Telling Our Families I'm Pregnant! *Emotional*

Telling Our Families I'm Pregnant! *Emotional*

Good morning, everyone it is Thanksgiving morning, and it is about 11:20 a. m. we're actually having lunch with my parents today for Thanksgiving. So we found out that I'm pregnant on Monday, like we basically like, took the second pregnancy test on Monday yeah and like confirmed it so we've known for like three days and I went ahead and I called my mom, and I told her that, Like I got a positive pregnancy test and I just like I couldn't hide it from her like I just had to tell my mommy, I know more at first, he was like. Are you kidding me Lina? You told your mom, but I just couldn't help it like. I had to tell her: we really want to surprise my dad and the rest of my family just to give you guys a little backstory. My family has been like on me about having a baby for about. Would you say like the concert year? Would you say they really like?

I pushed it

Yeah like whooshing, yeah, they're, not trying to be like, like, overbearing or anything, but my family, especially like we don't have any babies in our family.

This concept of having grandchildren is just like so foreign and like they are just so excited in want grandchildren. Nobody, I have two older siblings, so this will be. Grandchild number six yeah big of a deal, yeah, so big deal, but your mom will still be so excited. But, like my family, like you guys have no idea every time I see them, they bring up grandchildren, Amanda and Lauren they're like when. Are you gon na have a baby when's the baby coming anyway?

So let me tell you going yeah, let me tell you guys what our plan is. So my mom's birthday was last week and I gave her a gift already. Actually, I gave her a robot vacuum, but it was kind of a gift between like me and my grandma. We both like pitched in and got her that so I figured this was literally the perfect opportunity to like give her like another gift she's in on it. She knows she knows she's getting this gift, but anyways show them what the gift is. We ordered this on Amazon, literally, oh, my god, so cute. We decided to give it to her before we eat

Yeah so that, hopefully, like everyone will be like around like setting up and then I'll yeah, I'm just gon na like go ahead and be like hey mama. I'm gon na give you your gift now and it's from me on Omar and then actually she knows that it's gon na be the onesie, but I I randomly. I got this in a PR package and I was like I'll just give her this. It's like a random like facial, massager she'll like throw her off as well, so we can at least get like a realistic reaction from her because she's the worst at keeping secrets or like anything.

I have to go help. My parents set up

So we're gon na get in the car and we'll finish this conversation anyways, I'm gon na show my sisters to be like you guys think that mama is gon na like this. Like I don't know, I think that it's gon na be really good. Okay. Another reason why this is like literally the best surprise ever is because I spent all day yesterday with Amanda, and she has literally no idea she even brought up like Lena, like you should talk like you, should have a baby like it would be so cute, Like why don't you guys start trying like more seriously like she has literally had no idea? She did ask me like why I was smiling so much like to myself but she's. Still, I promise you like. She has no clue. Oh another thing is Lauren. I told her that I started my period. I've had a sweating, oh my sister's wedding because, like I was cramping really bad, so cuz I thought I did like it's usually whenever I start cramping like that, I like immediately started my period, so I was like. Oh no and she goes no don't worry. Sometimes cramping is a sign of pregnancy like to. Give me like. I was like no, I don't think so so, like she thinks I started my period.

I was with Amanda yesterday when she was talking about babies. She was like yeah Baba said he was gon na stop asking, but he just hopes one day you and Omar gon na come over and tell him that, you guys are pregnant. They want a grandchild, so bad, and so I was like yeah like in sha Allah. One day like another thing is that my sisters are like: Oh Lina. How are you gon na announce it like? You can't surprise us cuz, we're gon na know like if you have like we have an announcement like we're. Gon na know that it's gon na be that you're pregnant. I'm just super excited because they literally have no idea and it's just gon na, be the best surprise ever. I think my dad's gon na cry. What do you think? I don't know? I think everyone might I'm gon na cry. I'm definitely gon na cry. I think everybody, but me it's gon na cry. You just aren't a cry. I'm like right. I downloaded a pregnancy app like the day that I found and I'm apparently four weeks pregnant. So it's still extremely early, so we're literally just telling like immediate family right now, I'm not announcing it to friends anybody else until at least twelve weeks, and then I won't be announcing it on Instagram to one probably about twenty weeks, we'll see yeah. So I guess, when you see this yeah, it's gon na be be a whale, a baby like four. We wait. Would you say twenty weeks, I don't know because the labor and delivery nurse, I'm just scared to do it before twenty weeks yeah. So it's gon na be like three months from now at least four months from now yeah. So now you guys know I didn't post like a Thanksgiving blog. This is the blog. Oh that's! Another thing I want to say is that my family they're, not gon na, like have any idea like they're, not gon na - think anything differently that I'm filming because I've vlog now so it's like normal to them and my sister's vlog. So I'm just gon na, like yeah, I'm vlogging Thanksgiving. So this will literally be perfect. I'm at my parents and this lighting is crazy because I'm here in Laurens dressing room and she has like the whole studio, a lighting setup for makeup - and it's just amazing but fourth Lauren got her wisdom, teeth, oh I'm so sorry, maybe sister, so bad, Mashed, potatoes, so we're prepping the charcuterie board. We just put down some butcher paper. I got some questions about this from our friends giving and I just ordered it off Amazon. So we have all of our fruits over here. We've got berries, grapes, cuties, carrots and some celery, crackers, cheese, it's okay and so we're, just gon na lay it all out and yeah, I'm so excited because this was so good for, our friends, giving and yeah all the luck and Edith. This. I just feel so bad for Lulu.

We just finished the charcuterie board and it looks so good. I feel like this is just gon na be a tradition every year.

What do you guys think so beautiful we're still waiting on our? We have the brie that's in the oven. Over there we have corn casserole and the rolls what's here, mashed potatoes.

I couldn't think of the word.



The hardest thing of all for me has been, something else.

How was the surprise did you did you guys like have any idea, she's literally, asking if I'm pregnant and you have hogging Lina kept smiling randomly on the car guy?

None of us have anywhere. We are not known not at all. Is she saying? Oh, . Oh hey guys, it's my surprise where my family went so well.

No one had any idea.

Like it was just amazing right now, we are actually on our way to go.

Tell all my family.

They still have absolutely no idea

You're just going to do the same surprise.

I have right here with the little onesie, the same ones in it and we're just going to give it to your mom and just be like.

We have a gift for you: right, so excited.

[, Laughter, ].