Q&A With My Sisters!

Q&A With My Sisters!

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When will I marry you ready?

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Okay! start on the first, this with you, okay, !

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Hi everyone and

Welcome back to my channel.

These are my sisters and this is Samantha.

I am Lauren.

Today we are doing a sister

Q & A.

We asked you guys to send us some questions on my Instagram, but I sent some really good questions

And so we're gon na read those and try to into them yay.

I had a lot of questions about like

How old are you and like what your ethnicity is, so we can like start with era, and I don't say: okay at seventeen years old and just like way now we're all half American happier.

People think that we're like half sisters are like.

I know people adopted

Oh yeah, oh yeah.

People think that we're like not real sisters or like we don't have the same parents or something but yeah like we just look different, but we all have a lot of the same features.

I know like me anymore.

I'M gon na have like the same kind of features and especially like Amanda and my little brother

Naeem you'll, like it a favor.

Yes, it's like the hair color there with your little often and like the skin color, because you're like more white when you're not picked, and I need to me that I'm twenty years old and they also wanted to know like what um we all study and Stuff and like what we want to be one day, Lauren

Take it away.

I haven't seen you in high school, so I'm not in college yet, and I don't know what I want to do

So we'll figure.

So she has a lot of time come on.

You had something you were interest.

Well, yeah. I like me, look into you

Yeah, I like how stuff I am a junior in college at Texas, A & M and College Station.

My degree is university studies, leadership and I have two minors. One them is agricultural journalism and communications and the other one is event management, so basically like she could do any kind of like leadership, yeah position like when she graduates right now, I'm doing an internship with a company that does a lot of event and right

Now we're working on a few there in College Station, so I helped with evenso monthly event coordinator at the morning for that

, okay, this is a good one.

Okay, what is your pet peeve about each other?

Oh, my god, at one pet peeve about Lena what why don't just with me?

It doesn't happen.

Okay, whenever, like we cook eggs in the pan, come on now he leaves it under a not like so crisp right around on.

She like doesn't clean it until like three hours later, I like to eat my eggs hot, and so whenever I cook my eggs like I go and eat it, and then I clean it

Amanda pet peeve about you. She did.

I like you're, kidding yeah man.

It doesn't like have anything that she does.

Thank you did Amanda's perfect.

Okay, my pet peeve about Lauren is

She's just freaking bipolar.

One moment she's, like I'm gon na kill somebody.

Let me stab you with my knife

You're next moment.

You're next moment, she's, like kill, isn't argue

What is it most likely about?

Let me answer: it's. Usually I'm like the she's, the referee and between me and Lauren and Lena, are fighting like.

Oh my god.

The main thing that we fight about is borrowing each other stuff.

Okay, little bit.

No, you, listen to me stuff.

I have my makeup.

I have my closet.

I have my things.

Lauren here thinks the barriers to have my are, three main no color powder.

She comes into my bathroom.

Steals the powder every day.

I have to go into her bathroom to use my powder.

What's one amazing thing that happens to each of you?

What embarrassing thing about

Lina is whenever she sleeps, I guess she sleeps in like a really deep sleep, but for anyone tries to wake her up.

She really like doesn't know where she is

Okay, but so one night my room is right across the hall from hers, and I was like about to go to sleep. Lina's already been asleep for like an hour

So, and he hears like knocking on the window or just like, knocking from somewhere like where's, that coming from it was Omar at her window.

I knew it was

Omar, so I came in here and I was gon

Na like clean it up, but I knew when I try to wake her up.

She was gon na freak out.

I was like Lena Lena emergently and we was like

Oh, like what is something you like to do together like go to

New York and go shopping and then find different.

Like coffee shop like different juice

Places, we can't go to New York every weekend or anything yeah.

We love going to Dallas and doing the same thing come

On you're, a strong man is going just walking around shopping, taking pictures yeah.

So that's like our favorite thing.

Yeah, what is your favorite makeup product?

What is your favorite makeup product of mine

Lauren, my favorite makeup products?

Okay, if you don't have this lipstick in your life eat it Bobby brown, bear pink

Yeah, I'm wearing that.

That was a really pretty color.

If you have fair skin, it's a good nude pink for your skin tone.

Well, I cannot live without my Maybelline fit me concealer.

I wear that, like almost every day like, even if I'm not wearing like foundation or anything, I wear that man that doesn't need to wear makeup.

My gosh he's not even wearing foundation. She doesn't. I wear powder mascara and powder which mascara doing emails, L'Oreal telescopic.

It goes one road, a black one, gold, how didn't cream yourself esteem?

How do you improve yourself?

Okay, one thing about us: is we complement each other a lot like we boost each other, so yeah?

That is, I go true, like oh

Yeah, yeah, good, I'm right here.

We got that from our mom for sure, because mama she, like always compliments everything about us.

What do you love about each other?

The most man is very caring.

I'M and I have like a mother - she takes care of everybody for her, so a for herself yeah.

If everything about Lena she's, like like always down to like, do anything but just like yeah, I'm gon na do this, like oh

Yeah, she's generally, just like a nice

Yeah, it is very nice when you are on your Instagram and blog.

I guess not an act like that's really how you are like.

That's really good, genuine, genuinely liked that other sub sweet, hey, Lauren, there's nothing despite the mood swings despite the mood swings.

Lorne is very sweet.

She really is, and she really does

Care yeah.

What are your favorite seasons fall and winter, but we live in Texas.

We don't get much of it now.

You're you okay, Elmer's too hot here, but are your funniest and silliest childhood memory?

Mm we're going to say, and I want can we

When we used to live in our old house, we used to play a kitchen or house.

Now we used to play house yeah, especially Leena, and my god I got so into it.

I'D like this, like tree or bush outside with these, like beans and Leia, would go outside and like pick the beans and put them in our pot and then go inside and like cook with it right now.

Okay, question next tell us about your fitness routine.

I love you so much.

Oh, okay, okay, these two are low-key small everything's kind of different than I was so she can

Yeah, okay, because there's better than mine, soon so mine.

Basically, I used to do like a lot more cardio.

Now I've gotten more into like weight training, so I do that like about three or four times a week.

I try to do more than that, but that's pretty much what I've been getting in the last few weeks. My diet, I'm not like super hardcore, my macros or anything

I just try to like even

I'm hungry and don't eat when I'm not and try to eat like Whole Foods.

Yeah we all eat very clean and a lot of people.

Don'T understand that or don't or don't realize the importance of it, but I mean once we've been eating like that for so long I would never go back.

We train six days a week, pretty heavy right now

We're really trying to like put on hold

Joe, but I'm since I know, but on some size, like I don't know like most girls, I feel like they when they talk about working out.

It's just like.

Oh, I want to be skinny, but me and Amanda like really when I like.

They won't be small, but it's one object that you love and wouldn't want to live without

I'm actually like not attached in feeling.

Oh in your pajamas, your cheetah pajamas, Oh Marone.

Oh, Oh my row, Lord, the robe, I'm not really attached to any certain like object, either sides here: oh, don't don't even call her.

Where is your happiest place again?

You, okay, the gym!

We got it in the game.

Um! No more anyway, with Macs Mac with Mac's aren't kitty cat

Um each one of you tell us about a major obstacle.

You overcame and learned from.

Okay, I'm like I'm like I'm live long enough to go overcome any obstacle.

Okay, so pants down, my biggest obstacle was like whenever open on my job, and I knew that.

That is what felt right for me and I knew that's what I wanted to do, but I just was so self-conscious going out and meeting people for the first time and like having to explain myself what I learned from that is just that.

You know you're the same person on the inside and people will accept you for who you are.

You know I was so scared to see um people that I knew, and I was so scared that they were gon na, be like judging me or you know.

Treating me differently, but then I realized that they just treated me the same, because I was just the same period.

I've just literally just had like a scarf on my head.

It was it

Wasn't that much of a difference of one big obstacle for me was for sure moving out and kind of doing things on my own.

It's a huge adjustment yeah.

It was really big, yeah.

Okay, how do they support you wearing the hijab?

Okay, one honey one hundred, I'm still on system.

One thing that we get asked a lot is like:

Are we almost something?

Yes, we're? Almost I'm.

Obviously, you don't have to wear a hijab to be Muslim in wearing hijab, doesn't mean that you're like more religious or you're, a better Muslim than someone else.

It's just like a choice that you made, and it's really that's just such a misconception.

Sometimes we do not treat obviously

Don't treat lean any differently.

Oh my god.

No, we never but Iraq just like wearing the jab going to eat.

There was nothing like.

Oh my gosh. I don't want waiting yeah! No, oh okay! It is like this is my style.

Look okay and I'd be like yeah

That looks great like there would be like you know.

I support her.

It was your favorite singer, Lena, doesn't even know.

I don't listen good.

We like rap music, chance, the rapper, okay!

Okay, if you could pick one quality from one another for yourselves, what would you pick?

I would take warns.

She doesn't care what people think about yeah.

I wish I had that yeah like I have too much.

I care too much about things.

I shouldn't care about so I just yeah

Lauren doesn't care what people think she don't even give it a clean blog.

I would take her life.

I remember willing to start your blog.

We were like they thought.

I was alone with you and ever I used to take pictures in front of my front door.

I know make them take because of me.

No, we don't worry.

Take your pick me out of something

You haven't come and want something.

You'Ll disagree on.

Okay, I feel like

Oh guys, are like my best friends like I don't have any other like girlfriends, that I just connect when you had a lot of things in common.

We all love almond milk, lattes,

Oh, yeah.

What's something y'all disagree on mmm

Lena likes Tomatoes?

Not only did she

Makes me

I'll have like different styles yeah.

That would disagree.

We like appreciate other styles yeah.

Like me, I don't like if I don't send the style, but I kind of grew.

Oh, she kind of like elevated her class yeah, Lena small class favorite memory together, like when we went to Mexico like two summers ago, and we went to unlike one of the days if we would like went to the spa.

Oh so, oh my gosh, oh and then like waking up early and going to the gym and yeah get my breakfast breakfast

Like that's just like the concept

We, like you yeah.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

Thank you for sending all of your questions.

We really enjoyed answering those for you and I hope that you guys enjoy getting to know us a little bit better and I will link my sister's Instagram down

Below so that you guys can keep up with them and thank you guys.

So much for Dubai.