Spring Vibes | Glowy Makeup Look, Clothing Haul, New Decor, Organizing

Spring Vibes | Glowy Makeup Look, Clothing Haul, New Decor, Organizing

Good morning, you guys i'm so excited for today's vlog, because we are gon na be doing a little spring refresh over here, i'm so over the teddy bear coats.

As you can see, i like switched out my clothing rack now. I have all of my like spring dresses out it's the most gorgeous spring day. It feels so good outside

It's so sunny and bright, and i am just gon na be getting in the spring mood today. I have some spring fashion to share. I'm gon na be doing a little glowy spring makeup. Look with you guys! I'm gon na go run some errands later and get some spring decor just to kind of freshen up so yeah. I thought this would be a really fun day to vlog. I just applied my sunscreen.

I have been meaning to share the sunscreen with you guys, it's the tula one, it's spf, thirty, it's a really good everyday one, but the reason i love it. The most is just that it's so it's like so glowy and goes on clear. It's like, actually a sunscreen that i want to wear on a daily basis and then i'm going in with my it cosmetics cc cream, i'm going for like a really glowy dewy.

Look today and i figured i haven't, really sat down and properly like done. My makeup with you guys in a really long time, i thought i would kind of sit down and do a really glowy look.

I've been really loving using cream products. Recently, i wanted to do that look with you guys.

Elena, is with my mom right now.

I probably drop her off over there like three times a week, sometimes four. It really just depends on like how busy i am. I just hate having to leave her and i'm so thankful that i can drop her off with my mom and, like i, obviously trust my mom.

At the same time like i just feel so guilty every time. I have to leave her because i don't know i just want to be able to like take care of every single one of her needs and just be there for every single moment, and i don't know like i feel like this is kind of the First experience with mom guilt that i've ever really had. I know that i have to keep telling myself that this is my job and i would have to be doing the same thing if i was working as a nurse, but i don't know i just still those feelings of just like guilt.

Just keep creeping in like mom kills like no joke but anyways. I can't leave her more more than like three hours at a time anyways because i'm still breastfeeding and i just refuse to pump it's my own fault like it would.

I would make it so much easier on myself if i would just pump, but i just hate pumping. Let me know if any of you mamas are the same way. I just i can't get myself to do it, unless it's like absolutely necessary.

I'm gon na be using the chanel soleil tan de chanel. I actually have had this for years and i completely forgot about it and whenever i was asking you guys on my instagram for cream bronzer recommendation.

So many people said this bronzer and i was like oh my gosh. I have that i just had. I had bought it like maybe four years ago and i just completely forgot about it. It's pricey, i'm not gon na lie.

I don't know why. I bought this four years ago. I did not have the money for this and it lasts like forever forever, ever ever, there's so much product. Next, i'm going to go in with the elf putty blush in the shade.

I don't remember which shade this is, but i will link it down below, i'm just using a stippling brush.

This is such a good, affordable, cream, blush.

And i like to bring it over the bridge of my nose as well. like it adds kind of like a sun-kissed look.

Next, i'm gon na go ahead and use the becca moonstone shimmering skin perfector. This is just kind of like a concentrated liquid highlight, so i'm just going to dab that, just kind of like a champagne like a light: champagne.

Okay, that added the most gorgeous gorgeous glow.

I forgot about that product as well. I think i got that last summer, i'm just loving rediscovering all my favorite products.

I love that it's kind of like a, neutral champagne, it's not like too cool toned or too warm like that, would work on so many skin tones okay. So that is what the skin is. Looking like, i just love the way that those products all blended and just melted together, if you guys have any like products that i should try, since you guys know kind of the look i'm going for. Let me know because i really want to try out some new like goodies, because a lot of my stuff, like i said products that i already had from last year, i'm just going to go ahead and finish off my brows and my eyes.

You guys, can you believe that ramadan is in like a month? Time has gone by even faster now that i have elena i'm already kind of getting some of my content ideas and everything prepared, i'm so excited for ramadan, decor, paid fashion, i'm so excited that it's elena's first ramadan in eid.

I just i know that she won't be able to remember it, but i feel like i just want to make it special for her anyways just so that she can like look back on like pictures.

One thing, though, is that i am still trying to figure out if i'm gon na fast, so i did not fast while i was pregnant because it was just really difficult for me if you're, not muslim or you're, not aware, pregnant and breastfeeding women have The choice whether they want to fast or not just depends on the woman's body like how they feel about fasting. I don't think i'm gon na fast, while i'm breastfeeding, which i didn't really.

I guess i never really thought about it. I was just thinking like. Oh okay, like, just while i'm pregnant, i won't fast, but then you don't realize a year later, you're still gon na have the issue of like breastfeeding and. If i don't drink enough water, my milk supply goes down like, so much and elena's. So fussy and i feel so bad. I really don't think that there's any way that i can fast this year comment down below if you have any experience with breastfeeding and fasting and whether you chose to fast or not, there's obviously no judgment here at all. Do whatever you feel is right for you and your baby and your body. I guess i can always try it out for like a day or two and see how it goes, but i don't want to risk my milk supply going down for my eyeshadow, i'm going to use this angled brush and a little bit of like a warm Toned brown shadow and i'm going to make a little flick with my eyeshadow to kind of look like an eyeliner, but just like a really soft smokey, eyeliner.

I guess it just gives the prettiest softest look to the eyes:.

For mascara, i'm just going with my oldie, but a goodie l'oreal telescopic.

For lip liner, i'm going in with charlotte tilbury for lipstick, i'm going in

With mac honey love, i just recently picked up a new one like a really pretty peachy nude.

Wear my milani.

Keep it full lip gloss in the shade soft rose that is.

Pretty much my face done, i'm gon na add a little bit more of the moonstone highlight by becca. I think, my setting powder kind of covered it up a little bit earlier. I will link all the products i used down below, so pretty and uh. The last thing that i forgot to do is actually set it with the morphe setting spray. This is new to me and i'm sure so many of you guys probably already use this, but it is so good.

It's like a continuous mist. That is the makeup. Look completely done yesterday. I went ahead and put away all of my winter coats and knitwear and i replaced everything with lots of spring items and i actually got a package in from amazon yesterday that i'm so excited to share with y'all.

Thank you so much to amazon for sponsoring this portion of today's video. I went ahead and hung up some of the pieces and steamed them, so i could try them on for you guys. I have some gorgeous maxi dresses to share with y'all, i'm so excited to share with y'all the prime wardrobe feature on amazon.

Prime. My wardrobe is already part of your prime membership. So if you're an amazon, prime member, i would highly suggest taking advantage. It's basically like taking the dressing room home, so you can choose up to eight items and then you have seven days to decide if you want to keep the items and you only pay for what you keep and you send the rest back. It is so nice and convenient my box came yesterday with all of my selections. I chose like a bunch of cute new spring items, as you can see, i'm very inspired by blue this season. I'm gon na try on the pieces and i'll show you guys what i got.

The first couple of pieces that i have to share are the jeans that i'm wearing and this top the top is a really unique design because of this knotted sleeve i've.

Never seen statement sleeves like that and you guys know i love my statement sleeves. The bodice is kind of like a t-shirt material and then the sleeves are that crisp dress, shirt style. I just love the knotted design, so i tucked them into these jeans from amazon as well. I love the wash on these jeans. I don't think i have um a lot of dark wash denim. I usually go for light wash. These are so so. Nice and flattering, they're kind of like a high-waisted, straight leg, wide cut, and i just paired it with some white booties for kind of like a spring transitional, look comment below on all the items and let me know which ones i should keep and send Back but i love, love love both of these pieces. Next up is this really elegant long sleeve maxi dress with this really stunning lace pattern, and i thought this would be beautiful, for if you guys have any photo shoots or like i don't know, i just feel like this would be gorgeous in photography for, Like an engagement, shoot even like a pregnancy announcement or something because it has this stretchy part all across the waistband. So i feel like a small bump, would work really well with this dress, it's so hard to find long, sleeve, white, maxi dresses. I feel like, and this is such a good one. It's lined all the way down, so i didn't have to worry about wearing anything underneath just like a little undershirt under the top.

This next piece is probably the one that i was most excited about.

It is this beautiful, blue and white floral maxi dress with just this really dainty pattern that i just think is so elegant.

I love this tiered design. It has buttons going down and it ends kind of at the bottom. Where there's a little slit, i just wore some white leggings and then the white undershirt just to cover up the v-neck. Otherwise it is just super breezy and easy and lightweight. It's like a really nice, like chiffon material, and i just loved this pattern. So so much it's giving me like santorini, vibes, so gorgeous for spring or summer, and then i went ahead and paired it with the sandals that i also got in my prime wardrobe box. i'll show you guys these up close.

I hear the sandals up close they're by the drop collection by amazon, which i absolutely love, influencers collaborate with amazon and create different pieces, and these are such a good one. They're really comfortable with this really nice padded, sole and they're, just a classic staple for your spring summer, wardrobe and they're really affordable. The last couple of items are the joggers and the sweatshirt that come separately, but they go together and it's this beautiful light blue tie-dye lounge set and it actually did come in pink, which i had to kind of stop myself from getting it. Because i have so many pink and nude lounge sets that i thought i would try something different so beautiful. I love this light. Blue color and the material is, so soft and buttery literally. I could just live in this sleep in this and it's not too like thick or anything. It's really thin. It's great for this, like spring transitional weather. These are some amazon slippers

That i've had in my wardrobe for a little, while that i will link down below as well all the pieces that i'm sharing i will have down below in the description box.

This, like initial necklace that i've been wearing today, is also an amazon, find and is a really affordable.

Thanks again to amazon for sponsoring this portion of today's video, i'm gon na get dressed and i'm gon na head to go run some errands.

So we can get some stuff to refresh my spring decor.

Split, i'm back from target, and i got some really cute stuff target had literally the cutest spring decor.

I wish i had more areas in my house that i needed to decorate, because i had the cutest pillows, just the cutest everything.

So let me show you guys what i got.

I got a new welcome mat because this is actually the exact. Welcome mat that i already have, but mine got like mildewy or something and the colors changed, so i needed like a new, a fresh one. It's been like three years since i've gotten a new one, and then i got some wreaths.

So i've tried to get wreaths in the past, but i just never. First of all, i never knew how to put them on the door without ruining the door and second of all, i never really found any that i liked, but i loved these faux eucalyptus wreaths.

They are so so classic and beautiful. So i'm gon na hang it both of those on my double door. These were right next to it, which is genius, it's a wreath hanger that you can put over the door without having to add any hooks or anything like that. So we are gon na go ahead and put that on my front. Porch next thing that i got are these gorgeous linen pillows, i'm planning on putting these on my bed. I thought i could add in some textures in this really simple pattern. I got three of them to replace the velvet ones that i have and then i also got this chunky white, the real blanket just to drape. I just wanted to add some more textures to my bed without having to change too many colors. So stop by bed bath and beyond, because i needed some drawer organizers for my bedside table, drawer.

I just wanted to take on that little project because my bedside table drawer is a disaster like any time. I need to find something i'm just like digging and i don't even know what is in there.

A lot of the stuff was in there from my pregnancy, the wedge, pillow and like different things. So i got these wooden dividers and i think it's gon na look really nice and just be so much more functional.

Here's the final result with my bed.

I think it looks so so good, i'm so happy with the end result. I wanted to keep it white, but i love that we just added some textures with the throw blanket and these linen pillows now, i'm gon na move on to organizing my nightstand drawer with you guys, because i have absolutely no idea.

What's. Even in here we're gon na get this all situated.

So the dividers didn't actually fit in here as like nicely as i would have hoped. um i'm actually not using one of them because it wouldn't really fit in here that well, but i kind of made do.

So what i have in here is my body lotion. I love the necessary one. This is my absolute favorite and then i also have a laura mercier lip balm, so those are kind of two things that i feel like.

I need in my drawer that wasn't in here. I literally had the most random junk in here elena's pacifiers, which actually i needed one, because i'm always looking for one in the middle of the night.

So i have one in my bedside table drawer. I had my old iphone in here. I had my belly band for pregnancy. I had like my wedge pillow that i used to sleep with when i was pregnant, just stuff that i never used.

Then i have some hair ties, and these are kind of the things that i try to take. Every night my oxy powder - this is the probiotic that i take. I just recently started taking cbd, i'm trying this one out by the brand equilibria.

These are their soft gels and this is a cream. Let me know if any of you guys have tried cbd before i've heard amazing things about it.

I literally just started taking them like yesterday, so i haven't. I don't have any results to share yet, and i just have some tissues and a heating pad for when it's that time of the month, elena and we actually already gave her a bath which, usually we do that more towards bedtime. It's a little out of order but um. She had a big blowout, so we went ahead and did that time and pajamas and everything and now we're going on a walk omar. Do you, like my setup, yeah, my spring refresh looks good.

We just got ta get the weeds, i know. Oh, my god, i got ta do that.

And our bushes are dead from the freeze the last time they died. we spray painted them green, which is which is those little twigs.

Basically, they stayed green for actually a really long time. They looked really great, but now they're so dead that it's just like sticks, wait. Can you show them how you say: baba and she basically babbles and says.

She likes to cross her legs.

I like how you're sitting mommy by the way we have this uh raggedy wheel, oh yeah, so yeah what's happening come on lena.

We don't really have to talk about this. Do we omar ran over my stroller with the car?

I hit it coming into the garage. I forgot that i'd put it there, yeah. We ordered a new wheel, we're just waiting for it to get here. It's on its last wheel.

Elena fell asleep.

What time is it over? It is seven forty-five, it is seven forty-five and your daylight savings. Yeah daylight savings was two days ago, yeah and. Now the sun is setting way later yeah, which is nice, because i love when days are long and it just feels like. I don't know you have more of a day right, but we were expecting elena to be up like super late. She already fell asleep

Yeah, but that means that she'll probably take a little mini nap and then be up until like, eight 30. so yeah.

I think we're gon na order a mexican food for dinner tonight, because that sounds so good. yeah and it's already seven forty-five yeah and i just don't feel like cooking anything. So we'll probably order that and then have some dinner. we've got dinner. Elena is still awake, but i'm hoping she goes to sleep. I went ahead and put mine on a plate. I also ordered these are sour cream enchiladas. This is like my weakness when it comes to mexican food, so i always have to get an order and just at least eat one. We're gon na finish our dinner and then hopefully elena will go to sleep so that we can watch something hope you guys enjoyed this vlog make sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe, if you're new thanks again to amazon For sponsoring this video - and i will see you all in my next one.