What a Labor Nurse Packs in Her Hospital Bag! | What's In My Hospital Bag!

What a Labor Nurse Packs in Her Hospital Bag! | What's In My Hospital Bag!

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I am currently a thirty-six weeks pregnant with my first baby and I have packed my hospital bag. I am completely ready to go the only thing I haven't packed as my husband stuff, but we'll get to that later. That'll be easy to pack. I was actually a labor and delivery nurse for four years prior to doing YouTube and blogging a full time. So, even though this is my first baby, I really do have a good insight into the hospital experience and I feel like I know exactly what I need and what I don't need at the hospital. I do want to disclaim that I only worked at one hospital and I live in Texas in the US, so I can't speak for every hospital and for every country and and things like that, so definitely consult your hospital on things that you may need to bring. So I'm just basically speaking off of my own experience, but I hope you guys enjoy this video and let's get started. The first thing that I want to say is: even if you show up to the hospital with just literally the clothes on your back, you are gon na, be just fine, honestly. The hospital will provide you most of your essentials. I'm gon na be sharing with you everything I'm packing. That's gon na help. Just keep you comfortable and just I don't know, just make the hospital experience more of like an enjoyable like not so clinical experience for you, and just give you like that sense of comfort. That's basically what all of these things are. So that's the first thing that I want to say don't feel bad if you're not bringing all of this stuff, they are not necessities they're, just kind of like for comfort, okay, so for the actual bags that I'm bringing I am, bringing a small carry-on sized Roller bag luggage for me and the baby, it's right next to me, but I'm not gon na like pick it up, so I'm gon na put me and the baby's clothes in that then I'm bringing my just regular like tote bag purse, so That I can have like easy access to certain things that I may need during labor and then I'm just bringing like a, smaller duffle size bag for my husband and for larger items like snacks and drinks, and things like that. So those are the bags that I'm going to be bringing okay. The first thing I want to mention are the shoes I'm wearing to the hospital, so these aren't just some adidas slides. These are just super easy to slip on they're comfortable they're easy to walk around, and they do give me like some room. In fact, my feet were to swell, because I know a lot of times they give you fluids at the hospital and I can make you a little bit swollen. So these to me are the most practical shoes to wear to the hospital. They're also really easy to clean I've, seen some girls wearing like fuzzy slippers or like slippers that are made out of like cloth material that are a little bit harder to clean, and I just wouldn't recommend it, because hospitals are dirty and they definitely clean the floors. But I just wouldn't trust it. So something like this, where I know I can like sanitize them afterwards. This is definitely a very practical shoe to wear the next thing. I'm bringing is a couple of pillows, so hospital pillows are not the most comfortable. I'm just speaking from my personal experience at the hospital, the ones from home are definitely going to be a lot more comfortable. Pillows are used for so many different things during labor as far as like positioning and then also after labor for breastfeeding and positioning baby, and things like that and having even just one extra pillow will help so much because sometimes Hospital pillows are like few and Far between and, sometimes I would need like at least four or five pillows for one patient so having that extra pillow is gon na help, so so much speaking of pillows. This is something that I have gotten a lot of use out of it. During my third trimester, this is a wedge pillow and I thought I would just go ahead and bring it to the hospital because it's small, it doesn't take up that much room and I really do think it's gon na be helpful. So basically, this is so that when you're laying on your side, your belly, it doesn't feel like it's pulling down, and so it gives you that little bit of extra support and as a nurse I would always put like stuff. I like a thinner pillow underneath the patient's belly, and this is just so much more practical for that use and I wish I'd had this for all my patients. So I think this is gon na be super helpful. I went ahead and just picked up a little affordable, blanket from Target, and this is again it's just for comfort. There's definitely blankets at the hospital, but I just figured like if I wanted one that was a little softer or just that made me feel a little bit more like home. Then I would bring this one next. I'm gon na share with you guys what I'm bringing in this I'm gon na call it like my little labor pouch, because this I'm gon na keep in my purse. So it's easily accessible during labor. I'm not really gon

Na want to open up my roller luggage during labor, so this will be super convenient. If I need my husband to grab me something real fast or if I needed the nurse to hand me something. it'll just be easy for me to be like hey and my purse, I have this pouch and then I can grab it myself. This pouch is actually a designer-inspired bag that I got off Amazon and if I can find it, I will link it down below okay. So in this little bag I have a pack of facial wipes. These are my seller, so they remove makeup and they cleanse the skin. So it's just kind of like a two-in-one. If I went to the hospital - and I had makeup on - I'm just the kind of person I know - I'm not gon na want to be wearing makeup, while I'm in labor, I just feel like you know you get really sweaty and hot, and it's just it would Just feel better, just just feel super clean, so I brought some facial wipes. I have deodorant and I have some chapstick. These are gon na, be things that you will definitely want to, like you know, refresh yourself a during labor. I also brought this little fan. We actually do have fans at our Hospital, but sometimes they were like for you and far between, like we would kind of save them for patients that were like really like really really needed it. So this is actually one that can connect to your car seat or your stroller, so it'll be great for a baby, but I'm bringing it to the hospital for myself during labor. I love how it had these little bendy legs, so you can just set it on the table next to you and then just turn it on believe me, there's so many times, especially when ladies are pushing and they just get super hot. The alternative to this is Fanning the patient, with like a folder or just anything. I could find that I could fan the patient with. So if they had had one of these, this would have been awesome. I also have a little facial spray as well to just help keep me feeling fresh and a little like travel-size and moisturizer in case.

I want to use this on my face or my hands or anything. I have an extra hair tie. This is definitely an essential. You want to have your hair up out of your face off your neck, at least personally, just like, while you're pushing and your labor also threw in a pair of a grippy socks. You do not need to bring grippy socks. I think most hospitals will provide these mostly because there could be part will help prevent patients from falling. So I don't know, I just thought these would be a little bit more comfortable than the ones that they provide at the hospital. So I threw in a pair of these, so I also have my air pods in here, and I'm also going to like, I guess, just try to throw in my phone charger right before we head out the door. It is the ten foot long charger. I would totally recommend getting a really long charger or doing like one of those portable chargers, because you never really know where the bed's gon na be in relation to any like open outlets. And you want it to be able to like reach you, while you're laying in bed and be able to like charge your device.

So I would totally recommend that so that's pretty much everything. That's in my little grab bag that'll be in my purse, that'll be easily accessible during labor. Another thing I am bringing for labor is entertainment because a lot of times for, like a vaginal delivery, you're just really playing the waiting game a lot of time. So for hours and hours you're just sitting in your room and it would be really nice to have your laptop, so you can watch like your, Netflix shows or books or any kind of thing. That would just really keep you entertained for hours and hours. So I'm bringing our laptops they're, really not things that I can like pre-pack, so I'm hoping I can just like grab them before I head out the door. I'm just gon na have like a little list of like all the last-minute things that I'll just need to. Like bring in my bag, this is a really funny story. Actually I had a patient in one time whose husband brought in a literal fifty-five, inch flat-screen TV and it's playstation, so he can play video games.

Please don't do that. Definitely things to keep you entertained that are like small impractical. The next thing that I'm bringing that I can't really pre pack as well as our camera equipment, because I'm constantly using that. But I definitely want to make sure we're bringing our cameras and chargers and like SD cards and all the things that we need to document the labor and like take pictures of baby afterwards and stuff like that and honestly like that, is totally not a necessity. I'm just doing that because this is kind of what I do and I'm just super into photography if you can get just as good a footage on your phone, so don't feel bad about not having like fancy camera setup or anything like that. So that's pretty much everything I'm bringing for the Labor part of my stay. I'm gon na be wearing the hospital gown during labor, and even a little bit afterward hospital gowns get super messy and sometimes even need to be changed even before you have the baby, because there's just a lot going on. So I would rather just wear the hospital gown and then just change into my own clothes like after I take a shower like after delivery. If you want to bring your own hospital gown, I mean you, do you if that's gon na make you feel more comfortable. Just make sure that it has snaps across the arms so that you can easily get those on and off with IVs and things like that, and also will allow easy access for baby and breastfeeding okay. So the next little section that I have is for postpartum, so this is for after you deliver the baby after you like to take a shower. Finally, and you feel fresh, I personally am going to want to change into some of my own clothes, so I went ahead and brought some PJs. This is a sleep dress. I'm gon na bring a couple of these. I only have one right now, but I'm gon na throw another one in my bag, just in case I get this one dirty. I got this one from Target, it's by the brand stars above it's really soft and just super comfy. I think these, like button-down sleep dresses, are super convenient and, like the perfect thing to wear to the hospital for your pajamas. First of all, because the buttons will allow easy access for breastfeeding and. Then also since it's like you, don't have to worry about the pants, it's gon na allow easy access for your nurses, to, check your bleeding and rub your tummy and all that stuff after delivery as. Well. So this is what I am planning on. Sleeping in at the hospital, I'm also bringing a nursing tank top. I think this will be really nice to just lounge around and have easy access for breastfeeding, and then I really liked how this tummy area seemed like it would like kind of suck.

You in I also brought another little thing to help kind of suck me in after delivery. This is called the after band by Ingrid and Isabel.

I think this is gon na be really nice to just help. You feel more secure. I've just heard that a lot of women after delivery, their belly, just feels kind of like jello, and it just feels more supportive to have something tighter around your tummy. So I brought that and then everything top we'll see which one I prefer. I also brought a nursing bra. I just got this one off Amazon: I'm gon na try it out and see how I like it, but it was super inexpensive, and so I'm just gon na see whether I like wearing that at the hospital or the nursing tank top but anyways. I have options if I need them:, I'm also bringing a little thin jersey, robe, to wear over my nursing tank top just for modesty. If I was to have visitors or honestly just because this one's super cute and it would be really cute - bear photos, I also got the same material and pattern in the swaddle blanket and like the bow, it's all from the brand called posh peanut. I will link this down below it's the most beautiful pattern. It's like roses and anyways. I thought this would make me feel like pretty and special after delivery. So I'm bringing that thought I would mention this now. These are the clothes I'm gon na be wearing home, so this is like my coming home outfit when you are coming home from the hospital I mean personally, I'm just like literally going straight home, and so I just want to be super comfortable, so I'm wearing like A little lounge set that I got from Target, it's that same brand stars above it's the same material as that sleep, dress and. It's super comfy and soft, and I got a like a big sigh, bigger size and the pants I got like a large. So they'd be super stretchy and comfy, and I would recommend for anyone who wears hijab too. Just definitely have some like big stretchy comfy pants, so that if you needed to walk the halls or if you needed to like run to NICU or just something like that, where you need to leave your room, then you would be able to cover Your legs, rather than just with a blanket in your wheelchair, you can have on some like big stretchy pants. That way you can keep your legs covered, but this is anyway. This is the outfit that I'm wearing home, just something super super comfy and soft and stretchy. Another thing I'm bringing is just a Jersey hijab that way if I'm walking the halls or, if I'm having to be transferred from one room to another. I can just literally just throw this over and everything's covered, and it's just easy and I'll probably wear this home from the hospital as well. This is my breastfeeding pillow that I purchased. I'm just gon na leave this in the car and I'm not. Unless I absolutely need it just because it's really not necessary because a lot of times you can position the baby perfectly with like regular pillows at the hospital, but this is recommended by so many lactation consultants.

This is the my breast friend breastfeeding pillow. It's super like urgh anomic for, you and baby, and I do feel like this would be helpful for a lot of moms just in the beginning, because those first few days of breastfeeding in the hospital, it's just such a huge learning curve, but having Something like this, I feel like would be super helpful. So if you have a breastfeeding pillow, I would just leave it in the car and just if you need it, you can grab it. The next thing I'm bringing are some shower shoes. These are just some cheap flip-flops from Old Navy.

I just wanted something to protect my feet from just all the germs. Personally, I just would feel more comfortable, stop bringing those I'm also bringing my own hairy bottle. This is absolutely not essential. I don't even know of any patients that actually brought their own Paree bottles, maybe like one or two people that I remember, because the hospital does provide you ain't pari bottle. I just thought this one seemed a little bit more like easy to use because you can hold it upside down and it will get the exact angle that you need it to go so this one's by Freda mom. So I will link this down below the next thing. I'm bringing are a few of these postpartum diapers. So these are definitely not an essential, because my hospital and most hospitals, at least in the United States, will provide you with the mesh panties and the pads for your entire stain. But I just think that these seem so comfortable and super convenient. I'm definitely gon na be wearing the hospital like mesh panties and the pads, probably up until I shower in the beginning, you're gon na be needing to change that pad like super frequently. So there's just no point like wasting these, but probably after like twenty-four hours, I will probably switch over to using these just cuz. I feel, like they'll, be a little bit more comfortable and you don't have to worry about the pad moving around and things like that. So yeah I just I'm thinking I'm bringing like five of them. I don't know if I'm really gon na use them or not, but I just thought that they look super convenient, I'm also bringing it some nipple pads, I'm not really sure. If I'm gon na need these, your milk usually doesn't come in at least for a few days after delivery, but I'm already leaking a little bit of colostrum. So I figured I would just go ahead and bring these just in case because they're small. So why not pack them I mean I just don't want to get like my nursing, cami or anything all dirty. So next I'm gon na talk about. What's in my toiletry bag. The first thing that's in here is my nipple butter. I just brought my own organic lunch because I feel like I would feel more comfortable using this, but the hospital at least someone that I worked at provides a lanolin pointment for that as well. But it's just super important to make sure that you're staying on top of this, so that you avoid cracked nipples with breastfeeding.

I also am bringing my own shampoo and conditioner.

You guys. The hospital, shampoo and conditioner is not gon na, be like the one that you use at home. At all, I mean, I think, the one that we had was like a shampoo body wash like, that you don't even have to use water. It was like not it's not gon na be what you're used to at home so definitely bring like a mini sized shampoo and conditioner.

I personally will want to wash my hair just so I can feel like super clean, bring your hair products, I'm bringing like a little leave-in conditioner. Also what bringing my own body wash. It can also get these little containers at Target or Walmart or anywhere. That way, you can put your own products in the little mini travel sizes and it's just super easy to pack for skincare. I have my makeup remover wipes that are in my purse and then I'm also just bringing a a cleanser. I also just put a little bit in this little travel case as well, I'm bringing a moisturizer, and then this is my good jeans by Sunday Riley, it's like one of my favorite skincare products ever and I just happen to have a little mini size. So I just threw it in here, but that's it, I'm keeping everything super minimal and simple as far as products go. I also have this in here. This isn't like a toiletry, but these are called after age drops and these are supposed to help with the cramping associated with like your uterus contracting during breastfeeding, and things like that. So I have not tried these obviously, but I've heard good things about it, so I'm gon na try these as well. You just put like a few drops in your drink while you're breastfeeding and it's supposed to help with the cramps. I also have a brush, and I have my toothpaste and toothbrush in here as well, so that is pretty much everything. That's in my toiletry bag, some things that I am not bringing to the hospital, I'm not bringing my breast pump because the hospital will provide you with a hospital grade breast pump, if you, actually need it while you're there, I'm not bringing tucks pads, Which are the witch-hazel pads that help soothe the area down there?

The hospital provides that the hospital also provides the pain like the numbing spray for down there in any medication. So I'm not bringing like any ibuprofen or Tylenol or anything like that, because I'll be taking all that at the hospital. You really don't want to take any kind of medications or anything, that's not provided by the hospital so that they can keep track of everything that you're taking and when you last check it. The last thing that I'm bringing for myself, which I'm not sure 100 %. If I will use it, it's just a little bag of makeup. You just want to feel a little bit more like put together a little bit more human. It's not a bad idea to bring makeup with you, I'm just bringing some like tinted moisturizer a little bit of concealer, some bronzer lip gloss and mascara. Maybe when I want to take some pictures or something at least, I have a little something to help me feel a little bit more human. So I'm bringing that and that's pretty much everything for myself. Okay, so moving on to what I'm bringing for the baby so. Honestly, you guys the hospital will provide most every single thing that you will like absolutely need for the baby, diapers wipes formula, swaddle, blankets, hat even the baby hair brush. The shampoo trying to think what else we provide, literally just anything that you would need even like a t-shirt. We provide the babies with little like t-shirts to wear so unless you have like a specific type of diaper or wipe or product that you really want to use on your baby, there's really no need to bring anything like extra. I am gon na go ahead and bring a couple of outfits, so I'm gon na share the ones that I'm bringing so I'm bringing two outfits for the baby and I'm bringing one newborn size and one is zero to three month just to see like. I don't know how big she's gon na be so we'll see, but the one thing that I do want to keep in mind is having it super easy access for, diaper changes and easy access for the security tag. That's going to be around the baby's ankle. So I'm bringing a knotted gown at this ones, Lewin company and I'm also bringing a zip-up sleeper. This one is by spearmint love. One of these outfits will be her coming home outfit. Just something super soft and comfy and easy for diaper changes. Both outfits that I'm bringing also have the fold-over mittens, I'm not gon na bring any mittens to the hospital or socks for that matter because they just get lost. It just seemed like they never stayed on the babies. Whenever I would see them. I am bringing my own pacifier, so the hospital that I work at and I'm delivering at they do not provide pacifiers for babies, mainly because with breastfeeding, introducing a nipple can kind of cause nipple confusion in some babies, I'm just bringing one just In case I feel like, I really need one just know that your hospital may not provide these, so that's just something to keep in mind and I'm also bringing the little pacifier clip with it as well. Next, I'm bringing just a bunch of like cute photo props and stuff because I know I'm gon na want to take pictures in the hospital. So I have a couple like different swaddle blankets. I have some bows and I also have this little hello, world acrylic card, and I also am bringing a letter board. You can see it. This is a really pretty pink one. I found from Target so I'll link that down below but anyways. I'm just bringing a bunch of stuff for cute photos and stuff like that. Not essential isn't like I said, but I think it's gon na be super fun. These swaddle blankets that I'm bringing for photo props will also double as a use of like a nursing cover. If I have guests come in while I'm nursing and will also like double as like a car seat cover as well speaking of car seat. That is the last thing that I am bringing for baby, and that is like the number one essential that you have to bring to the hospital, or else you can't bring your baby home, so yeah definitely bringing my car seat and I think that's pretty much everything That I'm bringing for baby since I haven't packed my husband's bag. Like I said I have everything like alright now, so I thought I would just share with you guys what I'm packing for him. So I'm packing his toiletry bag, he's gon na probably use most of, like my, like shampoo conditioner body, wash things like that.

So I don't have to like pack another side of that.

I just need to put his toothbrush toothpaste and, like deodorant, two pairs of pajamas, two pairs of, regular clothes, also to pack him snacks, which I actually already. I already have his snack bag, which is actually for him during labor and also for me. After delivery as well, when you are in labor you're, most likely only going to be allowed ice chips. You're definitely gon na want to have some nice snacks waiting for you after delivery.

I have some granola bars, peanut butter, crackers and chocolate. So that's! What's in our snack bag, if I get pillow for husband, making sure that he has his ID is super important. A lot of labor and delivery and postpartum units are locked down units, which means you have to have your ID and you have to like have a name badge created for you in order to enter the unit and then just entertainment for him. So his laptop and like chargers and headphones and all that kind of stuff as well, so that's basically all I'm bringing for him, which will be super easy to just like throw together and then. Lastly, I wanted to share with you guys what I'm bringing for my nurses gift. Since I worked with all the nurses plus, I know like how hard they work, I'm just bringing a nurse's gift. Not every patient does this, but it is very, very appreciated. As a nurse, I know that we appreciate food very, very much so I'm bringing like a big snack bag for labor, delivery and also the postpartum units they're separate at our Hospital, but they may be like a combined unit at other hospitals. So I basically just put in a bunch of like non-perishable snacks, so they can grab and eat while they're charting. So I have like chocolate like crackers, vanilla bars and I just put it in a bag like this just so it would be easy to carry and just like set it's a nurse's station for everyone to enjoy so.

That is pretty much everything that I am bringing with me. I hope you guys enjoyed it. This video I'm going to be leaving it down below a blog post, with everything written out kind of like my hospital checklist and links to things and all that kind of stuff.

I will see you guys in my next one