Q&A with my Husband! | First Year of Marriage, Babies? How we Met

Q&A with my Husband! | First Year of Marriage, Babies? How we Met

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today I brought my husband Omar on, so that we can film the first year of marriage QA. I asked you guys on my Instagram last week to ask us questions about anything at all, really but kind of geared towards our first year of marriage and how that has gone so far. We got married February 25th. We have too many dates. To remember yea, we have too many dates like our engagement date, our cuts Kitab day and then the day we actually like had our weddings are all different dates. Okay, so our wedding was February 25th of two thousand and seventeen. So that's what we're counting as our first year of man, we've been living together, for seven months, like in our new house, yeah no house for seven. So it's only really felt like marriage. For the past seven months really cuz we've been like living in between, like our pain, like our families for the past years. Oh no yeah, okay, we'll get into the questions. So the first question is: how did we meet / find each other? I hate telling the story. Well, I think it's embarrassing, so we met when we were really little because our families were really close. Family friends and we went to Sunday school together and kind of just always we're around each other in the same circle of friends. Basically, every time you come over to my cousin's house, or there was a gathering where I knew she was gon na be there, I would ask to see if she was gon na, be there I'm trying to go so just kind of awkwardly be there. I think it was the last day of Sunday school. You know before the summer. I I was thinking like I'm not gon na get to see her for a long time. Now, probably you know if I do it's gon na be very sporadic because I've been used to. I had gotten used to seeing her every week in Sunday school.

I was thinking, I better, I better. Let her know how I feel now you know who knows: what's gon na happen over the summer, I'm trying to build up the courage to do it. I've been thinking about it for a couple days and like trying to build up the courage. How am I gon na word this? She already knows at this point, so my basically my two best friends, one of them as my cousin but they're like brothers to me. So I told them, hey guys, can you can you go? Let her know because I'm I can't conjure up the courage to do this right now here they are we're walking out a Sunday school, basically and and so they walk up to her. I see them walking up to her. You know they're about to tell her. I don't know what they were gon na say and I didn't want them to mess it up, because you know I don't want to say something dumb, so I decided to interject like just they walked up and they were saying hi and I just like I just Fired barged in in between the two and I'm like hey. I just want to let you know, or I said hey: do you know that I like you, we were standing in the middle of the hallway everything of the school everybody was like walking out so there's so many people like teachers and like kids and.

Just an awkward silence for a moment - and I just started thinking like what have I done this is this is terrible and then, of course I knew that he liked me, but she knew it all he's fun, yeah. She I guess or something yeah. So she was like no, and I was like I was like this - is so, embarrassing, I'm just leaving so I just turned around and then my friends were like that was awkward. That's how it all got started. Yeah! That's the beginnings! At that point I was not very interested in our poor little thing. She was a little braces and glasses and he just hadn't hit his his peak time exactly. But no, you know what I liked. I was only like eleven years old or twelve. He was very persistent, let's just say, and he always just wanted to be. My friend and I was just trying to be in the background. Eventually, I started getting feelings for you and, but then we're still in high school and, like literally, we can't like get engaged so. We just kind of had to like keep your like keep in the friend zone. Obviously, both of our parents knew so yeah, like your mom, was fine with it and my mom and dad were fine with it like they knew that we were eventually going to get married.

They knew that, like obviously, we weren't like gon na be going out and dating, and things like that. Our dating was like taking our little sister's out with us and we don't go in a group to like out to eat or something or like you'd come over and like hang out with my family. So it was never anything like if that. If any of you guys were wondering like how we like dated or got to know each other before marriage, that's kind of how we did it yeah, so that's basically how we met. That was the longest story of this whole Q & A okay. So what are both of your ethnicities? Okay, so my mom is American and my dad is Palestinians, own half, Caucasian white and half Arab and a full Syrian.

I got this question a lot, so how do you know that he /? She is the one I don't know about you guys, but I still feel like guys kind of have like this certain like thing were they just to know like if they want to marry someone they're like yep, that's my wife, but she like know for Sure, if, like that person is the one cuz I feel like a lot of girls are like how do we know? If he's the one, do you know like how do I know if I'm making the right decision yeah honestly, I feel, like you, never really know like a hundred percent, if you're making like the best decision but like you just have to like pray about it and Like ask God like to guide you the right and if it's take your time, don't rush into things you know.

So. The next question is: what do we both do for a living, so I'm a murse he's a man nursing man nurse. So what does that make me a worse, just a nurse okay, well anyways we're both nurses and we both work at the same hospital and I actually work in labor and delivery, and then he works in ICU.

We work the same shift: night, 7:00 p. m. to 7:00 a. m. and so it's overnight.

You know and we'll try to like eat lunch with each other at like 1:00 a. m. and be like texting each other.

Are you free the next one is what advice would you give for couples during their first year of marriage and what do you think the best ages are to get married, compromise?

What have you compromised on video games? I can't play video game. You guys

He plays video games whenever he wants.

How much more can you play for the first year of marriage?

My advice would be to pick your battles because not everything has to be a fight and he's laughing because I'm sure, like it's not that big of a deal if she's, like God, yes it is, I'm actually laid-back. Don'T you think you are laid-back compared to other people -, okay, not compared to me. Okay, yeah, so we're both pretty laid-back, but he is like the ultimate of laid-back. It comes to first year of marriage, I would say not every single little thing has to be a fight. I can part of that question was what age is best to get married. There's no good answer for that. I think mid-20s is probably great, but I think it's awesome to get married when you're young, obviously, but if you don't have the means to get married, then you just you wait I mean in today's society it's just. Unfortunately, just wait is sometimes like. We were either gon na get married right away and struggle and have to you know kind of live like the lifestyle that we don't. want to live and we did it. We did our cuts a victim and then we still lived apart yeah. So that's an option for Muslims, as you know, if you want to do it the halal way you can get religiously married with your anika, slash, cuts, job and then you're married in the eyes of God, and it's okay for you to like be together, and you Know it's much easier to wait a little bit longer to have the wedding and move in together and everything. Would you say that the first year of marriage is the hardest and how was it for the both of you? We've only had one year of marriage, so we don't have anything to compare it to, but I wasn't on it for me honestly, like we didn't fight like as much as I thought. We would like not that I thought we were good going to fight, because we never really did, but just everyone always says like the first year of marriage is the worst for us. It hasn't really been that way. We're learning together, like we literally, were supposed so much by our moms that we never really had to fully take care of ourselves. So as soon as we moved into our house, we're like, oh, my god, we have to wash our own clothes. It's like we're. Trying to like learn this together, which is nice and like we both like understand that you know. I'm not gon na be perfect and cooking all the time, because I'm new to this you're really good about helping me, because you know that we both like have the same job like it's not like all I do is sit at home and cook and clean. We both kind of like just work at it together. I would say that we hadn't get first-year successful. Excuse me cooking's, fine, Mike, what's wrong with my dragon, it's good scuse me what is his or her annoying habit that you guys know after living, together.

She does this: is that really the annoying habit, you're gon na say, and now I'm gon na go cry. Do I really do that in my daily life? I noticed that in my videos, but no, I really do it all the time yeah. What is this question? I'm alright, this question because I get offended I can I'll have to find a really good one for you, you're very hairy, and you leave hair everywhere. That's a better answer!

Is it true that you don't truly know someone until you live with them? Is it true, I think the meaning behind that is it's harder for somebody to hide things from you when you live with them I mean I just feel like. I knew you so well before and we're just such we're genuine people and we don't like play around so we're not gon na, like we don't hide anything I feel like. I knew you before we got married. It hasn't really changed like after we moved in together.

How many kids do you want to have I used to say for okay, however, now that I work in labor and delivery, and I see what happens to your body and I see how what you have to go through and then I talk to people And then they're like just wait till you have one you know and then we'll see what you say about four that scares me, so I mean I would love to have four but in reality.

I'm not like exactly sure what I'm gon na be able to handle.

I have no idea, whatever Allah decides to give us, obviously, but my preference would be one boy and one girl or two boys and two girls, that's what you can have an even number yeah one. The next question is: how do you both manage work Plus home? Do you share house chores and how do you manage to make time for each other? We don't share house chores that evenly, oh whatever I choose to mop when she vacuums.

I choose to you know clean the dishes when she's cooking, yeah, so, okay yeah, you do good job, see

Wow. So the second part of that question is, and how do we make time for each other through working and taking care of the house and doing everything that we do whatever it is? We have planned, we usually just try to set aside a day. You know out of the week that we can just kind of you know, do what makes us happy we're trying to balance like seeing your family enough, seeing my family enough. Thankfully, we live near both of our families. So in the beginning, I feel like when we first moved into our house like I was so focused on okay, I have to see my family. We have to see your family gate. I wasn't making it okay for us to be a day with, without seeing them. Okay this one got a few likes, so I feel like I should answer. Did you show all more your hair before the wedding night, or did you wait till the big day? So it was a little bit different for us, because I already knew our hair. Look like is, you know, she didn't wear the hijab until after she graduated high school and we were good friends before then so then there was like a period of like a year and a half where he would like. We were friends and he would literally still like come over and hang out with me and my family, and I would like have to put on my scarf when you came over, which was kind of weird, because, like yeah, she knew we wanted to get married and Everything, but we just weren't yet so we're trying to do it the right way and I'm trying to do it their way. Oh he's really supportive of her wearing the scarf. So I didn't I it didn't bother me whatsoever yeah. What was your first fight about and whose mistake was it and who was the first to reach out to the other and apologize afterward other advice? I can't remember, always the man's fault, so toes my home okay. So I can't remember our first fight to you. I feel like okay. Most of our fights in the beginning were because I was getting mad and jealous and upset that mr. Omar wanted to spend tell his friends, but I realized that guys are different than girls and they just have different needs, and so I've, except The guys for a day, but it's it's a lot better. Now that we live together, because I can actually see you more before it was like. I never saw you and then you would want to go ahead and hang out with your friends, and I was like it wasn't that you never saw me and was then we just didn't have that much time to spend anyway, we've moved past that and he Always did come and apologize to me. They were very many nights when he would come in the rain, knocking at my window apologizing from the bottom of his heart. It was maybe two. What do you think if I weren't growing his hair out? I like his hair long. However, it has gotten very long guys. Long next question is: do you both speak Arabic, uh? No baby? Are we? Is he a mapped out after Ana ma thank you and I'm ma what, when Ana MA, Becky and I my Becky out of me, oh here's, the last question that got a lot of likes is what advice would you give for a couple trying to Get to know each other, but it's early too early to introduce each other to your parents or talk about it to your parents. What I would say is, I think you should talk to your parents about it. I mean our parents were really like cool about it and we were able to talk to them openly like they were supportive of us like they wanted us to get married, but I mean maybe somebody some people's parents aren't like that like they would just never Allow you know your parents you'll know when it's time to tell them. If it's something that's gon na be serious, I would find some way to in a halal way be around them in a group in order to get to know each other. I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with that

Yeah and then, if you decide and you talk to each other and you're serious and you want to get engaged then at that point you talk to your parents, but I just think like there are ways to do it. In a halal way, old, okay, thank you so much to Omar for coming on my channel and anytime talking about my first year of marriage.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and I hope it wasn't too long and boring or anything for you guys and yeah I'll see you guys in my next video in sha, Allah, bye,