Week in My Life | Mom Life, Working With My Sisters, Cooking Healthy Food!

Week in My Life | Mom Life, Working With My Sisters, Cooking Healthy Food!

Good morning you guys and welcome back to another weekly vlog, i'm getting over a cold, so excuse my voice.

I just kind of wanted to do more, like weekly vlog style videos, where i just pick up the camera when i'm doing fun, stuff.

I have some fun fashion stuff to share with y'all some baby stuff and i'm gon na be cooking something later so i thought i would just pick up the camera.

Whenever i have stuff to share, i actually got a new vlog camera, thanks to my girl, aisha haroon. If you guys don't follow her, you should definitely check out her channel um but yeah. She got a new vlog camera and i loved the quality and i've been just like thinking about upgrading and i really love it.

It's the canon, um. M50. I think it's called. I don't even know i just literally bought whatever she said to buy. So i love it um. Let me know what you guys think about the audio and the quality and stuff. Also, this lens is like a super wide angle, so you can definitely now see, like all my junk in this corner, that i'm usually able to hide, and i was testing it around my house and i'm like.

Oh, no, you can see every little mess with this lens. I can't just like stay in a corner and like hide myself anymore, so anyways um. I haven't actually vlogged in about a week and i took about a week off social media. I truly needed a social media break. I cannot tell you guys how beneficial it was for me, and i kind of wanted to talk to you guys about my experience because i know that it can help.

So many of you guys too so, two thousand and twenty was extremely hard on my mental health. I never really opened up to you guys about it. I always just tried to like put on a smile and ignore and just keep going, but it just got to the point where i was so anxious getting on my instagram, like getting on my stories.

I just felt like i couldn't be myself because of online negativity and just hateful comments and just people just being so nasty, and i know that i have people around me who love me, and i know myself, and i know that the majority of You are so kind and supportive and sweet, but it just i'm human and it just gets to me and i'm a very, very sensitive person, so i'm gon na be unplugging a lot more often, and i highly recommend you guys do the same.

You don't have to do a whole week, because man that was definitely hard, even if it's just like for one day, i feel like it can just help you refocus and re-center and just help you focus on what is important anyways. I am about to go film something for my instagram, i'm making black bean and sweet potato balls so i'll. Take you guys with me as i make that, because i think it's going to be really yummy um, but i have to show you guys some, like a new fashion, things that i just got so i'll.

Show you guys what i'm wearing okay side note. I was looking at pictures of myself from when i was pregnant and i miss my lips when i was pregnant so much. I look back at pictures and i'm like i literally look like i had fillers in my lips.

They were like so plump and beautiful, and then they just kind of like i mean obviously i'm so thankful for the lips that i have.

But i was like trying to figure out how to make them look the same, and so there's this new thing that all the cool girls are doing on like tick tock and reels, and you basically take lip liner and you just go straight across.

Your cupid's bow and that kind of gives you like a more pouty like kim kardashian, look apparently, so we are trying that today, let me know if it, if it's working for me. Okay, i'm still working with all the settings on this camera, but overall i'm so happy i feel like it just looks brighter and it's like the most gloomy day today.

So this just literally makes me so happy.

I wanted to share my outfit that i've been wearing non-stop.

It's just like a really simple sweater, dress and faux leather leggings, but the main thing that i think you guys will be very excited about. Are these shoes because they are designer inspired? I had the gucci black loafers and the pink and they just really weren't my i don't know i just feel like i spent way too much money on them and they weren't.

Like my exact style, i got the wrong colors for my wardrobe. When i saw these on amazon for sixty bucks, i was like okay, i'm trying them so um.

I got them in this beige. Color i'll show these more up close in a second, and this like cream, but you guys the shape.

Is exact here they are up close and i cannot get over the shape you guys.

It's like pretty much spot on, especially even the clasp is like the exact shape to the real one, and the fur is a really good quality.

I wore these all day yesterday around my house. They are so comfortable and they do run true to size.

I got my regular size, nine and they fit me perfectly. I probably would never buy the authentic version of these with the fur so having these be only sixty bucks. I was like it's a no-brainer, so i will link these and i'm so glad that i actually have colors now in these shoes that will work with my wardrobe.

I think if i had originally gotten the gucci loafers in a white or a beige, i would have gotten so much more use out of i will link these below. They have other colors as well.

This sweater dress is one from express that i've been wearing non-stop. I literally have been throwing on these faux leather leggings, and this sweater dress for probably the past three days. Okay, i have everything laid out to make my black bean and sweet potato power.

Bowls i have some quinoa going in the rice cooker right now. I'm gon na be putting black beans.

Corn, sweet potato, i'm gon na saute, some onions and bell pepper.

I'm gon na have some avocado as well so um. This is gon na. Be super simple, super fresh, so let's get started:.

Okay, i have everything out, so i can assemble my bowl and i have a little bowl of sweet potato for elena that i'm gon na mash up um.

I went ahead and added the same spices that i added to the beans to the sweet potato and a little bit to the corn um i'll, put everything in the description box.

I'm gon na be, making a blog post on this. It looks so delicious

I am so excited to dig in and, like i said, the recipe will be on my blog and yeah.

It was super simple. I think this took me like maybe forty-five minutes and i have extra for the next couple days. Somebody just woke up, i'm feeding her some of those sweet potato. I wanted to show you guys the high chair, because the last time i showed it, it wasn't complete, but we got all the legs all wooden now. It looks so cute. I'm just waiting on the um the cushion, and then i also got this silicone little tray cover and this really pretty blush pink yummy. Oh my god. I need to get her next thing. I need to get. Is a bib that, like she can just wear as a shirt? Have you guys seen those okay? I just got in a package from this brand called skandy born. I ordered a bunch of like silicone plates and bowls and cups, and a long sleeve, bib for her now that elena's, almost six months, we're gon na be starting. The baby lead weaning, honestly, i'm gon na probably do a mix of just spoon, feeding her pureed foods and the baby led weaning. I'm learning a lot more about it. There's a course: i'm taking called feeding littles i'll link that below so. If any of you guys are also at this stage where you're starting solids for your baby, it's been really helpful and i've been learning a lot.

If you guys haven't heard of baby led weaning, it's basically where they learn to feed themselves, so you offer them safe foods on their tray on their high chair and they can like pick it up and feel it and like put it in their mouth and Just explore - and it's just i don't know it's so amazing to like learn about it. Okay, guys, i came into elena's room to grab something and lauren came over and helped me organize all of her drawers. They look so much better. I think now that her clothes are bigger. I just like haven't, i haven't properly like gone in and organized again and she went in and rolled everything. Look at that all her blankets and swaddles.

I wanted to talk about the diapers and wipes we've been loving for elena, and this is not sponsored. I just am absolutely obsessed and i had to share it with all of you mamas, because it is so good. So these are the softest most comfiest diapers. You will ever feel in your entire life and you will not want your baby to wear anything else. They did send me a pack a few months ago to try out, but i have since ordered tons and tons more boxes of diapers and wipes from them, because i am just, i literally don't want to be without them their wipes.

You guys are the best they are unscented and they just glide over her skin. Like nothing else. I honestly wish i had used these from the beginning because i have been using water wipes, but even even the water wipes, because they're just water.

I guess they don't glide over a baby's skin like super easily, and these are so so soft and gentle on a baby's skin like.

I wish i'd used these in the newborn stage for her, because her skin was so sensitive. I will link these below for you guys because they are the best, and i promise you guys you will love them, hey guys.

It is a couple days later. I just got out of the dentist, and i got my bottom retainer removed a couple of weeks ago and it feels so much better, not having metal on the back of my teeth. It was bothering my tongue so bad. Every time i spoke, it would literally make my tongue raw. I don't know. It just did not work for me. So i got a clear one: a clear, retainer that i can wear at night now so much better and i'm also going to be getting my teeth whitened. So my teeth aren't like that yellow, but i just i don't know i just.

I remember them being so much whiter when i was younger, especially in high school. I had like a really white teeth, so i want to get back to that. It's because i used to do crest. White strips all the time, but i just haven't been doing that recently at all, because my teeth are so sensitive, so i was going to do the professional whitening at the dentist um, but you guys, i don't know what i signed up for because They gave me this like whitening stuff, to do at home, and i have to whiten my teeth every single day for two weeks and then do the in office. So i don't know what the heck i signed up for because i really just wanted to like go in office and get my teeth whitened and come home with white teeth, but.

Maybe that's like too harsh, i don't know anyways. I will update y'all on that once i go in for my in office, okay, i just got back home and i'm going to film a reel.

So one of my goals this year is to be a lot more active on reels and tick tock. I feel like that is just, where i'm lacking right now in my content, so i'm gon na try to put together some more fashion, family funny ones.

I don't know i have a bunch of ideas, but if you guys have any requests for like popular, reels or tick tocks that i should do, leave it in the comments and like tag me and like on instagram and stuff, and let me know what I should do because i need more ideas, but i'm putting together an outfit one right now, so i have three different monochromatic looks.

I borrowed this teddy coat from my sister lauren. It is so cute it's from boohoo. I actually have the white one. So um, i have three different, looks that i'm gon na do a little outfit reels.

So i'll put you guys on the tripod here, while i work on that, and hopefully don't make myself look like an idiot because i feel like.

Sometimes i feel like i'm not cool enough for these things, especially when i put the song i'm like.

Oh god like i know, they're popular and everything but, i kind of feel like i'm, not cool enough.

So good morning, guys.

Yesterday my camera actually died, while i was filming the reels, so that was kind of a fail, but today is friday and we always have our like weekly meetings on fridays me and amanda.

We try to plan out content for the next week. What's going on youtube, what's going on in the blog, what's going on instagram like just trying to figure out which days to shoot and all that good stuff?

So we are gon na go do that today, but to get out of the house we're actually gon na go to a coffee shop today, because we are just so over being in the house, so got myself ready, got elena ready, i'm gon na drop.

Her off at my mom's house, so she'll watch her. While we go to our meeting lauren's actually going to come to our meeting as well, because she has been kind of helping me a little bit as well. Recently yeah, it's like a family effort. This this channel and everything that i do is a family effort. So let's go. We just parked um at the coffee shop lauren. Here with me, we are waiting on amanda and we're terrible. She told us text me whenever you're on your way and we completely forgot we're not responsible. I really did forget well, lena texted, her, like i'm on my way to pick me up, like to drop off elena and pick me up.

I know so. I just like forgot to say we were on the way to the coffee, shop and anyways.

We got here we're like where's amanda and we text her and she's like really guys, i'm still at my apartment, oh my god, and it's like downtown so.

There's a parking meter and we don't get coins. I have no coins waiting for me.

I'm like okay and when you leave, can you make some quarters with your headquarters?, hello, hey!

Where are y'all? Hey? Are you here, yeah? Okay?

We are parked on the left side of the coffee shop.

Okay, do you still need quarters? I didn't have these quarters? Did you have a parking meter, yeah, but i used a card. Ours didn't have a slot. It has a card slot. Uh, well, i have a bunch of quarters i'll just come jail.

Do you see us um? Oh you're, going the wrong way wrong way. Other left very far.

I see you what the f i swear to god:, i'm pissed!

You guys are supposed to tell me hello: we left, i'm sorry, okay, we'll see you in a second okay.

Where is she there? She goes. She goes

Hello! Thank you, amanda for saving me. I should put wearing the same outfit yeah. So cute they're, almost the same jeans, yeah.

Oh my gosh, you guys are so adorable.


It has sesame seeds on it and feta cheese and balsamic vinegar, and it looks so delicious got a decaf, almond milk last name, and i also got a hot tea, because i have to have my drink.

Very productive meeting yeah.

That was good. That was good, but how long were we there? I feel like we spent, maybe like two hours, it's twelve. Now i didn't realize that so we're gon na go. Oh yeah. Our car is still here, thankfully. So we are gon na go pick up, elena i'll, probably work on um, probably work on my computer for a little while at mama's house. That sounds good. I need to study a little bit more. I am now home, elena, is down for a nap. I was going to like get on my laptop answer emails and do a little bit more work at my mom's house. But as soon as i got there, elena went to nurse and she wanted me to hold her and like i literally, could not get anything done. So i just left and came home for her to like nap here. She does. She doesn't sleep well at my mom's house at all, even for naps, whenever i have her over there, she has to be held for naps, which is a very bad habit at this stage, because we've been working very hard on like laying her down for Naps over here so i had just had to come home and let her nap here so that i can get some stuff done.

I wanted to show you guys a couple things that i've been working on.

So one of my goals, this year, is to redesign my blog and get my branding like on point, because i've always kind of just done it myself, um and my branding has been pretty generic and not very like unique to me. So it's still going to be the same style, because i do have like a certain aesthetic that i love. It's that, like neutral feminine, classic pinky rosy vibe um. So i made a pinterest board, like kind of like a mood board, of like what i'm going for with my blog and like basically a new like logo and just like design of like everything that i create for with lovelina as a brand.

I have like the makeup style. I like, like the clothing like the elegance, like the glowy makeup, like the colors. So this is what i've been working on and, honestly, as i was doing, like a social media cleanse, i spent a lot of time on pinterest and i just was able to get so much more inspired, and yeah.

I just would recommend any of you guys who are needing a little break to head on over to pinterest, because you can just get so much more inspired for your life without, like all the noise, you know what i mean you guys.

So i got the jolly jumper for elena a few weeks ago and i haven't been putting it her in this consistently honestly, but we're gon na try now to do it again. mommy, oh my gosh, are you serious?

You are so cute mommy. Can you jump for me? Please? Can you jump?

She hasn't truly figured out how to actually jump yet she just kind of hangs and maybe bounces a little bit, but it is so cute. I cannot wait till she figures it out. It's so adorable! Sorry, sorry! I have it wrong. Sorry mommy, i didn't know, is that better, i'm sorry is that better now.

Okay, it's a couple days later today, we're actually filming our house tour. Finally, so i was just going to give you guys a little behind the scenes of what we're doing and before we film i am going to kind of like straighten up and just make sure it's like one hundred perfect right now i have my sisters, my baby in the kitchen i'm about to push again she's too fabulous for us actually yeah.

She doesn't have time for so fabulous. I ran into h m the other day or actually, yesterday, - and i picked up this really cute fur - faux fur vest, but it's actually for like a 3t, but i was like i'm getting it anyways um and i'm gon na put together a Little flower arrangement - so i can pretend like this - is what my house always looks like. Obviously not you guys see it in the vlogs all the time yeah it'll be pretty, and i'm also gon na remove the baby gear as well anyways.

You guys see what it really looks like obviously but yeah.

Let's put together this flower.


Okay, here is the final result with the arrangement. Now we just have to straighten up and get to foaming. Did you drink that much of it? Okay, ? My house has literally never been well. This is perfect and you'll never be this perfect ever again ever, but you guys i'm.

Definitely this is not going in the house tour. This is where all the junk went:, that's not going in the tour, the swing dishes, who knows what we just put behind this corner over here? So that's just real life for you, ! I'm gon na go ahead and end this vlog here i'll um link below the home tour whenever that's up, but i hope you guys enjoyed.

Please subscribe and i will see you all in my next video.

Bye, you