Spend the Day with Me! OB Appointment, At Home Chipotle Bowls, Clothing Haul, Nursery Updates

Spend the Day with Me! OB Appointment, At Home Chipotle Bowls, Clothing Haul, Nursery Updates

Good morning, everyone, I hope, you're having an amazing day so far welcome back to another vlog, I'm in a good mood today and I'm super excited to be blogging and taking you guys with me today, we're actually going to an OB appointment, I'm getting tested for gestational Diabetes today, which I'm dreading a little bit, because you have to drink that really sweet drink that everyone like says it's the worst thing ever, I'm gon na try to take you guys with me and we'll see like what it's like, but if I don't get To take you guys to the appointment, then I'll just share with you guys the experience once I get back home, I have a few more like fun things to share with you guys some things to unbox with you, some baby stuff and some fashion stuff And what else I wanted to make Omar Zafar for tonight, because he works tonight and he needs food to take with him to work to break his fast. I just got ready to go on my walk. It's like a little bit later. In the day. I was actually doing some Instagram stories for some campaigns that I have coming up this morning, so that kind of took up a little bit of my time earlier and now I am ready to get out there. I'm glad that it's overcast today, because that means it's not like super super sunny, because it is what time is it now you just twelve o'clock, so it's definitely not even the morning anymore, but I am just getting it later starts. I didn't normal. I guess I'm just like really trying to sleep as much as possible right now, because I've just been so exhausted. Honestly, I just hit my third trimester last week and they say that you get like more tired and third trimester and I'm starting to actually feel that, like I feel like I'm getting more tired, again kind of like I did in my first trimester before I got started on my day. I wanted to thank you guys so much for all of your kind and sweet, prayers and messages on my last video about like whenever I talk to you guys about Leo, I'm most ready, opening up to you guys about that because I don't know like I said like I just like to keep my videos really positive, but I think being vulnerable with you guys and just sharing like my feelings and how I'm like, like what I'm actually going through. Like I don't know, I feel like you guys could relate to that in some way, and I'm just so grateful for all of your kind sweet messages. I got so many messages from people saying like that they had cats gone for months. That came back and just gave me so much hope and. I'm really trying to like keep the hope in my heart that we find him again. I will keep you guys posted, but thank you guys, so so much you guys were seriously, so sweet and making me feel like my feelings were valid buts. Just like all I needed to hear - and I love you guys so so much so. Thank you. Before I go on my walk, I wanted to share with you the natural deodorant brand that I'm obsessed with. I actually just did an Instagram story campaign with them, but they don't even know that I'm talking about them on YouTube like at all, like I just love them so much they're called each and every and I've been using natural deodorants for over five years, and this Is seriously the best one? I love the formula, it goes on clear. It smells so good. My favorite scents are rose and vanilla and the lavender and lemon both of them are just literally the best smelling, deodorants, I've ever smelled. It did give me a discount code for my Instagram campaign, so I'll leave it in the description box. If it's still available back from my walk, it felt so good outside I'm, just like loving the weather right now. It's crazy that it's May and. It's like not too hot yet so it's been really good. I'm gon na go ahead and make Omar's food for tonight. Now, before we go to my appointment, my appointment is in two hours, so I think I have enough time to make the food and get dressed real, quick, Omar is still asleep because he worked last night and he works tonight. So I'm gon na wake him up, like maybe thirty minutes before we have to leave so you can at least like jump out about it, get ready and we'll go so tonight I am making at home with Chipotle bowls. So it's gon na have brown rice black beans and then I'm gon na go ahead and bake some chicken with some like chili powder and like a bunch of different seasonings on it, and then I'm gon na make my own homemade, pico and guac. So in the pico I put cilantro cherry tomatoes, red onion, and jalapeno, and then I add lime to that and then for the guac.

I put all those same ingredients with just be mashed up avocado when I pack this for Omar for lunch. I always put the hot stuff in one container like the beans, the chicken and the rice and one and then all the cold stuff, with the Pico and guac and like salsa or whatever and another one. That way, you can just heat up the hot stuff and then put the cold stuff on top and it's really yummy for work. grab my brown rice.

I feel like I've done a pretty good job at keeping this like somewhat organized, but I think it is almost time for me to like kind of go through it and see what I need to get rid of and stuff. So maybe I will do that in another blog soon, I'm almost positive. It is because I'm dehydrated, so I'm going to try to drink as much as I can. Today. I am supposed to be it's so funny when they say fasting. They look like two hours, then you can drink water, and all of that I was telling my sisters um that I had to be fasting for my glucose test today. like actually like it was like the end of the world. It was like just ask for two hours: you're, like oh, my god, poor thing, obviously they're like fasting for.

How many hours is it this year, like fourteen or fifteen hours? So this is so funny. I just rinsed my chicken tenders and I'm gon na go ahead and season them and pop them in the oven. I'm gon na try a different spice mix today. So since this is for a Chipotle bowl, I'm using chili powder, this really gives that, like kind of Mexican flavor, I'm gon na season it with garlic salt, because I always use garlic salt on literally everything and then I'm gon na add some spice with crushed red Pepper, I have been hearing, so many people talk about smoked, paprika. Apparently this gives a really nice kind of like smoky flavor and I did smell it and it smells like pretty smoky, and I think it will be really good with this kind of chicken. So I'm gon na add a little bit of this and just kind of test it out I'll. Let you guys know how I like it and then I'm going to add a little bit of ground cumin. So that is what I'm gon na season it with I'm going to toss it with some olive oil in here and then pop it on a pan.


I always like to get plain beans without. Any kind of like spices or anything is a lot of those beans can have added sugars and just all kinds of stuff that you don't really know what's in it. So I like to just add my own spices. I added all the same spices I put on the chicken too, these black beans and I'm just heating them up, so the flavors kind of like blend together well and then, once this is all mixed together. I just want to turn the heat off, because these are just out of the can they're already cooked.

Thinking. I have my guac pico chicken and beans, and I have about thirty minutes until I think to leave the house. So I'm gon na go wake Omar up and okay. I am dressed and ready to go. I wanted to share with you guys my look for the day I haven't been getting dressed, so this has been very different, trying to figure out like what to wear know. What my stomach is getting bigger like nothing fits except the maternity jeans that I got from Gap, the beginning of my pregnancy, which I still really love, because I love the modest like straight like fit. I just recently got some t-shirts from Target that I am obsessed with. They are maternity, but they don't have the ruching on the sides. So they don't look Maternity, so I think they'll be great to wear even after drinking postpartum, they're just like longer so they fit the bump, really well, I'm wearing a trench from a ritzy a-that's old. This is kind of like my go-to outfit combo. When I have to get dressed like maternity jeans, charity t-shirts and then something over it like a blazer or like a cardigan or I could trench or something like that and. Then I'm wearing these Valentino doop sandals and they are so gorgeous. They're from Steve, Madden and they're so comfortable. I will link them down below and then they blush chiffon but hot, a job, so Omar's waiting on me. So let's go. Okay, we just got to the doctor's office and for now they are still allowing visitors with me at the OB appointment, so almost coming, but we do have to wear a mask. So I was gon na show you guys how I put mine on okay. So now it's tied around the back, so I don't have to put it over my ears and then you can take these little flaps on the sides and just tuck them into the bottom. your job on the sides or you can pin it or whatever, but my job hacks boom look at that: okay, we're kind of late. So let's go. The nurse just had me drink my little glucose drink. It honestly did make me gag a couple of times that aftertaste is, not the greatest, so it's a lemon-lime flavored drink and it tastes like a sprite. But without the fizz sound like a flat sprite, but the aftertaste calories. I did gag a couple times, but it really wasn't that bad. He had to drink it in like five minutes so yeah. She was watching me the entire time we're gon na get my blood work in an hour and we'll see what my blood sugar is.

At that time. I still need to go pee in a cup, I'm just glad I can have Omar with me, because I know that there's like other clinics, I don't allow visitors, I'm back home from the doctor's office. So I had my glucose test and I also had to get a rhogam shot today and then I got my blood work for the glucose and some other things. So I feel very poked and prodded, but we did here at the baby's heartbeat, which we get to hear every time and it was so sweet and the doctor it like taught me how to like, try to figure out what position she's in. I was never really like very good at figuring out which position baby was in from just outside the tummy, and she gave me some good tips. So I think she's trans first, like most of the time around like thirty-six weeks, is when they want them to be head down. Usually, so I have a little bit of time until then, because I'm only twenty-eight weeks still, I'm gon na make myself some lunch. I'm just gon na put together a chipotle bowl for myself and also gon na pack. Up all my lunch here is my little Bowl I'll put together. This would be really good with some sauteed, onions and peppers, but I just didn't have time to make that today. I don't even think I have bell pepper, but still really good, also it just tasted the chicken, and I love the smoked paprika flavor on it. It just gives like a really nice smoky flavor, it's different than regular paprika. It's called smoked and it's really really good, so I would totally recommend I put the same spices on the beans as well, and they're really good morning guys it is the next day I was planning on finishing this blog last night after Omar left for work, But I was so exhausted and honestly I don't think I've opened up to you guys about how emotional I have been this pregnancy and. Last night I was just so tearful. I was literally just making things up to be sad about. In my head - and I don't know - I just - I know it's because of my hormones and because of the pregnancy that I'm just feeling down a lot, but it's just been really hard to just like control. My emotions anytime, I'm in that headspace. I just there's no way I can pick up the camera, so yeah, I'm feeling much better today. I think you guys are pregnant and feeling super emotional just know that, I'm right there with you is really hard to like just feel good sometimes, but I put on my makeup today. I actually am doing a shoot with Amanda a little later she's coming over in about an hour, so we can create some content at home, but I used all of the Armani luminous silk products on my skin today and it just I love the Way that that made my foundation and concealer and everything looks so glowy and natural, it's beautiful. Also. I wanted to update you on my glucose test results from yesterday, so I just logged in because I saw that my results were in and my blood sugar was high. It was one hundred and seventy-three and it's supposed to be less than or equal to. One hundred and forty, so I'm pretty sure I'm gon na, have to go to the next set of testing, which I don't know if it's a two hour or four hour, this first one was only like a one hour, so you drink the drink, wait an Hour, get your blood drawn, probably gon na have to go back and redo it. I know I haven't gotten a call from my doctor yet, but I'm almost positive since it was high, then I'm gon na have to do the next step. Ok, that's good! I have been meaning to open up this package with you guys for so long. I love, supporting small modest brands, some brands and these two companies I'm going to share with you or ones that I just think are doing an amazing job. they're literally killing it Ramez, hold your hand, job. They sent me you guys. Honestly, I'm is overwhelmed because they sent me so many gorgeous things. I don't. I don't even know where to start. They know I love my neutrals, so most cities earned in for just neutral shades. So let's go ahead, and see what all the beds are. The okay, I just saw bees on their website. They have some really nice like high neck, thin neutral undershirts, so these are so hard to find. Is this an undershirt? No, this is just a t-shirt, but they have some that are like tighter, fitting and fit more like an undershirt that would go underneath clothes, so like have a little, modest layer. This is a really good one, because it's like a sleeveless high neck top. These are really good to wear, underneath things that you just need like coverage up here like if you have a v-neck or something. So I love that I hope it comes in like a lighter nude, too, because that usually matches my clothes better here is so here is one of their undershirts.

That's more like a tighter fitting. These are so hard to find. So if you guys are looking for good layering t-shirts, definitely check out culture, hijab, you get next modest branch is bailed collection.

I love their Eid collection.

They sent me a few pieces from their new Eid collection and everything is satin, and neutral, and just so up my alley: beautiful, okay, this is a maxi skirt. I was like.

What kind of a shirt is this? It was just not time I'll have to try this on for you guys, but just so you guys can get an idea. It's a maxi skirt with this gorgeous tie in the front that is so beautiful.

Okay, these, I think I'm gon na, have to try them for you guys, which I hope that they even fit me with my bump. I got two of, the like wrap, satin, maxi dresses and two different colors. I got like a silver and a nude and this beautiful satin material, so I may have to go ahead and try these on along with the skirt. You see again sniffle effect, but this was the dress that I asked for it's this gorgeous. satin rust-colored maxi dress and it is a beautiful.

Oh, my gosh I'll go ahead and try on a few of these pieces for you guys, but oh my gosh, I'm literally upset if they're eight collection is still available, jump on it because I'm sure the stuff will sell out it's still stunning. I am absolutely obsessed with this skirt by vailed collection. It is seriously perfect. I just sized up one to fit my bump and I'm gon na be really sad when this doesn't fit anymore after pregnancy, so I'll probably get it like taken in. The color and the design is just like so me, so I just paired it with this balloon sleeve blouse from ASOS, and this is, actually a chiffon, a job from baled collection as well as it really pretty nude all the link these pieces, I'm Gon na try on it one more dress for you guys from veiled collection.

Here is the second dress. It is a gorgeous, rust-colored, wrap style, balloon sleeve dress, I'm obsessed with this. It is so stunning I just sized up to a medium in. This one as well, and then this is a culture, hijab the job this raw edge. It's just super breezy and just perfect for summer. So I love those pieces. Oh, my goodness, I will link them down below.

I just wanted to show you guys these on the hanger because Amanda's about to be here, but they are. These gorgeous satin wrap style, dresses that they wrap around the waist, and then they have these kind of like bell sleeves. That is so so stunning, so I got it in this really pretty like kind of, grayish color and then in the nude. Those would be beautiful for Eid or for a wedding. These are just really nice pieces to just have in your closet. When you have a special occasion, so just like grab and go, I mean she's fasting, taking pictures of me and working and steaming clothes. And basically, we had to turn in and our that Armani beauty post this morning, which she did a really good job with the picture anyways you guys. Don'T see this on my feet later, but that done and now we're just gon na go grab me a green juice because I actually haven't eaten since breakfast yeah, so you're just grabbing that and then we're gon na try to take some Fun pictures with this floral dress, because I saw that there was this like floral kind of next to one of our grocery stores when I was driving by the other day. So I want to try to take it really cute Instagram picture. Next. To that Bush, so the only problem is that obviously the grocery stores are super busy right now, so I'm, like kind of worried, there's gon na, be a lot of people in the parking lot and that's gon na be really awkward. But thank. You so much, oh, my goodness. I also got a little ginger shot too, and this one has green apple. I think it's called the green e or green apples, something from nectar, this green apple with ginger lemon and then fennel parsley. I don't know, but it's really good. I haven't been juicing at home as much as I would like to. I really need to get back into juicing, I loved doing it. It just takes up to so much time and cleanup and everything. She goes check out. This rose bush and saved it's even possible today. If it's so busy, then I just don't even want to. I will just do a different day, so we're here and there are these gorgeous flowers here, but obviously it's in a parking lot and there's some people parked right there and there's literally someone in that car. This would be perfect, but there's no flowers on this bush right here. So is it in the dirt?

I guess we can just do the top half. Okay, let's go.

I am back home Amanda just left. We took the cutest pictures next to the flower wall, so definitely check out my Instagram to see we have to get creative now now that we're just like in my small town and just trying to take pictures by ourselves, so anyways Amanda went back to My mom's house me and ohm are actually going over there for iftar tonight, so I have like a little bit of time before we leave. So I wanted to give you guys a little nursery update. I've been giving you guys nursery updates in every single vlog, but I know a lot of you guys are enjoying them yeah. Let me show you guys what we've done different just a few little updates. The first update is that we hung the artwork and I just think it ties this room together so beautifully. We got it from Restoration, Hardware teen, it's my first Restoration Hardware piece and yes, it's part of my baby, but I figured that if she might got older, this wouldn't be too baby as she could use it in her room later on or since it matches The rest of my house that we can just use it literally anywhere throughout the house, because it's gray and just matches everything I just love it. I think it looks so so good. So I know I'm gon na get messages. I've already gotten messages on Instagram

Everyone's worried that it's gon na fall into the crib.

But don't worry you guys, we were taking all precautions. We have pulled this crib out from the wall and I think I may pull it out a little bit more so that God forbid, if it actually did fall for some reason, it would never fall into the crib. Secondly, people are worried that she gets older. She would grab it and things like that, but we are going to be bolting it to the wall like so that she literally cannot budget at all on all four corners. We still need to do that, but I don't want you guys to be worried that it's gon na fall on her there's literally no way that it would hurt her second update, which is literally not even finished, but I had to share anyways. Are these gorgeous bar pull handles that I got from Etsy to go on the IKEA dresser. We hung one already, but it took us a little bit of time to figure out how to get it even in stuff. So we just stopped at the one, but it is so gorgeous and I love the quality and it just makes the dresser look so much more expensive. If, you have an IKEA dresser, I totally recommend these specific ones because they are just stunning, so I will link them to below they're, just so like modern they're, so like heavy and sturdy, they just feel so nice and expensive. I got the 10-inch one, so that means ten inches across the the holes. So it's a little bit longer than ten inches, but this is the IKEA mom dresser, or something like that, which I know a lot of people have. So if you have this dresser, these are like the perfect handles for onesies need more practical items like got it getting online. Looking for one sees and what am i buying some babies articles, I did get one things as well, but, okay, I thought it would be easier to show you guys just kind of laid out on the floor. So you guys get to see the full effect. I'm obsessed with these cute little knitwear sets from Zara baby.

They have the cutest stuff. Oh my gosh, I just cannot help myself whatsoever. So I got three to six months in the gray and the pink, and then I got six to nine months, in the white.

Okay. How cute would this be with this little bear hat? This is from petit, Maison, kids. My favorite thing is just coming here and put together outfits for her. It's so much fun. It's like more fun shopping for her than myself.

This is not fully organized just yet I'm planning on doing a full nursery organization with you guys that, right now, I just kind of tried to put all the sizing that goes together in one place. So this is all of her newborn and zero to three month pajamas and then I have just zero. I think these are just newborn onesies like zero to one month from H & M, and then this is zero to one month cute clothes. I wanted to share these that, because these in particular, are the most gorgeous little gowns. These are from a brand called Lulu and company. I found them, I think, through Instagram, but they're as pieces are the most beautiful softest like thin Jersey, fabrics, and they are just so buttery soft they're. Exactly what you want. Your baby to sleep in. I purchased all of this myself each of these are like newborn bundle sets it comes with the knotted gown. It comes with a headpiece. You can do either a hat or a bow. I think, and then it comes with the mittens, and I actually really liked how these mittens looked like. They would not just fall off the baby, because I know that those just kind of get like thrown everywhere, like they come off really easily. It also comes with a Jersey, swaddle, blanket the exact same material and color as the rest of the pieces, but I purchased all of the sets myself because I was so obsessed then. They kindly sent me some pieces as well and I'm so excited to share those, because these are some of their two-piece sets in the newborn gowns. It says it fits up to three months and they do feel like a really stretchy. So I think that it would probably fit a baby up to three months and then these are the two-piece sets that I also got in zero to three months and they are the most beautiful little patterns.

I love this new to leaf pattern and this like pink, ribbed stripe. They also sent me the same 2-piece set in the pink and the peach, but those are in three to six months.

I'm just literally obsessed with this brand. You guys, I would totally recommend it. It comes in the cutest like golden white packaging, so it'd be beautiful for gifts. I get a lot of messages from you, girls, especially those of you who are pregnant, and it seems like a lot of you - aren't pregnant at the same time as me with girls. So I'm getting a lot of us just saying to like share all the baby clothes and we're getting them and all that stuff. So I hope you guys enjoy the baby clothes content. Let me know if it gets like too much, but I just I'm obsessed with like little cute little baby girl clothes, it's the sweetest thing ever. Actually. Speaking of the noted gowns, I thought I would go ahead and mention this here. Just I don't know, it's just been something I have been really thinking about, so I posted a little hull of the lulu and company gowns on my stories, and i said that i wanted to bring her home and one of the gowns because they were so soft And comfy and i had actually seen someone else talk about using it as a coming home outfit.

I didn't really think too much about the car seat, for some reason that I had heard someone else to do it. So I wasn't, I just wasn't thinking I was like yeah. That sounds like the perfect coming home outfit. So I said it in my story and then I got a message from this one girl and she said you have to bring the baby home in a car seat and that's not gon na work for the car seat, and so then I felt so stupid. I just literally felt like the biggest idiot, because I was asking you know supposedly a labor and delivery nurse and worked in the hospital, and I should know these things and I felt so dumb. So I put in my story - oh my gosh. It wasn't thinking, I guess I'll have to use something else, and then I got another message from this girl who said Lena.

They have a tutorial on their Instagram of how you can still use the knotted gown for a car seat and. It just made me so upset because, like I just get so many messages, every single day from women, who probably mean the best, but they just don't understand how it truly affects me, and it makes me feel like I'm just not doing My best as a mother, and I'm just doing nothing right, and I know so many new moms feel the same way just getting opinions from everyone. I actually had turned my drug messages off for a little while, because I just couldn't handle, I just could not handle it they're back on now, because I missed talking to you guys but yeah. It was just really hard for me to handle even people who mean so well. I just couldn't handle like any criticism, I'm like, even if it was just constructive. It just felt, like really overwhelming, so I thought I would just share how I feel, because I know so many new moms feel. That way - and I think it's probably like ten times worse for influencers, who are new moms, because people who have had babies before they just literally word vomit into your diems, about everything you're doing wrong. The Sun is about to set so we're actually gon na go eat.

Iftar at my parents house I mean bring me over there for a little bit to show you guys what we're eating, but it's pretty much the end of the vlog.

So I hope you guys enjoyed and yeah.

I love you guys so much and I will see y'all in my next one.