Productive Sunday Vlog! Cooking, Cleaning, Playing with my Baby!

Productive Sunday Vlog! Cooking, Cleaning, Playing with my Baby!

Good morning guys and welcome back to another vlog, it is sunday morning and it's about eight a. m. We woke up this morning, around six, thirty with elena, because she was hungry and. I was so proud of her. This was the second night in her entire life that she slept through the entire night and she didn't wake up till six. Thirty, like oh, my gosh she's, actually been really good at sleeping at night. She'll, wake up, maybe once or twice her naps during the day. on the other hand, are a different story right now, omar is wearing her in the carrier for her nap because she just does not like to be put down so anyways.

I thought in this vlog

I could kind of update you guys on how a mom life is going, and it's also since it's sunday i'm going to be prepping for the week.

So i'm going to make some food i'm going to clean up the house.

I have some laundry, um and yeah. I just thought i would take you guys with me on this productive sunday. Hopefully it's productive. Hopefully elena lets me get some stuff done so. This morning, while elena's been napping with omar, i made myself some oatmeal, so i'm gon na eat that real fast and i also went and just threw on some skincare and threw on this like target lounge set that i have been wearing non-stop recently.

So i have probably about thirty minutes to eat my oatmeal and straighten up the living room in the kitchen before elena wakes up again to eat. So yeah we'll see how much i can get done before she wakes up again:.

Okay, so living room and kitchen are straightened up.

I want to do my bedroom

And i thought i would do this with you guys, because one of my least favorite things is putting on the duvet cover, and i talked to you guys on instagram a few days ago and a lot of you guys said the Same thing, and actually a lot of you guys, also sent me some videos on um, just like easy techniques on how to put on the dubai cover, because right now, i'm just like literally climbing inside to straighten it out, and it's just. It's too much of a hassle, so i'm gon na try this method. It's called the inside out method, so we're gon na try that together and see if it works. Um and i also am planning on getting some new bedding because i'm just not i mean i'm happy with my bedding, but it's just time for like a new set okay, so i went ahead and did step one basically.

You put your duvet cover inside out with the opening towards the bottom of the bed. So you like lay that out. Then you lay your duvet on top and then i'm gon na go ahead and tie each corner.

And then i don't remember step two. So i'm gon na go look that up okay step two is to just roll from the top like a burrito. So oh gosh, i'm gon na, have to literally do that no, it's gon na get on top of the bed, just roll it like a burrito.

Who knows what

I look like right now doing this: okay!

Here we go okay. This is kind of the confusing part for me, so you take the opening at the very bottom and you step one side into it. like that and do the same thing on the other side, this duvet cover is on its last leg. It has rips in it. I need new bedding, so bad and i actually only have one set of bedding. So whenever i'm washing it it's kind of like we have to wait, and sometimes i sleep with no sheets because of that.

So i'm gon na go ahead and button this closed and then.

It's supposed to just be done after that. So we'll see, hopefully that was much easier than usual. If that's the case, so went ahead and i flattened it all the way across so we're supposed to be able to just roll it back and it's good to go so hopefully.

Oh wait: a minute, okay, so i'll just have to straighten it out a little bit.

Ah you guys uh, okay, i still have to straighten it out, but that was so much easier. It is noon now. I went ahead and just threw on a little bit of makeup, just to feel a little bit more. Like myself, um elena's napping, i found that i can actually set her down to take a nap when i put her back in the snoo, so she sleeps amazing at night, like i told you guys earlier um, but we've been trying to let her nap in Her crib during the day or just kind of like on the couch and snuggle me or just something else other than our arms, and it just doesn't work. So i've been trying to put her back in the snow during the day and that has seemed to work a little bit so we'll see how long this lasts, but throwing some makeup. I wanted to kind of just show you guys some new and stuff that came in through pr. I don't ever show you guys like every single thing that i get, but i do like to show you guys um the things that i'm loving.

So let me share a few of these pieces. The first thing i want to share are the each and every deodorants they did send these to me, but i'm telling you guys this is my favorite favorite natural deodorant brand.

I talked about them before on my channel and they did give me a discount code. A lot of you guys tried it the last time i shared it and you all loved it like i had so many people messaging me um, asking me for another discount code and they did provide me one so i'll leave it down below.

For you guys, i think it's thirty off, but i wanted to share my favorite scents because they smell so good, so the rose and vanilla smells like a really nice warm um like subtle floral. So if you like, like a really nice subtle feminine scent, the rose vanilla is beautiful. um, i also love lavender lemon for a really nice like fresh.

It's like super lavendery. So if you like, lavender this one's beautiful too the last one that i like for me, which one this one this one is the juniper and mint to me.

It smells like kind of like vanilla mint, but with more vanilla, like warm warmth. So it's not like really minty or anything like that. It's really nice. I wanted to share some of the ones that omar likes as well, because he switched over to using natural deodorant too, and he loves them. This is the cedar and spice.

This one is probably my favorite, so if you're gon na get one for your husband or something this is my favorite, and these do not smell artificial at all. You guys they smell, really nice and like just essential oils and they're, just they're really good that one and then this one is sandalwood and black pepper. That's my second favorite for him. So i just wanted to give you guys, like my favorite scents in case you guys were interested because i know a lot of you guys, love those.

The last time i was so excited that i received a package from barefoot dreams.

You guys, i'm sure you guys have seen me wear their robe before on my channel. It's really fuzzy soft material. That is, it just washes really well, it lasts forever and it's just so dreamy. So i don't think i've shared with you guys.

My barefoot dreams blanket that i purchased recently in the nordstrom anniversary, sale. To be honest, they are pricey for blankets. I mean i never really found the need to purchase a really expensive blanket because i have soft blankets, but once i got a barefoot dreams, blanket there's just nothing else like it, and it's the only one that i reach for and it's the one that when Guests come over to my house. They just like snuggle up to it and they're like what is this blanket? So it's so so good they'd be great for gifts, they'd be great for yourself, they're, just so so nice. They even have baby blankets, which we already got out and elena's been doing tummy time on this. It's so soft, and i love this little bunny and a teacup, it's so cute, so they do robes, they do cardigans.

They do baby stuff. They do baby clothes, they even do like women's clothing and men's clothing like loungewear type stuff, so they're just they're, just the coziest brand. So i wanted to share that with you guys in case you guys were not familiar but pricey, but in my opinion it is so so worth it that did not last long whatsoever. So i'm going to try to get her down again and then we're gon na finish this little pr haul and then i'm gon na get to cooking, because my instagram order arrived.

Okay, i need to get dressed for the day. I just haven't had the chance yet so um another thing that i've been loving in pr.

Is this iconic london lip oil, so i was gon na. Try it on for you guys because it is a beautiful formula. it's so glossy and shiny.

Without being like sticky or anything like that, it's so stunning and i like the shade queen bee, but it's really like super sheer and will just go well over any lipstick, really, but super like natural and, beautiful and shiny. I love a glossy lip, so i just thought i would share that.

Okay, the last package i wanted to share is from mijuri and oh, my goodness.

I have actually never tried a majuri jewelry before, but you guys know i love my dainty gold jewelry and they have seriously the most beautiful pieces. So i picked all of these out um. I picked out this really beautiful natural pearl necklace. This paper chip paper, i keep saying paper chip, paper, clip chain necklace, which is very, very popular right now, and the matching bracelet, and then these beautiful little crystal necklaces.

I love this. One has like the three stones and they also have a matching bracelet for both of those i believe, and that would be so so gorgeous layered. I need to get some more bracelets to layer as well, but i am so excited to style these up with some fall sweaters and things like that. I just love like layering up um dainty gold jewelry with like chunky, knits and things like that in the fall, it's so pretty, so i'll try some of these on a little bit later. Today, okay, we are back in the carrier, she's just the happiest here. Honestly, i wanted to talk about the different carriers we have also. I have literally every carrier, you could think of.

I have not tried out the um solid baby wrap yet just because it just is very intimidating to me with all the fabric. I just haven't: i just honestly haven't had the time to like figure it out yet also the ring sling carrier.

I tried it out once without watching a video or any instructions, and i completely failed at putting her in that as well. So we're sticking with the baby bjorn right now, because it's the most comfortable and easy to use and i have the mini and the free - and i love both. It just kind of depends on your preference. I think the free is you can wear babies and when they're a little bigger as well. This one, i think, is up to twenty-five pounds, but the free it's good for like outdoors, it's good for longer periods of time. It has more support, but this one's just comfy for like lounging around the house when you need to do stuff, so anyways. If you guys, are interested in the carriers we use. We love the babybjorn ones, um, and this is the mini, i'm like all over the place.

Anyways. I just got my instacart order. I was hoping to make some butternut squash soup. That just sounds so good to me and i was laying in bed last night placing this instacart order and just like dreaming about the soup. So i've never made this soup before and i actually went ahead and ordered a immersion blender, so, bed, bath and beyond, is on my insta cart list now.

So i was like what the heck i was just able to like order. This straight to my door, so that was great, so they came by dropped off my groceries and my immersion blender and we're gon na see how this goes so i have some carrots to put in the soup.

Have the butternut squash.

I got some apple sauce for my oatmeal

I like to put that in there.

I also got some coconut milk to put in the soup too to make it creamy and apple, because apparently apples are really good in a butternut squash scoop. So i got some honey, crisp, apples, i think i'm just gon na put one in the soup. two would probably be too much, maybe not even a whole one and i have an onion to go in the soup and some nutmeg.

I have all the other spices

I just didn't have just plain nutmeg and then that is just chicken.

So how am i gon na? Do this? I'm gon na just lay out all my ingredients and prep everything and then i'll be back. I went ahead and washed and laid out all my ingredients - i'm gon na hopefully hand elena to omar so that i can chop all of this stuff because i'm just scared to like use the knife.

While i'm carrying her but um. We have a butternut squash, we have potatoes, carrots, apple, um, onion, garlic and then for seasoning, i'm just doing salt and pepper and then nutmeg, i might add, like a touch of cinnamon. If i decide um and then i'm also gon na do some coconut milk, i also have a tiny piece of ginger.

I may even make this a little bit smaller because um. I think that that would taste good in it, but i don't want it to be too overpowering, so the first step is to cut the butternut squash in half roast it. Apparently, it's really hard to cut so i'm gon na, hopefully just roast it and it'll - be easier to cut after it's roasted and then we'll make the soup and blend all of it up with the immersion blender. So, i'm hoping this is gon na, be a really. Nice fall warm soup that we can eat this week. and in case you guys, are wondering um.

I was cutting out the garlic for elena's gassiness because i'm breastfeeding, but she's been doing really well and she hasn't been really gassy at all the past few weeks.

So i've been adding in some garlic and some beans here and there to just kind of test it out and see and so far so good.

I have the butternut squash and potatoes on a pan just with olive oil, salt and pepper, and i'm going to roast these in the oven for about thirty minutes on four twenty-five and the butternut squash was actually not as hard to cut as i thought It was going to be, i feel like. Sometimes even sweet potatoes are harder to cut, so it really wasn't that bad. So i went ahead and cubed it and then i'm gon na roast all of this. So i have the chopped carrot, apple, onion and garlic and a little bit of ginger.

I was not too picky about how i chopped these because i know we're just gon na be blending it all up with the immersion blender at the end.

Okay, all my vegetables are soft and i have plugged in this immersion blender.

I have never used one of these before and i did not feel like reading the instructions. So are you guys, like me, like i?

If i don't have a video to watch, i don't really want to read through a pamphlet, so um.

It seems easy enough.

You literally just plug it in and then there's like two buttons there's a high speed, and then a low speed. So um i'm gon na, maybe start out with the low speed first and just see how this goes. Oh god am. I gon na regret this. Let's see, okay, something's happening.

Maybe i should do this without my vlog camera. In the other hand, oh, my gosh, you guys it's so creamy.

I am so excited to try this. I have not added the coconut milk, yet, so i'm gon na add a little bit of that. Okay, i was able to actually set alina down for her nap, so i'm going to go ahead and quickly. pour omar and i a bowl of soup. I actually haven't tasted it yet so we will taste it. I first wanted to show you guys my um pots, because i've gotten people asking me about the pots that i use and they're by the brand caraway and i purchased these myself um.

I love them so much

So that's why i wanted to share.

They are non-stick and non-toxic ceramic, and i really love the sleek design. It comes in several colors, but i just got the light gray, and it also comes with this really cool thing to like store them in, so it keeps them really organized in your shelves or whatever. So i really love them and all the pots are like super practical, sizes and anyways. That's everything. It comes with, okay, we are back in the carrier right now. This just lasts, like literally five minutes. Whenever i set her down

So um, i'm gon na go ahead and toast some bread to go with the soup.

This is the canyon bakehouse council, gluten-free ancient grain.

I love this brand, so i'm gon na toast some bread we're gon na have some lunch. and then i'm gon na do some laundry and then maybe i will finally get dressed for the day.

Okay, while i'm waiting on the bread to toast, i'm gon na go ahead and try the soup.

I'm just gon na take like a little bite. How does one eat? Oh my god, it's like fall in a bowl. It is so good. I feel, like the spices were perfect. It was just nutmeg, salt and pepper and a little bit of cinnamon and then, obviously the garlic onion and a little bit of ginger too, oh my god, so so good. So you guys have to try it.

I will leave the recipe that i followed. down below in the description box, along with any edits that i made to the recipe so so good, so we are currently doing some tummy time i had to share with you guys the state of my office right now.

I have this toy hanging by string from my chandelier because i'm just i'm a mom now so that's what we do um.

I wanted to share with you guys, this box from love every. So i haven't opened up every single thing: that's in here yet but.

We are so obsessed with this brand. They do toys that are appropriate for each developmental stage and the first box is for zero to twelve weeks, and i was like so lost on what toys to get her.

Okay. She was done with tummy time, but i still wanted to share with you guys the toys that we've been loving for her. So i was really confused about which kind of toys to get a newborn and love every made. It so easy and they literally make a box for each developmental age with different toys that um they absolutely love like for the first box. It is zero to twelve weeks and it's a bunch of stuff for them to look at. So it's called the looker.

I think i don't remember what the next up box is called, but they have like one for each developmental age. Like i said, um anyways, she's loving this book. It's like just black and white, contrasted images of animals. She literally stares at it and is so engaged whenever i'm talking to her about the animals in this book, she loves it. There's a little ball with um, i'm holding her right now. So it's like hard to grab this little ball with a bell. Um what else? Oh, that came in there. She loves it too, and then just a bunch of other things that we actually haven't looked through yet so newborns see best with black and white, contrasted images. So that's why they have a lot of those in there and yeah. So i will leave the link for this down below in the description box.

If you guys are interested so omar has football on in the background elena's in my lap, omar's gon na hold her. While i work on this laundry because it needs to be done, it's been piling up all week, so oh, it is about six o'clock. I finally changed into an outfit and we are going to eat dinner with my parents, uh and my family. So i just threw on this new outfit that i got in from express um.

I did a little try on on my instagram stories a few days ago, and this was one of the most popular pieces.

It is this gorgeous, like voluminous puff, sleeve sweater, that you can easily like tuck into skirts or pants, and it's so like bold but. I love it so so much it came in other colors. I think it came in like a hunter, green and black um and then hopefully this color is still available, but and then i also got these straight leg. Jeans um. These were the jeans that i was kind of missing in my wardrobe. I only had black skinny jeans, and these are a little bit more, like a modest, fitting cut that i'm comfortable wearing so um and then i'm wearing. I think this is a culture, hijab, jersey. I think it is called light. Mink. I don't know i'll link it down below. This is just kind of the color that i like to wear, but i love how it has the sewn edge across the sides. um. So it's like easy to just kind of throw on so yeah. That is the look for the day. As you can see, we still have the decoration with my um. My baby's toy hanging from the chandelier we're gon na have to fix that in a little bit. I also have caved and i went ahead and packed my diaper bag.

I've been using my my louis vuitton neverfull as my diaper bag recently and right now, it's just like an absolute disaster. Everything in that corner over there, like in that little pile of mess that was in my louis vuitton, never full that was just like. It was just getting out of control, so i went ahead and packed my diaper bag. I was going to share that with you guys, so this is my diaper bag. This is actually a backpack that you can also use as kind of like a long crossbody or just a really long bag, but it's really chic and practical. I feel like this is the freshly picked backpack, it's faux leather and it comes in, so many colors. Of course i chose this one. That's just like going to match with all my outfits, but they have literally like black cognac, green blue, pink. Like they're, all beautiful is it on it's super cute, so there's a strap. You can wear on your shoulder like that or like crossbody as well, so super cute. So another thing that i'm bringing with me to my parents house is this nursing cover. So this is actually um. I just got this in from amazon. I showed one in my amazon favorites video um. I just wanted a different pattern and i got this one. It's from, copper, pearl, it's a really soft material and i really like the quality, but the reason that i love these is that they have so many uses. You can use this as a car seat cover. You literally stretch it over the car seat and you have this little hole, so you can still see them or you can slip this over your neck and then you can literally use this as a breastfeeding cover, and you can see what you're doing um You can also use it as a high chair cover. A shopping. Cart cover. It's awesome. I wanted this pattern just because it's a little bit more discreet. If you're, like um nursing in public, i did wear the pink one nursing in public. Yesterday. We took elena to um a restaurant and i felt, like everyone knew i was nursing because it was like this pink nursing cover, so i wanted one that was a little bit more like neutral.

Maybe it looks more like my shirt or something, and i really love this one, so i'll link that below too. I hope that you guys enjoyed this sunday in my life. I got, i feel like i got a lot of stuff done.

I was super productive.

I made some soup which we'll eat for lunches during the week. Did my laundry um? I don't even remember what i did.

My my mind is like fried i feel like, so i hope that you guys enjoyed.

Let me know what you guys want to see next on my channel, and i will see you all in my next one.