What I Did, Wore and Ate in Santorini, Greece!

What I Did, Wore and Ate in Santorini, Greece!

Good afternoon from Santorini. We just arrived to art gorgeous resort. We were staying at the CAV otaku resort. The only room that was still available whenever I booked it like a few months ago was the honeymoon suite just like you know what I'm just gon na do it. So I booked the honeymoon suite and you guys are going to die.

It is literally stunning honestly. I've never really stayed at a resort where, like our private pool, was actually like 100 % private. So I brought my bikini I'm so excited. So let me show you guys this stunning room and the view. So this is our room. I love the dark wood and the white contrast, but you guys the best part this. What is outside, I am so, incredibly excited, so you can see off in the distance right. There is yeah, that's the little town where all the blue domes are. It's like the most picturesque little city in Greece, so we can see that from our room. They said that we can order our breakfast out onto our patio in the mornings, so I made amar come into this little sitting area, so I could do the tour come to LA. I cannot believe that we're here we're actually arriving on the day of Eid al-adha the first day and so what an amazing way to spend eight I've never spent eat away from home on vacation before so I'm so excited they just brought us some Fruit, so I'm going to enjoy this for a little bit and then I'm going to go down to the reception and kind of plan out the rest of our trip, because I need help with reservations for dinner and things like that, so I'm gon na do My best to show you guys my outfits in this mirror the lighting isn't the absolute best in the bathroom, but I think it will do so. I'm wearing a Rachel parcel a dress and they have this beautiful dress and a light blue color and a mustard color, and I thought this would be perfect for Santorini. It's the perfect dress, so just kind of just the row on I'm wearing a straw, Claire V bag, my Hermes doop sandals and the good job you there we go any time. I wear blue everyone's, like Lena. You have to wear white with blue. This is the closest that I'll really wear to a white Formica job. It's like a creamy color, it's from a hot hijab. I will link this exact one down below because I don't know the exact name just applying a little bit of the gloss balm in fussy life into beauty. I love lip gloss lately and it's just the most beautiful, like pinky color, I'm also going to apply a little bit of the Ralph Lauren beyond a romance.

This is the perfume that I brought with me for the trip and Omar actually complimented. My dress today, which he rarely not that he rarely does, but you don't know you know it's a good dress when your husband complements you so feeling good. Let's go.

Good morning. Everyone we got up at the crack of dawn to take some photos because we wanted to get this beautiful light in the morning. I have a campaign that I'm doing with Ralph Lauren, so I had their little perfume bottle that I needed to take pictures with. There was this little like steak that, like stuck to my dress, I thought it was a bug I screamed. I do not do bugs and thankfully, like nobody came out, but I'm pretty sure I probably woke somebody up super early. I dropped the perfume bottle and it smashed everywhere. Hopefully I don't like need to redo anything. Cuz, there's literally no way I could have read you any of the photos, so that was a little bit stressful though Omar went ahead and went on a run. It's a beautiful morning and we're waiting on breakfast. We went ahead and pre-ordered breakfast last night to be sent to our room this morning at 8:30. So the plans for today since this is our first time to Santorini and Greece in general. I just really wanted to take a tour know that if Omar and I went and like drew drove around by ourselves, we just wouldn't know where we were what we were doing so we're going on a tour today, they're gon na take us all around Lynden show Us all the best spots, and then that way we know like where we want to come back to the other two days that we're gon na be here on our little bed. that's on the pool over here last night, when I was telling you guys that this pool was completely private. I mean it definitely is private, but yesterday we saw someone walking literally right there like there's, apparently a little sidewalk or like pathway over there in this corner. That we didn't know is there, someone potentially could walk by and see us in the pool, but I mean it's super early right now nobody's here. I don't know I feel, like I'm still gon na try to take advantage of the pool because, obviously like how can you not and then here's my little broken perfume bottle?

It was so beautiful. You guys, I do not do bugs, and this is literally what it's come to, throwing literal perfume down on the ground, so they just brought breakfast. So I thought we were gon na eat outside, but we still have a really nice view. So let me show you guys what we got: egg white omelets and what's inside is supposed to, be tomatoes, olives and feta cheese. We have some turkey bacon, potatoes and mushrooms. We have set a bread basket. This is my gluten-free bread and then. This is orange, ginger and carrot juice. I have my mint tea and then Greek coffee. Let's dig in we're getting ready to go on the tour I went ahead and put on my Rachel Purcell dress again, just because it's like a super easy breezy dress to put on so we can walk around today. We will show you guys what we see of santorini, so we're in the car we've just out of the tour.

We have our driver, Elijah in the front. Yes, yeah we're on our way to iya, which is point of the island. Where you know all those Jones, it's like the most picturesque part of Santorini, so I'll show you guys on the map kind of where we're headed.

I got this map from the front desk, so this is the whole map of Santorini. So right here, is where our hotel is this kind of thing and then we're going to the very tip right there, which is eeeh and it's the most beautiful point to see the sunset and it has all the blue, domes and so yeah. But hopefully we'll get a good overview of the whole island. Today.

We just arrived yeah, you can see all, the beautiful blue domes, there's pretty much an Instagram photo shoot happening on every single corner here, so gorgeous lots of steps.

Well, we finished our tour, we came to a restaurant called avocado and we just got the Santorini salad. They give us olives at almost every single restaurant. I was in the mood for something with a lot of carbs, so I got a risotto with Parmesan cheese and mushrooms and then um. I got a moussaka and it has cheese, eggplant and ground beef. So what were - and I just got ready for dinner - I took a oh, my gosh. I was so exhausted and I was in such a horrible mood today, which is just not the best thing ever on vacation. I packed all blue and white stuff for Omar, so every trip we go. Well, that's true, but it just is so fitting in Greece I just can't get over.

So cool.

He says: hey Lena fellas, recommended as a restaurant brings out. snacks: we have this gorgeous with you from our table, okay, so I ordered lamb with yogurt sauce and I already took a bite and it's literally so good and oh, my god and special, which is chicken vegetables and yogurt sauce yummy. We had someone join us for dinner. How do you manage to find the catch everywhere? You go, it is the next day and I just woke up from another nap. I don't know why, but I haven't been sleeping and I was up literally all night. I slept for one hour anyways, so we went to iya again this morning super early, so we could get some content there, because it's just literally so beautiful, but it is so touristy. That is one thing that, like nobody, tells you on Instagram. It's like, when you see those pictures of those beautiful blue domes, there's literally lines of people waiting to take that same exact photo. So it's literally like you have to get there. If you really want photos and you're serious about it, you have to get there at sunrise and know more, and I got there. I think thirty minutes after the Sun had rose and we already felt like we were late because there were literally already people in the streets taking photos it's insane, but I think we got some really good, video footage and stuff for you guys that I will probably Do an intro for this video, and so you probably would have already seen all of it and we came back had breakfast at our hotel. Oh we're still getting ready and we are going on a boat tour.

Today I did the sunset boat tour so that we could watch the sunset on the boat. Another thing that people may not tell you about Santorini is that, yes, it's the most beautiful sunset like ever at least that's what it's known for, but there are literally lines of people in the streets just like so, like hundreds, thousands of people just lined up To watch the sunset, so you really like are enjoying the sunset among, like so many people, so it's best to either enjoy the sunset from your own room or like have a reservation at a beautiful restaurant. That has a nice view because then it's private, you don't have like lines of people, so I thought a boat tour watching the sunset be a really nice way to see it without slowing people around. Oh one thing that I wanted to mention from yesterday. I'm sorry and take you guys on our entire tour and the reason. Why is just that? There were so many people for me it ruined the beauty of it just because there were literally just so many like people just lined up. There was like not even one empty spot on the beach, so I don't know I mean bantering is just absolutely stunning and gorgeous and you can definitely enjoy it in privacy like from your own room or from a restaurant or you know, but in like the public places it's just like so many people we did come at the like peak of the season, like it's August, and that is apparently like the busiest time. So that's like a mistake on my end, so I'm gon na look up when the best time to come is I think it's around May, but don't quote me on that. All put it in the description box. If I find out what the best time to come to, Greece is ready for our boat tour, and so let me show you guys what I'm wearing and then we will get going. This is a beautiful blush, pink dress that I actually like Express shipped a couple days before the trip I like to ordered it in a panic, because I felt like I didn't have anything to wear: got it from Lulu's online I'll link it below. For you guys sleeves are a little sheer, so I did wear an undershirt and we do have a big slit in the side, but I do feel like it would be easy to close that, like very, very easy to close that I just didn't have enough time. So I'm just wearing some white leggings underneath and I'm wearing the same hijab that I've been wearing this entire time and I don't know the name of it, but it will be linked down below.

I just changed into the first time ever that I'm wearing a baseball cap, but I thought it was fitting and I got a white one, so I think it's actually gon na go swimming. So thank God.

We brought our swimsuits

Gon na, be a really fun day.

So aware - and I just finished - Oh, My Damn, Oh because that was really cold and tired. So the water was like rising while we were in the cave and it was scary.

We gon na drown we're just gon na enjoy dinner.

Thank you.

The good afternoon, everyone.

It is our last day in Santorini. We woke up at ten today, and I slept, and I went to sleep last night around 1:00. I believe so. I finally got my sleep, so I finally feel good, but just so sad because it's literally our last day and I finally feel like super energetic and you took a really slow morning - we got up late, we went to breakfast, we came back.

I swam this pool you guys.

I did take a risk. Okay, I did it. I just could not help it. There was. Nobody around my plan was that if I did see anyone, I would just like jump underneath the water and just like hi. Thankfully nobody came so I was able to swim, and I tried to like lay out for a little bit to get a little bit more tan, because my face and my hands are always darker than the rest of my body. So it's so nice to. Finally, just have an opportunity to try to even out that tan up, just even once in my life, so anyways I just took a shower and I'm gon na do what my wake up with you guys, just maybe do like a little speed makeup. Oh Mart just left to go rent an ATV, so we have seen several people on this island using ATVs and just seems like the most convenient way to get around we're extremely careful we're, not those crazy type. So we're super excited to be able to like just be free and like explore the island on our last day, just like on our own, the driver that we had last night taking us back from the boat who told us about this, like super, like hidden secret Spot that has like an amazing view, so we're gon na go try to find that today, so yeah, let's get ready. So I have my little setup here. I have my water. I have not been drinking enough water, you guys I'm horrible on vacation about drinking water. So today, this is my second actually. This is my third, a cup of water, I'm trying to be better and then I have my decaf and espresso, because I can't drink caffeine because it hurts my throat. I have this weird problem and I have my makeup. So let's go I'm gon na set you on this little thing right here.

Makeup is done.

I just did a really light.

Glowy look as usual, and I used my bare minerals complexion rescue and that Finn T highlight that I love and my Dallas bronzer and just feeling fresh, so I'll go ahead and change and show you guys what I'm wearing I'm wearing a super casual Outfit for today, but let me show you guys what I'm wearing it tonight. This is about to fall off my head. I am obsessed with this dress by lorna lux. I love it so so much and i'm wearing white jeans. I feel like this is a little bit more casual of a look than I would normally wear for like a really nice dinner, especially like with the jeans, but I already wore like all my nice dresses. I haven't worn this one yet and I really want to get some photos of it, so I'm gon na go ahead and change into the outfit that I'm wearing for the day. So this is what I'm wearing. Today I have on the H & M at comfy.

Pants I have on this Nasty Gal top which, to be honest, is a, tiny, tiny bit see-through. So I wore a white undershirt underneath it, but that really never honestly bothers me. I loved it because it had these like tortoise buttons and like the puff sleeves, it also has like little shoulder pads, which I know not everybody loves, but I love it because I love like the proportion that it gives to an outfit and yeah. I just love this top, it's a very, very cute. Hopefully this still have it. I will link all my outfits that I'm wearing on this trip down and below, and then I have on a hot head job chiffon. So it's still waiting on Omar. So I'm going to finish up my coffee and wait for Omar and then. We will explore some more up Santorini. One thing that I wanted to share with you guys is: this: is my little souvenir from Santorini, so this is actually a pumice stone that we found at the I think it was the black beach they were just all over and we just picked Him up, our driver was like here, take this home and I literally used it in the shower and it works amazingly just like a pumice stone. So how cool is that? Okay, ? Let's see it oh, where, where is it this white one? Oh, my goodness, how cute, I'm gon na call her Sasha Sasha? Let's go okay, you're, comfortable yeah, I'm so excited. Look how pretty this is. Let's figure out: okay yeah, let's figure out where we're going.

So we just made it to the secret viewpoint: it's not so secret there are people around, but there are barely any people here and he was absolutely gorgeous. So I'll show you guys what it looks like. I don't know if I supposed to go down there or, if we're just supposed to go to the edge of that right there yeah. Let's just go, look up here. I know he said something like there's something shaped out of a part like a crater or something. I couldn't really understand what he was saying or laughs, but I decided not to bring his drone and I'm pretty sure that he's like really upset right now.

Oh okay.

This is what he said. I remember. He said we don't have to. We don't have to hikers. I don't know what he said. He said there were stairs so, okay, I'm not.

Wearing the proper shoes ever Wow, there's a little Greek flag down there, it's so peaceful. There really are no, not a lot of people here at all I mean I, don't see anyone right here. How pretty I want to find the hearts, though? Oh, my, goodness look at that there's a little church all in it. I think so, oh it is like a heart. Oh my gosh, you guys! This is literally ahead and Jim and Santorini that literally nobody knows about. Oh my god, no mark! Okay, this is the point where I freaked out. You need to come back like seriously. You need to come back, thank, you so much, and that is extremely. How gorgeous is this? You guys we're trying to get some cinematic shots.

Oh Omar, Omar Omar in case any of you guys ever are in Greece and when it come to this spot, I would highly recommend it.

Just put into your GPS, Artemis, sweets, and it's literally right behind that hotel.

We went ahead and stopped by the cliffside over here on our way to dinner.