Sister Time | Clothing Haul, Healthy Hot Chocolate, Answering your Dilemmas

Sister Time | Clothing Haul, Healthy Hot Chocolate, Answering your Dilemmas

Hello, you guys welcome back to my channel, i hope you're all having a wonderful day so far.

I asked you guys over on instagram to let me know what you guys wanted to see. As far as content goes for the end of the year and hands down the number. One thing that was requested was a video with my sisters, so we decided to do a little like cozy day at my house and we are going to be putting together gingerbread houses. We have never done that and we've always seen like people. Do it on instagram and stuff, and we just think it looks so much fun, so we're going to be doing that today, but to make it a little bit more fun. We are going to be answering y'all's scenario, questions and just just kind of giving our advice on that too. So, just a little like a q, a style like chatty session a little bit later in this video they're on their way, they're picking up lunch. So we can just go ahead and eat and then we're gon na get to making the gingerbread houses. I want to show you guys what i'm wearing today first um, because i have some really cute winter basics to share with y'all from everlane. So, thank you so much to everlane for sponsoring this portion of today's video. I have three outfits to share with y'all um, including some really good, sweaters and jeans that are just perfect for your everyday wardrobe in the winter time. The thing i love about everlane, the most is just their quality.

I think that that is mainly what they are known for is just pieces that are made to last you for years to come and they are so classic that they just will never go out of style and they're, also ethically produced. So, first of all, i'm wearing the cloud turtleneck and heathered chai. It is such a good fit you guys, i'm wearing size, small, it's longer in the back, so it's really nice and just covers up everything. It has this slit on the side. So it's like a nice slouchy fit. It is a higher up turtleneck, but i went ahead and folded it just so. I could tuck my hijab in neatly and it just looks super cute just with jeans. These are the cheeky

Jean, which i'm not really sure why they call it that, but they are pretty high waisted.

So maybe that's why i just feel like they are. Such a good, modest, like straight cut, fit they're not like, two figure hugging. I just think a lot of you guys will love love, love at this fit, and i love this sky blue, color, so everything will be linked down below. Okay, here is. The second look, like i said, such good basic pieces. These are some wide leg: black jeans with a raw hem and it's kind of hard to see because they're black, but how freaking cute these are called the whey hygiene, so they are high-waisted and, like i said again, they're just such amazing quality. This is the oversized stroopwafel crew in bone.

So it's this really nice kind of like off-white color. This is the last look and it is probably my favorite you guys just because it is so incredibly comfortable. These are called the super soft relaxed.

Jean and let me tell you guys, these are the softest jeans i've ever experienced in my entire life. They are cuffed at the ends, but you can uncuff them and have them a little bit longer as well. I would personally size down one of these jeans because i did have to pin them in the back.

I got my regular size twenty-eight and all the jeans and all of them fit me perfectly, except these were just a little bit big, so maybe size down. One in these, but this is the oversized alpaca crew in the color almond.

I really love these kind of like balloon, sleeves i'll show you guys the length of it. This is size small, all of the sweaters, that i've worn have been size, small and i feel like they've just fit me really really well and all the sweaters i've tried on have been not itchy whatsoever and i'm extremely sensitive to any kind of wool Or itchiness, so i will link all the pieces from everlane down below in the description box, highly highly recommend if you're looking to invest in some a really good high quality winter basics also want to mention this beautiful, oatmeal cashmere, blanket everlane actually sent Me two of these blankets and since i don't need two, i'm gon na go ahead and give away one to you guys.

I will leave info on that little giveaway down below in the description box. It's not affiliated with everlane, it's just from me. So um, thanks again to everlane for sponsoring this portion of today's video.

The girls are here: hello. They brought some zoe's kitchen. Is it zoe's or zoey? I know, but it's basically just like mediterranean yeah. I know fake arabic, food, we're putting it on my fancy new dinnerware, even though it's takeout and that always, i know exactly we all get the same thing: yeah yeah.

Oh my god, it's my favorite we've got some chicken.

What are these chickens with rice and greek salad? yum got some perrier sparkling water, okay, we just ate.

I could not film it because i had to breastfeed it while i was eating so, but we just started craving um hot chocolate, so we're gon na whip up some healthy hot chocolate.

Right now i have cacao powder, almond milk, maple syrup, the pure maple syrup, and a milk broth and y'all told me about these ingredients.

Yeah. I made this the other day and it was really good, so i would put like um these ingredients yeah. You can just wing it. Let's do like three cups, because that's how much we're gon na drink. Then this is two tablespoons. So i'm just gon na put that. Let's start with that, this is a cacao powder, so we added the sweetener. It smells so delicious. I wish we had some marshmallows to go with this. I know right, wouldn't that be good or like whipped cream. or whipped cream or something.

Okay, yeah.

That was a good idea.

Amanda, i'm gon na get it with a ladle so that i don't spill it everywhere, okay, how is it?

It turned out. Didn'T it does it honestly tastes? Really really good, it's like not even it doesn't even taste dairy-free like this, like the regular milk, because like hot chocolate, with regular milk kind of makes my stomach hurt yeah. So this one so so yummy i'll leave the ingredients down below that we used lena, is looking through the scenarios that you guys sent her for us to answer and there are some really juicy ones. There's actually, probably like hundreds that i'm gon na have to scroll through and try to read, really fast.

So hopefully we can pick out some really good ones. To answer for y'all elena will give her perspective as well. yes, of course.

Okay, amanda finished putting these together for us. Thank you so much um and i went ahead and put all of our candy and the bowls so that we can just decorate. While we answer those questions just so, it's kind of like a little bit more mindless, but it was a lot easier to put these together with hot glue. Wasn'T it amanda this icing? I swear there's no way that would stick together like that. So there's a little hack for you guys, but we're going to go ahead. get ourselves, comfy get y'all's questions, and we'll get started. Okay, i know when you're married, you trust your husband to be loyal, etc. and you would have trust issues if you were looking through his phone okay, i completely trusted my husband, but one day i decided to check through his messages out of curiosity, and i discovered he was contacting prostitutes.

So i confronted him by saying that i was going to write a message to him, but came across these texts.

Okay, we talked and he agreed not to do it again. However, i just felt like maybe. He would hide his tracks better next time. So, a few weeks later, i look through who he follows on instagram and see that he follows nude women. I haven't confronted him yet

I have a six month old with him and don't want this to end our marriage.

What do i do? I'm thinking to ignore and monitor was i wrong to look through his phone in the first place, especially if i found this out. Sometimes i think this is just what men do. How would i confront him without telling him i looked through his phone recently.

I've been looking at who he follows and then unfollowing them without him, knowing, oh no! Well, first off, i don't think you're wrong for looking. No and the other thing is, i don't think that's just how men are. No. That is not just how men are like. She doesn't need to accept that. That's just something that men do because as a husband like, no, they need to be held accountable. I don't think there's anything wrong with you.

Looking through his phone yeah, and you probably had like a a feeling, there was something that made her go through his feet. Yeah, i don't think you'd randomly just be like oh.

Let me check what he's been up to

I mean i just feel like.

If you have an open and honest relationship, there should be no like reason why it's bad to look through your partner's phone, i mean just even out of curiosity, like i take omar's phone all the time like hey.

Let me look and then i look on my instagram

I'll go through mama's text, because i'm bored yeah, that's what i'm so like.

I don't know. I don't like i don't ever say to muhammad. Like, hey, give me your phone. I want to look through it. No, it's not. It's not like the intention of trying to find it yeah but like if you have his phone like it's just like no big deal yeah. I know i agree, but yours is mine and yeah like there's. Nothing to hide, and i feel like she's feeling guilty for looking through. His phone, like i know, like whatever's, been wrong. Okay, yeah, her whole mentality. I feel like is so sad because she's thinking that she's the one who did something wrong for looking through his phone, when he's literally that's trying to get you a prostitute, that's always the thing that the girl does. It's like once, you find out something you're like okay. What what am i doing wrong? Yeah like girl? It is not it's not you one, that's not a normal thing for your husband to be doing. I would definitely confront him, be like be open and honest, say i was looking through your phone, because i i just don't trust.

You felt the need to do that because you've been secretive because obviously he has. If, that's what he's looking at yeah and say this is what i found.

This is not acceptable in our marriage. Maybe he needs something, that's what i would do. That sounds like a problem. If it were me, i wouldn't really put up with something like that. I don't care. If i have a child but i mean, i know that's way easier said than done.

Yeah ask yourself if it's worth working through that, because, obviously you can work through your problems and, you know maybe seek counseling and yeah. If you both want to make it work, you both have to want to make it for it for her to just remember like it's, not it's not her, like she's, not wrong here. So, oh my god. It's not her at all. Don'T try and make yourself feel bad okay. The next one is. I would like some advice on a tricky situation with my in-laws. I have been living with them for three years now and alhamdulillah. Thank god, have a good relationship with them.

When i disagree with my mother-in-law, i keep it to myself and ignore the comments she makes so that peace can be maintained at home and my husband doesn't have to be in the middle. However, since the birth of my baby, in-laws are struggling to let go of the control aspect and always make digs when i want to spend time with my baby and i'm tending to the my baby's needs.

The other thing is my sister-in-law, who has three kids under five is always around, even though she has her own house. I have spoken to my husband about needing privacy and my own space, because it does get too much when everyone is always around, but he keeps saying it's better to wait. Things will get better. However, i don't want relationships to be ruined and move out with everyone. Hating me in the end, i have suffered from postpartum depression because of this and i'm honestly out of ideas on how to make things better for myself. Is she living with them? Are they living with her? Let's see, i have been living with them for three years now. I wonder what the reason is

I mean i know that is like a normal thing: in a lot of cultures to live with your in-laws for and some people, they don't have a choice, they're waiting on yeah that she does have a good Relationship with them, but she just is, saying it gets too much. Sometimes and honestly, i can totally oh my gosh that would get too much for anyone. I feel like. I think she deserves the time with her baby, like that's her baby, yeah. I think you have to do what's best for your mental health, like you said like for me, if i were in that situation, i would just make sure my in-laws knew i wasn't doing anything again.

I think her husband needs to support her and, like that's his wife and. She needs space and privacy as a family and. He needs to be on board with that. Her in-laws are a little controlling and making digs at her when she's like tending to probably like trying to tell her what kind of parent or like yeah honestly - and i can relate to that, because even my dad makes digs at me. It's not really making digs yeah but you're, making fun of me. I can see like how grandparents would do that because they think they know what's best so and they feel like that's, and they don't see it as a dig yeah like, for example, my dad always makes fun of me for how i dress elena.

He thinks that i need to be. He thinks that i'm making her way too hot. I'm bundling her up way too much like she's sweating, she's, suffocating like he just. I think he gets hot, so he thinks my baby is like i don't know, yeah.

I dress her appropriately for the weather, but anyways. I would maybe talk to.

You go talk to your husband, yeah talk to your husband and just tell him like he needs to be on the board, and maybe he can talk to his mom and like the thing is like. I don't think his mom is gon na. Like that's the way that she is she's, probably not gon na, you don't need to think that your mom, your mother-in-law's gon na change, you have to change the situation when you get comments like that from them. You just, i think you just smile and nod say oh yeah yeah. That sounds great, like i'm glad that that worked for you when you had babies and then you just do whatever you want, should she move out? I think she should some people. Don'T have that option, you know i know, but i mean that's what she's wondering will they be offended if she moves yeah?

That's what i think she's wondering too, and i think her husband isn't on board with moving out well. I would definitely want to move out too girl, so i totally feel that, but i would literally just do what's best for you. I think sometimes we think way too much into other people's feelings, and we forget about ourselves and then you end up making it true, because this is your life me and my boyfriend are in a long distance relationship he's in the middle east and i'm in North america, financially he's really reckless. There are times where he hasn't been transparent, but his finances and work. I love him, but sometimes i worry that my future can be really rocky with him and stressful.

I imagine how much more secure i would feel with someone in north america that has a steady job and no recklessness with thousands of debt.

What should i do?? Well, i think, like one main um thing about like being in a relationship is like being with someone who, like makes you feel, safe and sometimes yeah, and that, like finances, is a huge thing in a relationship i mean you can't it might Not work yeah, it might not be now since they're long distance but she's getting together. Yeah she's she's, smart like oh well, smart girl for thinking like yeah. I feel like that's more than just financial issues. That's like trust issues and honesty as well. Right yeah, i think so. If it were me, no matter how much i would love someone. You have to kind of. Think of yourself. First, like, you've built like yourself up so much and you're like getting ready for marriage with a guy and if he brings on all of those things like they become your issues too. I don't want to say you can fall in love with anyone, but finance is a big part of it and, like love, isn't all that makes a relationship necessarily yeah. You know, there's, so many things there's respect. There's i mean you definitely have to have respect for your husband, and, if you're like thinking - oh my god, he's spending all this money like. I wouldn't respect that and think about how that would transcend like with like having kids and a family like think about. like if y'all are one and all of your finance, i don't know how people do it, but if you combine your finances after you get married and then he's gon na be reckless with your money too.

You need to find someone because i think that's a character issue, yeah! That's what i'm saying like it's more than just a financial issue. We can't tell you, like obviously like break up with him for that but. I think it's definitely a red flag, yeah for sure, like, very much red flag. Oh this is a good one: okay, okay, hey lina, so i have a bit of a dilemma. In my life. I've been engaged for a while, but have been this guy. For two years prior, i've always voiced my love languages when the other person is thoughtful and we talk throughout the day or even recap: a phone call to talk about our day. So like words of affirmation some weeks, he'll do great and make me feel loved. Other weeks we can go days without talking or we'll send a text or two a day. I don't want to feel like i'm nagging on him to talk to me. Is this something normal? You went through an engagement, or do you think it's normal? What would you do if your needs aren't being fulfilled, so they don't talk every day yeah. She said some days. They'll talk all the time. Other days, um it'll just be like a text or two. Is he like, so busy like in school like yeah? I don't like that excuse because i feel like no matter how busy someone is yeah.

I can't have a ten minute phone call.

Conversation. I think it's yeah yeah. I would definitely be upset if my significant other was going like days without talking. She's asking like. Is that normal? I don't think that's normal honestly. I would feel the exact same as her, because my love language is like a hundred percent words of affirmation and if omar did not talk to me, for a whole day, our i feel like our relationship would have literally been i would have to.

I would have told him like yeah, i don't know.

If he's gon na work, yeah, she said she doesn't want to feel like she's, nagging, which i understand i don't feel like. That's nagging. I just feel like he's like not putting an effort and kind of being lazy. I think that some guys are just so clueless. They don't understand how important it is.

Yeah, you literally have to like spell it out for them, yeah they yeah.

I don't think it's that he doesn't care. I think that that's just not his love language, so he doesn't realize that that's important to you. I remember this. Whenever omar - and i were kind of going through that as well, he was working a full-time job while going to school full-time. You know he didn't have. He was exhausted by the end of the day to have like a long conversation

Yeah yeah, but we still talked every day. It depends what his job is like, what he is, what he has going. What he has going on really depends on, so you could try to be a little bit more understanding depending on his situation. I think her feelings are normal, though yeah i feel your feelings are normal, but don't make excuses for him if you're feeling unfulfilled in your relationship, okay, this girl said i just wanted to ask you and your sisters for some advice.

My boyfriend and i have been dating for almost two years now. We both talk a lot about our future and settling down together. i've just completed my degree and feel like i'm ready to take the next step and get married.

However, whenever i bring it up in conversation, he tells me it will happen when the time is right. Inshallah, i've also been feeling the pressure with my family a lot recently as they are not comfortable with us dating and it's starting to get unbearable. We are so happy. I just don't want to feel like i'm asking him to propose and really want it to come from his heart, any advice on how to not go crazy, waiting they've been together for two years. I feel you because omar and i were together for five years before we got engaged - and i was like literally like hello, like i'm gon na - have to find somebody else.

If you don't know hurry up like girls are always like in more of a hurry than guys are, and did she say how old she was she's in her early 20s, so she just graduated college. I feel like they need to have a conversation and maybe set a time frame yeah. So a lot of guys like lauren, said like they want to make sure that they have all their career in line and everything like that. But then, like girls are always in so much more of a hurry, so maybe just like having that conversation, yeah, yeah, okay by you, know next december or you know, have like a yeah a deadline so that you know like okay. I know it's gon na happen. I think she feels like we've been together for two years and i i want you to feel like you need to propose you're, not just like used to like you can just take your time like, oh inshallah, when the time is right, like, i Would be feeling the same like exactly and that way you can tell your parents like okay, we discussed, and by this time that way they have a time frame too. So they're not like nagging her. She says it's getting unbearable, which i can understand. It makes like your relationship, even if you're so happy like and every family, does it different, but that's why we did our cutsilly tab like a couple of years before we got married yeah, it's not unbearable. That way. We do our religious marriage and it's like you can be together and be together. You can like you know, i'm sure, that's what she wants. I know that's what she wants it's hard. That stage is very very hard. Oh my gosh, because you want to feel like your man like once you're, not like yeah. I remember when lena was going through that. I was too young to realize she was like she just wouldn't understand like why i wanted to get engaged

Yeah. I don't think any of us understood and then, when i was old enough to be in the same center in the same situation, then she was like okay, we've been together for six months. We got a chance what i yeah, but that is so hard girl and i feel for you, yeah hoping everything works out seriously.

Okay, here are the final results with the gingerbread houses.

This was literally so much fun

Highly recommend to do this activity with your cousins, siblings, go ahead and tell us in the comments which one you think is the best, lena lauren or amanda, actually amanda.

Yours is really cute.

Look at that wreath.

Mine has like zero color, but i guess that's kind of my personality anyways.

Thank you guys so much for watching and thanks for sending in your questions, thanks to everlane for sponsoring today's video - and we will see you guys later bye, you