What's in My Carry On | What I Pack for Vacation | What I Wore to a Wedding

What's in My Carry On | What I Pack for Vacation | What I Wore to a Wedding

Good morning, everybody today is Saturday June 8th and it is a extremely busy day. So I'm currently doing my makeup. We are leaving for Mexico. You know in the morning because super early in the morning, so we're gon na get like zero sleep, but the thing is, I still have to pack and get ready today, and we actually have a wedding to attend tonight as well.

Omar is the best man in his best friend's wedding, so we are going to a wedding tonight.

This wedding starts at 7:30 p. m. so it's going to be a late wedding, so I'm just gon na try to get everything done before the wedding it that way we can just like at least sleep for a couple of hours before we have to get on the Flight but we kind of booked like a last-minute trip to Mexico. I just get super antsy whenever we're home for too long.

I just need to go somewhere. I need to get out with this town, so I'm super excited. It's just gon na be a chill vacation. We've been to Cabo before I think it was maybe two years ago, so we're just gon na have a super chill like actual vacation. I mean I'm gon na be creating content. There will them there.

Obviously, cuz like I just can't help it like it's just gon na be so beautiful, but I don't have like any plans like I just want to eat, really good food. I want to relax but yeah, I'm just looking forward to a really relaxing vacation, but today is super super busy hectic.

I'm also gon na be taking Leo to my parents house. He and we brought him over there a few times just - should get used to it and he's scared every single time, but this time he's gon na have to stay for a few days, but my parents are so excited. I swear they act like he's their grandchild, like especially my dad. He, like literally acts like he's my son, so they love him so much and they're gon na take really good care of him, really not sure what I'm gon na wear to this wedding, because you guys know like for our Arab weddings. We wear like all glam like sequined long, ball gowns, basically, but today's like American weddings, it's much more low-key. Sometimes I mean especially in the South people be wearing like some cowboy boots, so I just need to figure out what I'm gon na wear. I don't want to be like a hijab' and weight over dress and just draw like so much attention to myself.

So we'll see you what I'm gon na wear. I really need to figure out my lighting situation because I feel like every time I do my makeup. I have you guys like away from the light, and so you can't really see like the full effect of my makeup and then I just have to kind of show it to you, afterward, but anyways, I'm loving this hourglass bronzer. This is luminous a bronze light. It's a really nice and beautiful glowy bronze and it's not too dark or anything which I love. So how was everyone's aid? We had a really good time because my cousin from Canada is visiting Rhema and we just had so much fun just catching up with her, and it was just so chill we ate a lot. We took a nap, we watched a movie at the house, it was super chill and we just had a really good time, but I really loved, seeing your Eid looks that you guys tagged me in on Instagram a bunch of you guys had recreated a Bunch of my outfits for Eid - and that just makes me so happy like you - have no idea how much I love seeing your outfit recreations. It just makes me so happy. So if you guys have any more outfit recreations, don't forget to tag me on Instagram. A lot of you guys are sending me through DMS, which is fine, but putting it in your story or like if it's already on your feed and like tagging me, then it's easier for me to be posting my stories. Oh another thing: okay, so on my stories the other day I okay, so I saw Irene Sarah do this in her stories, where she like asked everyone what items of clothing or like products she's inspired her audience to purchase.

So I really wanted to like hear from you guys like things that you bought, because I recommended I can see some of that stuff in my analytics, but like how often do you like actually buy something from a link a lot of times, you'll buy things in Store or you won't use the link or something like that, so I just wanted to ask you guys what you guys bought and, of course I got like a bunch of products like a, the Becca backlight priming Filch's, my favorite primer. I haven't used this one in a little while, but it's still my favorite primer, I just haven't been using primers recently, but this is my fave and then a bunch of you bought the bare minerals complexion rescue at this one is so good. So if you haven't tried this one, it's like an amazing tinted, moisturizer, but then I started getting so many messages saying that a bunch of you guys bought Bengal cats and that just blew my mind, because Bengal cats are a little bit. I think they're expensive they're not like something like thirty dollars like a skin care product or something and they're a huge like investment and your time and like in your life.

So the fact that a bunch of you guys got Bengal cats just oh, my god. I was like just dying like I could not believe it, and then you guys send me pictures of your bangles and they're so cute those little babies. Oh my god, I was dying. If you guys got a bangle, then we should all just like start a bingo Club. I swear after I run errands. I really want to share with you guys a little bit of what I'm packing with me. I may share with you guys, what's in my carry-on, we're just gon na see what I have time for and all that good stuff. But now I'm gon na finish up my makeup and I will see you guys in just a second okay. I just got finished getting ready and I'm pretty sure, I'm just gon na keep this makeup for tonight. I'm just I may have to like set a little bit with some powder, but I'm hoping that I don't have to do anything else in my face today, because I have a lot to do so. I'm gon na go over into Target. I have to also go by Best Buy to get a charger for my GoPro because I left it in Dubai and I have Mabel to use it since. So I really want to bring it to Mexico and then I'll, probably just come back and start packing. So I have been running around all day. I'm sorry! I haven't blogged, I'm really really trying to make this into a good video for you guys, but okay. So basically I have ready. I have everything I'm ready to pack, but I wanted to show you guys what is in my carry-on and a few things that I'm packing and then I'm gon na get myself a dress to go to the wedding. So it's about six o'clock right now, my mom and sisters. I think they're gon na stop buying just a little bit to get Leo he's actually underneath my chair right now, I'm always so cute. So I need you to leave the house in about an hour. So let me go ahead and show you guys what is in my bag, so this is the Louboutin, never full mmm sighs. So this is the medium and I feel like the medium is the perfect size for me, the bigger one it just seems like a way too big and the small one is just like way too small. So the MM is perfect. This is the da me a Ben, it's like a canvas leather with these dark brown straps. So I feel like this material in color, just like never wears it just looks perfect at all times, and I've traveled with this thing so many times. So I'm loving that it's holding up very well one thing that I've done just try to keep its shape. Is I added a felt liner inside the bag? I don't know if you guys can tell, but it's this pink liner and it has some compartments and pockets and things and it really helps keep its shape. So I got that off Amazon and it's super helpful to have that for any bag, not just this one. It they have those liners to fit any bag to keep their shape. So I will link that down below for you guys. So, since this trip is just like a four day trip and we're just going to Mexico, this isn't like a long haul flight. I think the flight is maybe, like I don't know like two and a half or three hours so to me, and that is like nothing. I'm used to like the 14-hour flight I'm used to like really long haul flights, so I am gon na still be bringing a lot of stuff with me. But I'll tell you guys what I would add if I was on a long haul flight that way it can kind of be a little helpful for some of you who may be taking some long trips this summer, starting with the little compartment that the bag comes With I think, it's super nice that this bag actually comes with this little pocket because I always put the passports in there. So that's my little passport holder and I also put any other like travel documents or anything in this little pouch. So it's super handy. I love putting thing in compartment, so I got these a, beautiful leather pouches from a brand called Keanu, and I found them on Instagram and their stuff is just so gorgeous and such good quality. So I love these little pouches for travel in this small one. I have a bunch of like my little toiletries and stuff. Normally on like a long-haul flight, I would bring a few extra items, but for this I just brought like the bare minimum. So so this is the deodorant that I use. It is a aluminum free deodorant by Jason's, and I get the apricot scent or the lavender scent. This one is apricot and I've been using this for years and it really works for me. It's clear and I've had no problems at all and I like that, it's more of a natural deodorant. I don't normally wear makeup on the flight, so I brought like a little travel size moisturizer and honestly. I may even use this as like a little hand cream or something because it's just a short flight, but normally for like a long-haul flight, I would bring like some makeup wipes some moisturizer cleanser sprays, like all the good stuff, but for this I'm just bringing a Little moisturizer I'm also bringing a little chapstick. This one just happens to be by a brand called DHC. They are a Japanese beauty brand that sent me some stuff and their lip balm is really really good. I have to have a hand sanitizer. I love that this one has a pump and yeah on a plane, a hand. Sanitizer is a necessity, I'm not like a huge germaphobe, except when I'm traveling. So definitely this is a must. This is my little rollerball la vie est Belle by Lancome perfume. This is like my signature scent, so I always like to bring a little rollerball perfume with me. I'll, probably just bring this like as my perfume for the trip I'm just so I don't have to bring like a big bottle, and I love this perfume. It's like my fave. I never leave the country without a little pack of medicines.

I put like some paint medicine put some benadryl in here. I have just a bunch of little medicines that I always take with me. Just in case anything happens, you never know, and you don't want to be caught out in another country without medicines that you need, so I always bring. Not the other pouch is mg right now, because I'm going to be putting my tech in here, I'm gon na put my blog camera that I'm using right now, I'm gon na put my phone and then I have my headphones in here and then what else is Gon na go in here some like my phone charger and like my portable shortage or things like that, so I always sit like my big tech items in here. I have to bring a pack of baby wipes with me when I travel every single time. It's such an a necessity for me when you're going to the bathroom when you need to wipe your hands when you just like are out and about, and you need like something I have to have some wipes with me. I'm always prepared to the pen just in case I need to fill out like custom documents or anything like that. What else is in here? These are my little studies that I have. These are by a brand called illest Emma, and let's do something like that, but I loved the cat eye and the nude color. These aren't going to be so cute and photos for Mexico. I have my wallet and I think it you guys trying to give the items that I left out like as if I was going on like a long-haul flight or long-haul flights, I always bring a pair of fuzzy socks that way I'm like comfy, while I'm Sitting in my seat - and I can just take off my shoes and relax what else I'll always bring a toothbrush and toothpaste like a mini toothbrush and toothpaste because yeah you just definitely don't want to be on a plane for fourteen hours or whatever and not Be able to brush your teeth, I will be able to fit my laptop in here as well. So I think that's everything that is in my bag. My mom actually just got here so I'm gon na go, see her and give her Leo and I'll talk to you just a little bit. So here is a little sneak. Peek of the dresses that I'm bringing with me, I always put together a color palette of clothing that kind of complement each other. So these dresses right here are from twice boutique. I talked to you guys about them in my Eid lookbook and I'm obsessed.

I think these two are part of their Eid collection, but they're perfect for summer, and then this is a beautiful wrap dress that I'm gon na have open. Like kind of like a kimono that I got from Express this color, I actually have never worn this color before it's a really beautiful mustardy satin, I'm gon na wear the kimono with my white jumpsuit, underneath it and then I'm bringing my Anna Hariri boho maxi Dress, it's just like the perfect summer job you dress, and then these are some satin wide-leg palazzo pants from forever. Twenty-One and then this is my H & M pleated tunic that I'm gon na wear with this is a beautiful olive, green maxi dress from hijab house. So all of these dresses and beautiful items are coming with me. I just have a bunch of neutral hijabs hanging here, I'm probably just gon na bring them all and then just figure out which ones match the dresses and everything. When I get to Mexico for skincare Sunday, Riley sent me a really cute package at the beginning of the summer, with this beautiful little travel case. So it's perfect for my skincare okay, so I actually don't use these very much anymore. They're. The makeup remover wipes by Neutrogena - I actually used to use these all the time, but I figured they would be just super easy for travel. So I'm bringing a pack of those when Sunday Riley sent over this package, a little mini good jeans came inside and I'm super obsessed with this product. So I was so happy to have a mini version to take with me on my trip. They also included this title moisturizer that I've never tried before and I figured since its mini, and I don't need that much I'll, just try it out while I'm on vacation. This right here is my favorite SPF for the face.

This is the unseen sunscreen by super goop. It's SPF, forty I've talked to you guys about this so many times. I feel like it's clear and it goes perfectly under makeup, so that is all of my skincare. You guys. I wanted to keep things super simple and super just minimal and not have to have too much fuss while I'm on vacation. So this is my makeup bag. I'm also bringing the bare minimum of products, because I do not like to wear heavy makeup on am on vacation. I just like for my skin to be able to breathe as much as possible, and I will wear makeup like when I'm going out to dinner or when we want to take pictures or something but nothing, it's you heavy. So this is the bare minerals complexion rescue that I know you guys know that I love I'm bringing the NARS radiant creamy concealer, just to have a little bit of coverage and then I'm gon na set it all with the translucent powder by Kat Von D. Oh, this is my favorite eyeshadow palette. I've been using for months. This is the color pop give it to me straight palette. It's so affordable such good quality and the colors are stunning.

I've shown you guys this palette so many times, but this is all I've been using mary-lou, manizer and then L'Oreal telescopic. These are all my faves, you guys just everything that I've been using hourglass ambient lighting, bronzer and ambient bronze light love. This, I literally just brought the bare minimum of makeup and skincare so that I don't have to worry about too many big products coming with me. I can just take only exactly what I need for my accessories. Okay, so I'm obsessed with the strappy sandal trend.

I know you guys have seen strappy sandals all over Instagram and the best ones that I found are from Zara they're so cute. So I have these gold ones. These are actually not very comfortable. I'm not gon na lie. This part kind of bothers my foot. A little bit, but the more that I wear them, the more comfortable they're becoming, I think, the leather just or whatever this is not real. Leather, probably just needs to soften a little bit and it's getting better, but these were actually pretty comfortable for me right away. So I see everybody wearing these. There are really good heel Heights and I love the squared toe. I think that is super cute and so trendy for bags. I am bringing my cult Gaia Ark bag. This is like a necessity for a tropical vacation or for summer. It is not very practical because of I mean what I mean: what kind of a bag is this and you can see everything inside, but for pictures? It is a mess because it is too cute. So I'm gon na bring that I actually have a dupe for this for, like maybe I think it's like thirty or forty bucks. This is originally like over one hundred like for sure. The dupe is literally identical and so much cheaper. So I'm gon na link that one down below for you. Hopefully it's still in stock and then this one is a bag by Claire V. I've had this straw bag for a couple of years now and it's held up super well for me. and I love the design and it also has a crossbody strap. So I love taking this with me on my vacations, okay, I am a dressed for the wedding, so I thought I would share with you guys my outfit choice for the night, because it was kind of hard to figure out what I wanted to wear just because I didn't know how dressy it was so I went with a really simple outfit. This is a dress by gala meets glam. You can get it off Nordstrom. I will link some similar ones below just in case it's a little bit too pricey, but it's just really gorgeous flowy, it's like a satin, so I really love it and I'm wearing my Chloe Niall bag and my little rock stud flats. I wore the flats just because I thought the tone of these shoes matched my job really well. So, since I'm late, I'm gon na go ahead and go, and I will see you guys a little bit later. Well, hello: there we are in Mexico. Last night we got home from the wedding at like 11:00 and we had to leave our house to go to the airport at 2:00 a. m. so we did not sleep.

Let's just say we just checked in at the Viceroy Los Cabos and we've been to Cabo before, and we toured this resort. The last time we were here, so we knew that we really loved this hotel and that we wanted to be here again. This is just a trip for us to just relax, so I'm gon na create as much content as I can. But this is just literally so that we can just unwind and relax a little bit because we haven't had a trip like that in a long time. But anyways we arrived this morning. It got some breakfast and then we took a long nap in the hotel and I just got myself ready and we're gon na go kind of walk around the resort, because it's just so beautiful and we're gon na take some pictures and we're gon na go to Dinner tonight, so I'm gon na end this vlog here, because I want to start a New Mexico vlog, but I just thought I would end it with you guys on a beautiful note, I'll show you guys my view and I will see you guys and