What I Did This Week! What I Wore For Halloween, Green Smoothie Recipe

What I Did This Week! What I Wore For Halloween, Green Smoothie Recipe

Good morning, everyone it is a Wednesday morning, I'm standing right in front of my window and it's the most beautiful sunny blue day and the weather is really crisp outside.

So I'm so happy it gets like in the 60s right now, but this morning it was like super chilly and like the it was like frost on the grass and that's just like my favorite type of morning's.

I'm just super excited about this weather. I'm dressed and ready for Dallas this morning, I'm gon na drive over there and spend the night with Amanda tonight is to have a couple of busy days ahead. So I thought I would just stay in Dallas and just make it easier on myself than having to drive so much today I have a meeting with Tula 1:30 and then I'm gon na go shopping a little bit because we have a Trula event tomorrow, Amanda And I are going to and it's like a Halloween party, so you don't know what we're gon na wear so just wanted to go. Get my nails and my toes done today because after all the drama with my nail last week, I felt like I just really wanted to like treat myself so I'm gon na do that.

I have some editing to do today. Then, tomorrow I have a shoot with Ania have one meeting and then the party, so it's gon na, be like a couple of busy but fun days ahead. I need to pack in something tonight and then we will hit the road and I go to Dallas. Okay, there's just really no way I'm gon na fit all of it into my little carry-on suitcase. I was really hopeful, but I have like boots and coats and bags so yeah, I'm gon na go grab my check-in bag Amanda's gon na be like you're staying for one night.

What are you doing but got to do what you got to do?

They look for my meeting and to run around get some things from the mall and get my nails done. I probably need to rethink the boots for my nails, though, since I'm gon na get a pedicure I'll, probably like bring some sandals with me just in case, so I've been getting so much use out of this camel blazer recently. I just think it's like the perfect, like essential for fall and just like looks super professional and chic, and I wish they still had it at Zara. I got it last year, but I will try to find some similar ones and link them for you guys. It is about eleven o'clock now and I have a two hour drive, so we're gon na go ahead and get going. I wanted to quickly show you guys my little coin: necklace layering stack from Gore Jana.

I think that's how you pronounce it.

I've been pronouncing it wrong at this entire time. I've been saying Gorge, onna, because that's how it's tough, but it's Gloriana. I have the most beautiful dainty layering pieces, and they gave me discount code for you guys it's just Lina twenty and you can get 20 % off their entire site and that's just for you guys. I don't get pre-mission off of that or anything like that. So and it's only until like November, something so I'll leave all that info down in description box before I forget perfume, because I always forget perfume, I'm gon na wear my absolute favorite.

I've gotten put some questions from you, guys, like which perfumes I love, and I've mentioned this before I bet this is the Lancome Olivia Belle and it's my favorite. It's, like my signature scent. So this is like my go-to and I have other perfumes that I love as well, but this one is just so one that I always go back to and it's like. I get so many compliments on it. So you guys have to smell it. How'D you smell, so it's sophisticated.

I love it.

You guys are balancing on a lot of things right now on top of my steering wheel. So I'm really hoping this does not fall, but it's several hours later. I finish up my meeting with Tula. They were the sweetest group of girls. They gave me like really sweet little goodie bag, which I already loved and used. So many of these products, they're so sweet it included the rose and glow and get it. I bomb, which I love and I was actually like I got it out because I wanted to use it. I actually just wanted to use this because my makeup is looking so shaky right now. It's I've been wearing it for two hours and I feel like it's, just creasing, so bad under my eyes, and you can actually use this product over makeup because it has like this like brightening effect and I've seen people put it over their makeup and It looks so good and Wow, so that looks so much much better than this. I don't know if you guys can even tell on the camera, but this eye has so many creases and lines. It looks like I'm, like just so old on this side, but the side looks is so much more smooth and bright, so I'm actually I'm in the car outside of the mall, I'm gon na run into Maalox and get my nails done.

I had a manicure and a pedicure, but but I so I don't think I'm gon na be doing both because it's already four o'clock I was supposed to be here. Thirty minutes ago it's like just an ice pick me up, and I can still feel like the cooling even over my makeup. So I feel like it's just like a nice afternoon, makeup refresher and it also has skincare benefits because it's from tool-less it has like all the brightening benefits that you would get with skincare, but it's also something that you can use for immediate results, As well so hope, you guys can see that I had my mirror down, but I love that just so. You guys can see what this looks like it has like a rosy kind of like finish to it and I feel like it. Just makes you under eyes look super bright, so yeah, okay, no put that my first, let's go.

Just had dinner with me and uh. I made it back to her apartment, it's so cute. It's so similar to her other apartment. We're both going to the Tula Halloween party at tomorrow night in Dallas, and we decided we're both going as cat we're going to be like super bass-o-matic got me some ears and I'll show you guys what we're gon na wear.

Yeah show me the ears okay, so they didn't have much to choose from at Target. They either had like furry black ears, bright blue, like yeah and. We're trying to be like a really cute like sophisticated cat, perfect. I love it! That's what I would have chosen: no Amanda. It was not for an animal yeah, that's actually really cute yeah, so love, it we're wearing leopard, and I don't know.

Okay. We need to tell them what we were discussing about, but we were gon na. Actually me for Halloween. Oh my god. Oh we're Xing it. You know, I think we're Xing it, but it was Lauren's idea. It was your Ling's idea. We thought it was like so good like I honestly. This done is pretty good. I know honestly, like I think it's hilarious, haram police, I think that's so pretty. We were gon na dress up like police, we're gon na, be the haram police, but I bi Lauren was like, I'm gon na be the Haram police for Halloween. That, like excuse me like we're all gon na, be the her own. Believe me. Yeah, so pretty good buddy. I know on this end now we're like we're kind of scared yeah.

I don't think we're gon na risk, a pasta cuz, that's like not something I would ever use, so you can have oranges, post-it, yeah, good morning. Everyone! I'm looking extra glowy today I haven't finished my makeup. I still need to do my mascara, but I'm getting ready to go on a shoot. Samantha's making breakfast we're about to make smoothies and I'm so excited, because Amanda and Lauren gave me the smoothie recipe that is so good actually.

So it was supposed to be raining like the whole day, like yesterday, the forecast was like 50 % chance from seven a. m. to whatever in the night, but now it's, just like cloudy.

There was even some Sun peeking through it's not supposed to rain until like noon.

So no, no, my shoot, which I'm so excited because I brought all those clothes in that big suitcase. It would have been for no reason, so yeah feeling, good and hungry. So let's make some food Amanda made me a picado, toast. I need to get some more of the Trader Joe's everything, but the big one says me, I'm right now and I forgot: do you just? Can you get it anywhere other than, Amazon and Trader Joe's, because I got my knob Amazon, yeah Amanda literally laid everything out for me, so I could make this smoothie she's not gon na make one she's making her eggs, and avocado toast. So in this smoothie we have, she has mango for beach. She usually uses peaches, but I love mango banana and then lemon. But she told me to use online because apparently it's like so much, better and spinach and then ginger and she kept me a little piece of ginger and she filled it. For me, this is how much ginger she was using and I was not using this much ginger and I need I knew it needed more. So this is gon na, be so good and then coconut water, so we're gon na mix all this together, and it's gon na be so good.

Okay, let's see what this tastes like, because it smells so good. Oh my gosh : where has this been all my life?

Amanda? It's so good the lime and there's like it enough ginger at this time for me uh, okay and you have to try it with the mango.

It's so good. You want to try one finish on it: yeah, good right.

It's really good with mango, mm-hmm just arrived to our shoot location, hums Allah. Thank God. It is not raining in there. It's actually like partly cloudy, so I'm so happy putting on my lipstick, I'm using the Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat and supersize me. It's a really pretty like berry color. It's still a kind like pinky new dish, but like a little bit. Darker pinky new dish and, then where's. My lipstick. I've been loving at this lipstick by hourglass.

It's called I cherish.

It is such a, beautiful nude and then I'm gon na put the lip gloss by Fanta beauty, overtop.

I've been um suffering with some like texture around my mouth area and around my nose and it's actually not as bad as as it has been in the past, but I actually saw the dermatologist about it and it's called perioral dermatitis and. It's basically just kind of like some kind of skin condition that a lot of people have it's, not they don't know what causes that basically, so. It's really annoying cuz, it's not acne, but it looks like bumps like it might be acne or something, but it's just like a rash. It's not a pretty lip combo. I love that my camera battery is dying. So my phone right now cuz my camera died, but I finish up my shoot.

Amanda left work a little early, so she can work from home.

We're gon na go to work yeah.

No, she does we're gon na go, have lunch quickly and, then we're gon na go to a coffee shop so that she can work and so that I can edit a video. That's gon na go live this weekend, we're going to chop shop and we're craving they're, killing Chema's hot. Okay, we just got our food. This is the kale and quinoa salad at chop chop and I got mine with avocado. It also has so many things in there that I can't even name, it's so delicious and I love the folded raisins. Is it not so good in there it's delicious we're sitting outside it's very overcast, and cloudy today, but it's delicious also their sparkling water is to die.

For I don't know what about it is so good. I think it's just club soda honestly. It's so good. It's actually really good and. It's like okay, we're heading to Starbucks, so we can work on our laptops.

Okay, I have my outfit on my cat costume.

Is basically just some leopard print, neutrals and I'm - and it got me this - a really cute cat earr thing from Target, which i think is so freaking cute. It has this little tag I probably should have cut off. I have it backwards. We're also going to put noses and whisker Amanda did not want to. She was like do we have to

I'm like yes, Amanda.

We are cats and. We have to own the look, so I'm gon na go, find her and we'll get our faces on and then we'll leave yeah, I'm ready, but. Where are you? Okay? Can I be okay? Okay, we can just do whiskers, okay! Well, I guess. If we're gon na go eat afterwards, maybe we won't, we don't have to do baby boy.

Can you show my blog

Leo hi, baby boy, kitty?

I love you. Actually I go grab my wallet now she's trying to avoid behavior. She doesn't wan na now. She doesn't even want to wear the ears.

I promise I do just like. I don't even look like a cat. Yes, you do up here, just say it just like. When you talk to people yeah a lot of, breathing, okay, the worst longer ever didn't vlog the event, because I was just focused on meeting the girls from tool again what else? Basically, I was trying to do some Instagram stories and completely forgot about my vlog camera. Yes I'll, insert some like little pictures on screen of the things that we took love. We were there, but if you guys followed my Instagram, you saw a little bit more over there, so we couldn't find parking for hot doggy, which is where we're getting burgers. So we literally parked out of all greens and we ordered it to go and we're just gon na go drive through and pick it up and bring it back to the apartment. Or do you want to sit in the car needed just take what you want? Man, you could taste so we're looking through the tulip goodie bags that we got. We got some really good. They had a whole candy bar full of like lots of like cookies and candies and stuff, but they also had like all the tulip product, so we were just like taking all the tulip products and just like filling our bags up, I didn't even take any Candy, I'm just I'm a bag full! Oh man. I have a bag full of product, okay, Lena. What are you? Yes? Oh my god I know. Is this your favorite color? That is so funny. I know that's hilarious. I am so happy to be home, it is the most like cold and like dreary day outside, and I would rather be in no place other than my cozy house right now. So I'm so happy leo is very happy to be home too, because every time I bring him in the house, he just starts instantly purring. He just knows he's home.

So cute he's myself up a bowl of the chicken vegetable soup that I made last week and I'm gon na eat this with a whole bunch of lemon. I made myself a piece of gluten-free toast and at my sparkling water, so I'm gon na eat this real, fast and I need to shower because I did not shower when I was in Amanda's house. So I need to shower really bad and then I'm gon na edit a video it's gon na go live tomorrow. It's gon na be like my just like ten outfit ideas for a fall video about to start working. Look at Leo over there he's so happy to be home. Every time I bring him back from my mom's house, he's just exhausted because he just runs around and plays the whole time he's there.

I made myself a cup of dairy-free hot chocolate.

It just has almond milk, maple syrup and cacao powder just a little bit, because I can't really handle too much caffeine, but I love chocolates so much you guys and then my baby boy over here he's so sweet.

I have a candle burning.

I'm gon na go ahead and plop myself on the couch right here and start editing. Tomorrow's video happy Saturday, I'm with the girls again, so I am playing photographer today. I'm taking pictures of these two so yeah we're gon na take them downtown.

It is a no makeup day for me, at least for now, because I was just like nil on the moon yeah, you look cute.

I spent all morning editing it took me.

Do you want to know how long it took me to edit a five minute video, like eight hours, total with the description box and the voice-over and with the editing?

I think I started out with two hours of footage. You got no joke, but I loved it. I loved every eight hours of it, but it just took a long time go get stoked. Let me go get oh, we are, do you want it, yeah, take a tea, and then I'll go shoot, got my peppermint tea. As per you just finished, shooting Amanda. It was so hard because we have like no shoot spots photo spots in our in the whole town and that's literally, why I drive to Dallas every week to take pictures, because we have nowhere to take pictures but there's a parking garage which you can't Even there we go, you can kind of see it, we have a parking garage and that's like one of the only few places that I think is acceptable. So cute.

So am i editing these?

No, I can edit them. I can edit Wow. Now really Leena like I can make sure. They look like me and stuff yeah. It's a, few hours later finished up, shooting with Amanda and Lauren a few hours ago, and now I'm getting ready. So I can eat dinner with my family tonight, Omar and I are going to drive to go meet my family at my dad's restaurant and if you guys, don't know my dad's.

Restaurant is half a venue like they do weddings and events there and we actually had our wedding there. So anytime I go, it just brings back all the memories. It's about forty-five minutes from where we live, so we don't go to too often, but I love it in their food. It's just so so good! It's like a fine, dining restaurant. So it's actually actually a restaurant, where you would probably dress up for, but I I dressed up, but I'm kind of like just not feeling the makeup today. Tonight I mean the lights: were gon na be dim in there and I'm just going with my family and I'm just not really feeling it. So I slapped on a bunch of skin care. I used a drunk elephant, marilla oil and that's why my skin is so. What shiny and dewy I'll actually love that product I've been using it along with the baby facial. I didn't use the baby facial today, but I've heard so many good things about it and I've been. I think I've used it about four times now and it's a really good chemical exfoliant. It's like a mask, you leave on for twenty minutes and then you wash off and then you follow it with the marula oil and your skin just feels so good. So but I just used the marula oil and it's so nice. I can't wait to try more products from drunk elephant. I've heard so many things, especially from you guys telling me of their product they're. So so good, sorry, the Sun just went down. So it's a little bit dark in this room. So if the lighting is weird, that's why so I'm wearing some black trousers and I haven't worn these

They're from mango.

Sorry, you can see that I still need to unpack from this past week. In Dallas but these are so cute they're, like a, high-waisted tapered trouser with a high waist, and I think that is so beautiful. I just chucked you in a white sweater. I have my nude booties on and I threw on my camel little sweater coat from mango, and this is just such a comfy and warm outfit for tonight.

I know the restaurant is gon na be cold, so I'm gon na be in need.

Of double layering and then I have on the Jersey, haha job in the rose, quartz and it's just kind of weird, not wearing makeup. But you know what I am just not in the mood yeah. He was just taking a nap, but he loves this little sheepskin rug.

I got this one from Ikea. He loves anything in this material and he just loves napping on this thing.

So bad kitty, you don't cute, you ready only. She looks so handsome. I shot a lot. I love your outfit. I didn't even pick it out. Thank You. Chelsea boots love it you guys. Oh, my just told me is gon na shave for no-shave November, so we can start just growing. His beard out all of November do any of your husband's like do that, because I don't think I can handle that.

I want to see my face.

No, I don't mind, you shaving it, but, like I, just don't want to like not shave.

For a month.

You have a lot of here, baby. I will shave okay and I'll.

Keep it trimmed like the document like tamed.

[ Applause, ].