to help you choose products that would work Best for you, so that's really amazing. I actually just utilized their website since i just shopped online and went to the curbside pickup and their website is honestly awesome. They have like a really good product info and then their customer reviews are really helpful and i found that they're, like customer images, were really helpful as well. So i was really able to decide which items i thought would work best for me and my baby, bye, bye baby has something for everyone, everyone's budget and price point. So i'm gon na go ahead and start with the products that i picked up.

Everything will be linked down below in the description box. So the first item that i got is the dockatot. If you guys don't know what the dockatot is, it's basically a baby, lounger. I actually already have a baby laundry, but i know i'm going to prefer this one a little bit more, mainly because it is so cushiony and has a really nice supportive backside, the other one i have doesn't have any support on the back.

So i know if i was to set her on the floor in it, it wouldn't be as supportive, but this one i can set her on a hard surface.

I know she'll still be super comfortable. This is the dockatot deluxe plus in pristine white. I'm not sure if i'm gon na regret the color of it, but i really do love the color. I just love that this is a really safe space to set your baby in, while you're still monitoring them. If you need to do like some chores around the house - and you can just have them right next to you in this little safe space, if you need to go to the restroom, you can just like bring this into the bathroom. Put it on the floor. Right next to you - and you can like just have somewhere, nice and comfy for your baby to rest in so i really love this. It also is machine washable, so you can just like unzip it throw it in the washing machine, and you're good to go if you were to get it dirty. It also has this clip on the bottom to kind of release, the bottom and make it a little bit bigger. So i got the dockatot deluxe plus for 174. 99 for what it is and for how much i think i'll be using it.

I think it's going to be really worth it and all the reviews on the bye, bye, baby website. were just convincing me that this was like the best thing ever so.

I'm super excited to start using this.

The next thing i picked up is just a little digital thermometer. I have a temporal thermometer, but i don't know why i just really wanted one that i could just make sure i was one hundred accurate with.

I could do axillary or rectal temperatures with this and then obviously when they get older, you can do oral readings as well, but this one is by dream baby and it was 12. 99, so super, affordable, and that way i can just be super safe

And accurate with her temperatures. Okay, the next item i got is this little baby bathtub.

This was actually super affordable. It was only 24.

99, it's by the brand called angel care and it's called their angel care bath support.

You can just put this in the bathtub set your baby in it. It's this really soft mesh material for them to lay on, and i feel like this will be super hygienic, because you can just wipe this clean and it also has this really convenient little hook. So you can just hang it in your shower for it to dry after use, and i just think this is going to be super convenient. This fits babies up to six months so about twenty pounds, so i think we'll get a lot of use out of this. I have a little baby bathtub for the sink, but i wanted one for when she got a little bit bigger as well, and i think this one is going to be perfect speaking of bath time.

I wanted to try out a couple of more like baby, shampoo and body washes for her, because i only bought one brand and i don't think i was very obsessed with like the way that it smelled and anyways um shea moisture is one of my Favorite brands for myself, like i've, always loved their body washes. So i wanted to try out the baby ones, and so i got a couple of these to try.

I got the raw shea chamomile argan oil, baby, shampoo and body wash. I just wanted to smell it and see, okay, that one smells really good. I just really love the way that the shea moisture products smell and i love how gentle they are. So i know they'll be really good for baby. Oh, my goodness, i love that okay, so this is the one hundred virgin coconut oil, baby, shampoo and body wash and actually on the um bye, bye, baby website.

A lot of the reviews said that they loved using this on themselves, and their baby, and that a little goes a long way. I just love this brand, so i'm super excited to use those on baby.

Those smells so so good. Both of these were 9.

99 each but, like i said, like a little goes a long way, so i don't think i'm gon na be needing any baby, shampoo and body wash for a very, very long time.

Okay, the next item, that i picked up is the baby bjorn baby carrier mini in this dark gray, jersey, comfy fabric.

This was 99. 99. It fits babies from seven pounds to twenty-five pounds, so this will be great for when she's a newborn and. I just wanted a carrier that was more kind of like a heavy duty one, but even though this one like has all like the straps and the back support for you and you know that your baby's going to be super secure, they're also going to be super. Comfy and cozy because the material is just, so soft and padded, and i really like how it had this really nice kind of like neck and head support for a newborn baby. You can have the baby facing out or facing you when you're wearing this, and i just really like this, because i want to be able to like go on walks and have her really supported and just feel like she's really secure on my chest. Whenever i'm wearing her, so i really love it, and i also really like the design. It's super simple and sleek, and i think we are going to get a lot of use out of this. It's also something

I think omar will not be embarrassed to wear.

I have a bunch of like other rap style carriers, but i think they're a little bit more feminine, and so this is something i think both of us could wear and.

I'm so excited. Okay, you guys know i could not leave the website without picking up a cute little outfit.

How cute?

Is this beautiful, like a rose pattern?

I'm obsessed, so i got this little newborn set.

It's like a um snap down onesie with a matching hat and it was literally 12. 99, so so, inexpensive and affordable.

I love the ruffle down at the front. Is that not so sweet and like the ruffles around the sleeves? So i didn't really. I don't really have that many newborn size clothing for her and the closer i'm getting to my due date, i'm kind of freaking out because i'm like, oh my god, like i have so many zero to three month - clothing items.

But i don't have a lot of newborn items, so i'm like is she not gon na, have anything that fits her like the first couple of weeks that she's born. So i wanted to pick up at least one little newborn set, and i thought this one was perfect and affordable and it comes with a little matching hat, which i think is so so cute.

So, like i said, all the items i picked up will have links down below in the description box if you're interested in picking anything up, and thanks again to bye, bye baby for sponsoring this video. I just finished my bouncy ball session, and or he's home now, so i figured he could be in the vlog. I was gon na. Ask him like questions like what he thinks now the baby's about to be here, god willing and like.

I don't know like how it feels to almost be a dad and like yeah, i honestly i'm starting to get a little bit more nervous the day.

Now that i think he's just been oblivious the entire time. we've kind of both been oblivious like we're, just like it just doesn't feel real at all, and now that it's like almost here, we're just like starting to crash.

Oh my god, like it's really real. It's coming down now, like all of our family members and friends that have babies, they're like sleep all. You can and you're never gon na sleep again for at least two years, and i don't sleep anyway, well, okay, omar works.

Night shift. I worked night shift for a while at least a year and a half, so i mean it's definitely different because we do get sleep when we're on night shift during the day. But we know that feeling of being tired, tired yeah, yeah. We know what that feels like, usually on my last day off i'll, try to flip my schedule again, so you really don't get very much sleep yeah i'll wake up at like, twelve or 1am. I mean 1pm. So i get my am and pm backwards, but so anyways. We know what it feels like to be tired, but then again, we've never been parents, so maybe you're going to be dead, different kind of tired you're, getting up for a reason, you're getting up to console a baby, yeah, but change your diet. I feel like. A lot of people are like so negative about it. They're like sleep. All you can you're, never gon na sleep, but the thing is like. I feel like it's all about mindset like that's your baby, like i'm gon na want to get up. Well, we also we're first, you know:, first-time parents, we're new parents so like it would be the same for whether it was like your first child or not, like i don't know, probably after the first or second child, it probably starts to get like. Oh, like i'm so tired of you know, omar's paternity leave starts next week. Yes, literally, three more ships to work omar is like treating it like, as if we're gon na vacation baby vacation, i'm like you do know we're gon na have a baby right like i don't care, we're not going on vacation.

I would rather be here

Yeah, i think yeah, it's going to be awesome.

Well, with everything that's been going on, you know it's just an epidemic and everything it's been like work has been rough, especially as an icu nurse and um. You know having to, take care of really really sick patients and yeah. It's really stressful. It's been like that since march april. So, but it's just like getting kind of it's gotten worse here recently. So are you gon na be wearing your scarf? Your hijab, while you deliver the baby, elena okay, so someone asked me actually a lot of you guys asked me on one of my, like recent videos, if i was gon na, be wearing my hijab while i'm in labor - and i just think that's So funny i don't know if it's coming from questions like i don't know if those questions just because some girls who've never had a baby, so they don't know what it's like i'll tell you it's, because you did those morning and night nighttime routines and they See you going to bed and waking up and you're in your head, yeah, so they're confused. They think you wear it and even for vlogs, when i'm home, i'm wearing my scarf, because i'm on camera but, okay, you guys labor is very, not modest. at all and she's gon na have a female doctor and yeah all females yeah.

So there really isn't a reason for me to be covered up, but when you're all exposed everywhere else, i'm not gon na be worried. about my hair, that's like the last.

It's just like one of those things that you do your the best that you can right like you're there for the safety of you and your baby and right. Like modesty, i mean you just try your best. So what do you think is like gon na be the hardest thing about having a baby like? What are you? The most scared of i think, the the thing i'm most scared of is having to raise the child yeah. You know from scratch and teaching them right from wrong, and i agree you like it's more than just having a little baby and just knowing that you're gon na have to raise them from childhood and like teach them everything they know and try to Make sure they're a decent human being and good muslims, yeah and yeah, and it's. They don't come with a manual or manuscript you have to you know you have to just set up good examples: yeah.

I think the main thing is just setting the best example that you can being trying to be. You know, show them with your actions, the right things:

Yeah, that's the scariest part for me, too.

Okay, it's a few hours later. I just got back from my walk. I wanted to kind of talk to you guys about what i've been doing.

To prep for labor walking has been one of them, and so basically, what i'm doing is i'm not trying to like induce labor.

I'm just trying to prep my body for labor, so a lot of people. What they'll do is they'll like walk themselves to death at the end of their pregnancy, because i feel like they're trying to induce labor, but there's really no way that you can induce your own labor unless your body's really ready for it so.

My main thing is: i'm trying to just get in shape and walking is just one of those really good exercises and easy ways to just kind of just like build your stamina, and just i don't know, hopefully get me ready for this marathon - that i'm about To i don't know, labor is basically like a marathon, so i'm walking.

I'm gon na. Tell you guys about my bouncy ball exercises. I was actually gon na show you guys my bouncy ball exercises, but they're a little bit um like not very modest for camera. So i'm just gon na kind of show like tell you guys what i do. I'm making myself a um a little glass of raspberry leaf tea, so i wanted to kind of talk to you guys about this. So every morning i have been making a big mason jar full of, really concentrated raspberry leaf tea. I have read that raspberry leaf. Tea is really good for helping just strengthen the uterus so that you have more effective contractions. I'm not one hundred sure if i mean it works.

This is my first baby, so i'm not sure, but i know a lot of women swear by this.

So, it's actually a really good tea. It's just like a really subtle. It tastes like a really subtle black tea. So i add some maple syrup for a little bit of sweetener and it's really delicious and i drink it iced all throughout the day.

Another thing i'm doing to prep for labor is eating dates. I've talked about this before, but dates are really good for helping to soften the cervix along with. So many other benefits for you and your baby during pregnancy, so they say to eat like five or six of these a day to help like prep. For labor, so i've been eating. Those here is my bouncy ball i was gon na show you guys the exercises, but they're just really not modest enough for camera, so i was just gon na tell you about them.

Basically, after i do my walk. I like to get on my bouncy ball and just do some hip opening stretches and i like to kind of um: do things that help the baby um get more engaged into the pelvis, so there's all kinds of exercises like doing circular motions With your hips or figure eights, and then like stretches, from side to side and then bouncing, um, really gently, so there's just a lot of different things. You can try, but i really love this, and i also love replacing my chair with this, so that i can just kind of continue those exercises throughout my day, while i'm sitting at my desk or whatever so i'm loving my bouncy ball other than walking it To build stamina, and then the bouncy ball for helping baby get in the right position. and helping the baby's head engage.

I've also been going to the prenatal chiropractor, which i've talked to you, guys about which also just helps your hips get in alignment. So it can also prep your body for labor um. What else have i been doing? The raspberry leaf tea and the dates? And honestly, you guys i'm just really trying to get as much rest as possible because i told you guys how exhausted i've been and i'm just trying to listen to my body.

Maybe i just need to rest up like a whole bunch before labor, because i know it's not going to be an easy thing. and i probably need as much rest as i can get.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how i'm prepping for labor and how i'm feeling towards the end of my pregnancy, thanks again to bye, bye baby for sponsoring today's video.

All the links to all the products from bye, bye baby will be linked, down below. In the description box, so i will see you guys in my next video bye.