We Got a Bengal Kitten!

We Got a Bengal Kitten!

Hi everyone I am in such a good mood - I am so happy because we got a little bingo Kitty and I am literally so excited.

I just posted on my Instagram today that I was announcing something super exciting it this weekend and I think I liked overhyped it because, literally only like a couple people guessed cat. I've talked about several times on my channel of how, like I'm such a crazy cat, lady and I want a cat, so bad. So to me this is like literally the next best thing to getting pregnant. I know that's something that everybody was guessing.

I literally had to put like a disclaimer so that people wouldn't think that I was pregnant, so the story on how we got the kitty. So it's a little bit of a like a last minute decision, but not really so Omar and I had been talking about how we wanted to cat so bad for so long and since Omar is allergic to cats. we couldn't get a regular cat. So this was like the perfect excuse for me to get a Bingle because they are hypoallergenic. They are very expensive, cats, but you guys they are so special and so beautiful and his little personality is just so sweet. So we were sitting on the couch the other morning and we were just like saying how we wanted a cat, and I was like you know what that's it. I'm gon na look up Bengal cats near at and I found a breeder who was only like an hour away from us and she was available like that day. So we were like what the heck we'll just go and look at the cats and see what they have and if we like them and everything and you guys when we saw leo that's his name, we could not leave without taking him home. He was so sweet, I believe, he's called a seal Lynx bangle. So he's one of those like lighter-colored. He looks like a Snow Leopard. He is so cute he's five months old since we just kind of went last minute and we didn't really think we were gon na take a cat home that day we went and got just some like basic essentials to get us by for, like one or two Days so we got like a little litter box, a couple of toys and then the breeder. She send us home with some food. You guys Bengals eat raw food like or apparently that's like the best thing for them. It's like a raw diet. So we're gon na go to Target to get some stuff for the kitty and I'm gon na. Let you guys meet him a little bit later today. Okay, so I just got to Target. I always do this whenever I get to like the parking lot of wherever I'm going to show up. I always just sit and like make a list, because I make a list for everything just easier for you to make sure don't forget anything, and I should have done this at home, but I've always stood in the parking lot so far. I need a scooper I need treats. I need a bed because right now I kind of made him a little bed with some towels, which I seems to love, but I think I'm gon na get him like a proper bed. A brush kitty shampoo, because I definitely want to give him a bath eventually when it gets a little bit more comfortable, and I also need some like laundry stuff, just like house stuff for me and like cleaning supplies that I ran low on. Oh another thing that I want to put on

My list is a harness eventually. I really want to take him on walks, because Bengals are a little bit different than other breeds of cats, and you can take them on walks, so I definitely want to get a little harness on him, so he can just get used to it. I just talked to Omar. He just woke up nightshift probz that that's. Why he's not with me, because I told him like we should go, get stuff together for our little baby, but he didn't wake up so, it's just being by myself. So this target haul has kind of become a failed. Only thing I've found so far is a scooper, some waterless a shampoo and a little harness, but I didn't really like any of their cat bags or any of their like bowls or anything.

I just didn't think they were cute, so I ended up in in the home section, so we're gon na look and see if they have anything here totally unrelated to cats. maybe I'll get a basket to put it little toys in but yeah on. My gosh, if that works a little bit better but um yeah. This is not ideal. Anyways, I'm on my way, to Petco. Now, because target was a literal fail and then maybe Marshalls to look and see if they have any cute like bedding for cats, but yeah, I'm so excited. I found some cuter bedding. This one is like a velvet tufted one. It's like a dark, chocolatey Brown. That's actually really cute. I don't know if I'm gon na get that we're not, and this one's just like a plain kind of like nude and white. Here is the section that was missing at Target healthy, treats see if any of. These look good for him. Okay, I just got home. I'm gon na show you guys what I got from the pet store and from Target for this kitty, and then I'm gon na show you guys the kitty. The reason why we have him kind of like locked up is because the breeder sent us home with some like instructions and guidelines. As far as like transitioning the kitty into our home and the best thing for him is to kind of keep him in an isolated location and just have him get used to that and then bring him out every once in a while to kind of get used To it and then put him back in his little enclosed little safe space, so but that's what we're doing now so anyways, let me show you guys what I got from the pet store and Target you guys. These are my succulents. I got from Ikea. Isn'T aren't these so cute anyways? Okay, so I got this little mat to go underneath his food. This was like the nicest little Bowl that I could find. I really want to eventually get like a really cute one, but this was just the best one. I could find for now and then I got him a little brush.

Isn'T it so cute? It's like this little Coralie, color. I got him some treats. I really wanted to find him. Some healthy ones and I couldn't find any healthy ones at Target. So I found these by blue wilderness. I got him a chicken and salmon and I got chicken and shroud we'll see if he likes either of those. I got this water list, shampoo just so I can kind of spray this on him and make him smell a lot better. He doesn't stink that bad, but I think I'm just like, since I've never had a pet in my house. I just wanted to be as clean as possible.

I got him a little baby, harness we'll see we'll see how he reacts to this. I just want him to kind of feel used to it, so that when I do want to take him out on a walk one day, he will be comfortable, the little leash that goes with it, and then I got this bed you guys. Let me know, if you, if you like it, I just wanted something that kind of like went with the aesthetic of the house. I couldn't really find a cute gray one, so this one's like a chocolate brown and I thought I do have some brown tones in my house. So I don't know we'll see I'm going to put it in put and see if he likes it. So we've been keeping him in our little kind of like storage room, so there's some random stuff in here, like the lights, I use for my YouTube videos and like some random boxes and stuff, but in my luggage, hi, baby, baby, you so pretty. They hide all my friends, you guys isn't the literal most cutest thing you've ever seen. He wants to go and play so bad, but he's like purring so loud. I don't know if he can hear it he's just so happy to be out of his room.

I don't know if I'm doing the transition thing right. Oh oh he's so happy. I don't know if I'm doing the transition thing right, like I don't know, if I'm really supposed to be bringing him out or if it's okay, I don't know but it just literally makes me so sad, like you'll, see whenever I put him back In there he's just gon na cry and be so upset, hi Katie, look at your eyes he's so cute look at his little spots.

He literally reminds me of a little snow leopard. It's so pretty.

Stretch stretch it out. Oh, my gosh, you guys. I don't know what I'm gon

Na do when he starts ruining my furniture. Okay, I'm gon na see if he likes the treat one new treat okay, so this is kind of what is happening Leo just wants to run all over explore everything check. Everything out. does not listen to me. Okay, I'm really gon na try to catch him and put him back in his room because he's had enough time playing and exploring and we're gon na just try to keep this transition thing. going, I'm gon na go back to your room.

Yeah! Go back to your room, I would really have my hands full with this. Come on baby! Oh I caught him. He was running around, like a crazy person, still wants to go.

Play okay. I put him back in his room and he's. So upset okay, so I just texted the breeder to see if she had any advice for me, and letting the baby out of its confinement, and I just hold her like leave it. Let it out a few times and it just runs wild, and then we try to put it back and it just cries and cries and it wants to come back out and play, and she texted me back and she said that as long as he knows, 100 %, where his litter box is and you're sure he's not gon na, have any accidents, then it should be fine to let him out. So I let him out and he's used his litter box a few times now. So I'm hoping that he'll remember where it is so yeah, but look at this little thing: hold on how pretty are you baby boy, our soap meeting he literally blends into my, aesthetic, yo baby baby boy leo? He didn't like any of the treats. I got him by the way. You made me waste all my money. It is the next day and I want to update you on how the transitioning thing is going. Basically, I gave up on it. I just thought. It was so dumb because okay, so the idea of the transition is that you kind of show them that everything it depends on you their food, their fun. Basically, it makes them respect you more. So that's the point of it, but whenever I would have him outside in the house, he would basically just like run from me because he was scared that I was going to like lock him up and I felt like he was never like relaxed around me because He thought that I was just going to like lock him up again, so I let him out - and he is so much more fun and relaxed out here and just as I say that he meows, but I'm learning that Bingle's just me out for No reason like they just talk, I might know that doesn't necessarily mean that there's something wrong with them, but it does scare me like every single time, because I'm like what's wrong: baby anyways and now I'm gon na go figure out where I'm gon na Get stuff to make his food, I wanted to show you guys at the recipe that she gave me for this food. You guys like talked about high-maintenance, so the breeder gave me like a little recipe for the cat's food. I don't have to make it exactly like this, but this is just how she makes it so she says she uses a ten pound bag of chicken and thigh quarters chicken gizzards chicken livers, pumpkin puree, Greek yogurt and Sam.

I don't even eat as good as that yeah, so I'm gon na go figure out where to find chicken gizzards. I don't even know what that is. What part of the body is a gizzard? Okay, guys he finally calmed down a little bit he's so sweet, look at his little paws one nice thing about him is that he has never used his claws when he's playing, and I'm not sure. But someone told me that's because like when they say with their mom's long enough, their moms teach them not to use their claws when they play and that's one thing that he's done so good. He he doesn't really bite and he hasn't used his claws. He hasn't scratched meeting yet and he's been such a good little boy and he's using his litter box, but he just sits next to me.

While I work on my computer and it's just so much fun having like a little companion right now, he's ready to play, but we've just been having it so what much fun playing he loves. His toys been really hard to like, keep him in one spot, but one thing that we didn't even notice until like later on is that his name leo is Lena and Omar together. Okay, isn't that so cool like Lauren was talking to her fiance the other day, and she was telling him but our cat and how his name was Leo.

Then Ollie was like. Oh, it's like Lena, no more and you know - or it did not even think about that, so it made us love his name, even warm.

I hope that you guys enjoyed getting to see my new baby kitty. I'm sorry he's like so active and he couldn't like be more in the video, but he will be in lots more of my videos coming up and sha, although I'm sure of it I'm so obsessed with him I'll see you guys in my next Video bye,