What I Eat In A Day for PCOS! How I Healed My Body

What I Eat In A Day for PCOS! How I Healed My Body

Hey guys welcome back to my channel

Today's video is going to be a what i eat in a day, but it's going to be a little bit different because i'm going to be talking more about my pcos journey.

Ever since i mentioned on my channel that i was diagnosed with pcos, i have had hundreds of girls reach out to me asking for a video about it, because it is so so common and if you don't have pcos and you just want to live A healthy lifestyle then, hopefully, this video gives you some good like healthy recipes, and some inspo as well. So thank you so much to simple truth by kroger for sponsoring today's video.

They are a line of affordable, healthy organic foods, and they have some really really good options that you can add into your daily life. perfect for those new year's resolutions for two thousand and twenty-one they have so many different options for several different diets. Like keto gluten, free, vegan, organic and they're also really affordable, and it's actually really convenient because you can pick it up curbside or you can have them deliver it straight to your door. So we are actually gon na go pick up our grocery order. So i'm gon na take you guys along just pulled up to kroger.

We parked in the pickup spot. One omar is checking us in on his phone and they're gon na bring out our groceries. So we're like five minutes late, so hopefully yeah. Hopefully they didn't put up all our groceries, it's so nice they're, even putting it in our trunk, for us got enough room back there. I think yeah all right! Thank you. Thank you! We're back from kroger and i went ahead and unpacked everything from the car and i'm gon na go ahead and give you guys a little grocery haul.

Okay, i'm going to share with y'all everything that i got from kroger and i'll share with you guys kind of what i'm planning on making with all of this stuff um.

I got so much stuff from the simple truth line at kroger and this is kind of like their healthy organic line, and i was really really impressed because i do try to eat organic as much as possible when i can and a lot of times

It can get really expensive

Well, this line is very affordable and they have so many options.

They have so many like natural, gluten-free plant-based, keto options. So many good things to choose from that are affordable, and they are also free of like one hundred and one artificial additives and preservatives. So it's a really a nice clean brand, so i'm gon na go ahead and start with this side. So i got some almond flour this i am planning on using to make some healthy like air, fried chicken nuggets.

So i thought i would give you guys kind of like a healthy meal option that doesn't like feel so healthy, so we're gon na try that then i got some roasted almonds for snacks.

I wanted to try out their dairy free milk, so i always like to do an almond milk, so i got vanilla almond milk, but i also want to try out their oat milk too. So we will try that out in smoothies and things like that. I got some tea, so, you guys know i am a teaholic, so i got some peppermint fennel and ginger tea, because i always like to kind of have a tea after i eat my meals, just to kind of help with digestion, and then This is another mint blend. We were running out of olive oil, so i got some organic olive oil. Then i went ahead and picked up an organic ketchup, and this is actually really good because, a lot of ketchups contain sugar or most of them do, and you never really know what kind of sugar they're using. But this one contains organic sugar, which is really really important to me. If i'm gon na have any sugar, i want to make sure it's organic, then i have some apples.

I'm gon na just use that as snacks

I'll do that with some almond butter.

I got some smooth creamy almond butter, and then this is actually kind of like a naughty treat.

But i thought that if there was ever a time that i really wanted a little treat for myself, i could do some non-dairy um ice cream and i really try not to do this very often and try to make sure that all the foods that I eat are really on unprocessed, but this is a good option. if i'm like having one of those like really major cravings, then i have a bunch of vegetables.

I wanted to get some grape tomatoes for salads. Also kalamata, olives for salads cucumber lemon.

We have some sweet potato, i'm gon na do sweet potato fries, that's right! So i want to do the chicken nuggets and the sweet potato fries in the air fryer.

I have bananas red onion for the salad and then i have some avocados, because i like to put that in smoothies or i like to put it on toast and then i have some seltzer water.

Seltzer water is basically just sparkling water and they had their own brand of simple truth. So i wanted to try it. I got the lemon lime flavor. Then i got some frozen berries for smoothies. I got strawberries and blueberries. I have some organic chicken breasts to make um the chicken nuggets, and then i got some popcorn, which would be a really good, healthy, snack. So i'm excited to do my what i eat in a day for you guys, i'm gon na start that tomorrow, so i can start fresh with breakfast, so we will move on to the what i eat in a day portion it's the next day.

I finally have a little moment to sit with you guys and chat a little bit more about pcos. I wanted to talk to you guys about my pcos journey, because ever since i shared that i had pcos on my channel, i have had hundreds of girls reach out to me asking me to do this, video, sharing how i manage my symptoms so.

I wanted to do this, but if you guys are do not care about pcos, i will leave the time stamp down below where you can click to the what i eat in a day, because i have some really good, healthy and yummy recipes.

That will be good for anyone, but i wanted to share this journey because i know it will help so many girls, pcos, is so common, and i wish that this video was out.

Whenever i first found out that i had it when i was seventeen years old, so, firstly, what is pcos pcos stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome, it is a hormonal imbalance.

That's caused by elevated male hormones and the symptoms can be. Irregular periods, acne weight gain, facial hair and male pattern, baldness to name a few.

Whenever i got diagnosed at seventeen, i went to the doctor because i did not have a period for a year and i was also gaining weight.

I was about ten pounds heavier than i am right now, so i wasn't like overweight. I was just. I just knew that there was something wrong, so um. I also want to disclaim that i am not a doctor, so anything, like any information, i'm giving you in this video, should not replace the advice from your doctor.

I'm just giving you guys my personal experience and things that helped me.

Another characteristic of pcos is also a little cysts that line at the ovaries, which is from the egg not releasing properly during ovulation, and that is actually not a sign in every single person that has pcos, but that is why they call it polycystic Ovarian syndrome, so pcos is actually one of the, like most common reasons for infertility, and that is one of the reasons why i was so upset, and just so anxious and just devastated.

When i found out that i had pcos even at seventeen, i was already thinking like.

Oh my gosh, it's gon na be so hard for me to get pregnant and i was already so worried about it and i wasn't even like anywhere near having a baby.

So if you guys are feeling that way, i totally understand your feelings, and i hope that this video is helpful in any way um and just know that there is hope in managing your symptoms and also as a labor and delivery nurse. I saw tons of women diagnosed with pcos who were able to have healthy babies, so i hope that that also gives you some hope as well so what causes pcos the main route of the problem.

Is insulin resistance.

The easiest way i can describe insulin resistance is your cells.

Do not respond well to insulin, so your pancreas has to continue pumping out more and more insulin for your body to respond to it. So you have all this free floating insulin in your body, which causes your male hormones to elevate so.

If you can get your insulin resistance under control, then you can also manage your pcos symptoms. You can manage insulin, resistance through exercise and diet, and there's also some medications that you can talk to your doctor about. I personally took metformin, which is a diabetic medication for about a year

Whenever i first found out that i had pcos and it did allow me to get my period back.

But now i no longer take any medications and i just manage it with my diet, and lifestyle, but, like i said before, talk to your doctor about what is right for you. So, with

Insulin resistance, you kind of have to treat yourself like you are a diabetic, even if you're, not because insulin resistance can also lead to elevated blood sugar levels.

So, you kind of have to modify your diet to fit more of a diabetic low carb high protein diet in order to best manage your pcos symptoms.

So i do want to also say that in the beginning of my pcos journey i was very very strict with my diet, because i was in the process of healing my body, but now here and there i am a little bit more relaxed.

So if you guys see me eating, like certain things, just know that i did stick to this specific diet very, very strictly when i first started and it was - definitely not easy whatsoever, but it was so so worth it.

So what i did is, i cut out all dairy and gluten, and this was just a personal preference only because they are more higher inflammatory foods and i just wanted to make sure i was eliminating those out of my diet.

While i was trying to heal my body, i also made sure that i was eating only whole foods, so i cut out all refined, sugars, all refined, anything.

It was basically just like whole fruits, vegetables, grains and meats um, so that was kind of the diet that i followed, especially in the very beginning. I cut out all processed foods, all sodas, all juices, anything with high sugar content, even high sugar fruits.

Honestly, i cut those out because on a pcos diet, you really want to make sure that you're keeping your carb intake to a minimum and balancing it with really good, healthy fats and proteins.

I also made sure that i was doing, cardio and weightlifting at the time i honestly have gotten so bad. Now i need to get back on a better track of working out, but at the time when i was healing my body, i was making sure to get in lots of physical activity every single day. So this was definitely like a regimen of diet and exercise over the course of several years. In the beginning of my journey that really helped keep my body like in check, and i was able to have regular periods on my own again, even after stopping the metformin, which was huge for me, because i had not had a regular Period in over a year without the medication, so it was so so exciting for me that this was really really helpful.

Believe me, i know that a diagnosis of pcos can be extremely devastating, especially when you're scared of infertility and when you google it. It says that there's no cure, but i promise you. There are ways to manage it.

And there are so many different ways to help with your fertility nowadays, so i just hope this video gives you guys hope, and i just want you guys to know that it is definitely possible to manage your symptoms, i'm going to go ahead and Get into the what i eat in a day, so it gives you a better idea of the things that i eat for pcos, and i hope that you guys find this helpful good morning.

Everyone i have everything laid out to make my smoothie this morning for breakfast, and i also went ahead and boiled some eggs to go on the side. So you want to be very careful with smoothies when you have pcos, because you don't want them to be over sugary and just a whole bunch of sugar in the morning. I always try to balance out my sugars with healthy fats and protein, especially when you have pcos it's very, very important to get healthy fats and protein at every meal.

So i'm going to show you guys how i do that today so for this smoothie, i'm going to add one banana, so, you definitely want to make sure it's frozen banana, but i just didn't have frozen banana today, but the frozen banana makes it super. like creamy and a much better texture for the smoothie, then i'm going to add berries so with the fruits that you put in your smoothies for pcos, you, you want to try to make sure they're, not super sugary fruits like pineapples, like um.

I guess pineapples would probably be like the sweetest fruits. I would try to avoid so i'm gon na put in some berries, so i have some strawberries.

I'm just gon na put in like a little handful of strawberries, and blueberries.

Berries are amazing for pcos because they contain, so many nutrients and vitamins and antioxidants, without so so much sugar so for healthy fats and protein

To add to the smoothie, i'm going to add some flaxseed. So i'm going to add just about a tablespoon of flaxseed powder and i'm going to go ahead and add about a tablespoon of almond butter as well. Another thing i love adding to my smoothies is a half of an avocado. It gives a really nice creamy, texture, to the smoothie. You really can't even taste it since it's such a mild, flavor and it just adds lots of healthy fats and it's amazing for you. Then i have about two handfuls of spinach, and this looks like a lot but honestly, you guys you cannot even taste it. It just blends well with the rest of the flavors in the smoothie, and it adds lots of greens um. To start your day, then i'm going to go ahead and add a non-dairy milk. This is oat milk. Okay, i'm going to go ahead and blend this up and i'll be right back.

Okay do not be fooled by the color of the smoothie. I know it's not the prettiest, but it actually tastes really really good.

You have the sweetness from the berries and the banana and the creaminess from the avocado and it balances out with the nut butter, and the flax seeds so so delicious. I went ahead and peeled my boiled eggs and i usually do about three.

It's really up to you. I just like to have some kind of protein on the side, and i like to do salt and pepper on my eggs, but that is a typical breakfast that i would do. Another idea for a breakfast for pcos would be like an omelette, with lots of veggies some avocado on the side, with like a side of berries.

You just want to make sure that you're balancing your protein healthy fats and carbs in the same meal.

So i am about to dig in and i will see you guys at lunch a few hours later and i'm gon na make some lunch now. i'm gon na be making a big hearty salad with some salmon and i'm so sorry, if you guys have seen me, make salads on my channel so many times it's really because they are one of the best lunches that you can have when You are trying to eat healthy and you want something that's going to be super nutritious for you, and i know that i've gotten this comment before like.

Are you really just gon na eat only a salad for lunch? That's it you guys, you have to beef it up with lots of protein and healthy fats in order for you to feel full and for it to really satisfy you. So i am beefing it up with some chickpeas.

I also have some nuts some almonds, i'm gon na be crushing up to put on top, and i also have my salmon, which is lots of healthy fats.

I actually did this in the airfryer. It looks perfect, i'm so excited okay.

So i have probably two servings of greens in here because i'm making it for omar - and i so i have my greens and then i'm gon na go ahead and add some cucumber red onion.

I always kind of like to make my salad. A little bit of like a mediterranean inspired salad, so i always like to do like the cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata, olives.

These are washed by the way adding some cherry tomatoes and then, let me add my chickpeas. I honestly took this salad with me wherever i went, because i was very, very diligent about my diet, and i would literally take this salad with me to high school.

I literally took it with me to lunch

When i was in nursing school or even like, while i was at clinicals, i would never like stray away from my diet.

I always just took my healthy food with me. Wherever i went - and it always was a lot more effort to do that - obviously, but it was so worth it in the long run, because i was able to stick to my goals and. I really feel like i got so much benefit off of really trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so i'm gon na go ahead and crush up these almonds.

If you're bringing a salad with you to work or to school, you can always put your vegetables um in one container and you're dressing on the side that way, your leaves and all your vegetables don't get soggy.

Another thing i like to add to my salads for protein is quinoa, it's so filling in salads. I also really like to add avocado to my salads as well. It adds lots of healthy fats and keeps you a really full throughout the day.

I'm gon na add my kalamata, olives and i've been, really really liking. The simple truth: brand from kroger you guys, i'm like seriously.

I've been so impressed with everything that i've tried so far, i just had one of their seltzer waters, which i'm also gon na have another one with my lunch, and it was really really good.

So here i have everything in my bowl. All my vegetables

I'm going to go ahead and put my dressing and i always like to make my own dressing, because a lot of times, store-bought dressings, can have extra sugars and just ingredients that you don't necessarily want.

So i'm just doing some extra virgin olive oil, and this also adds lots of healthy fats as well, and then i'm just gon na do some lemon juice.

I always like to keep it super simple, so i'll do an olive oil and lemon or olive oil and balsamic, vinegar, or something like that, and it just keeps everything really clean. I don't think i got any seeds in that at. All that was really impressive. Okay, now i'm just gon na go ahead and mix everything together with some tongs.

I've also seen this little tool: um, it's called a salad, chopper or something where you can just like place it in your bowl and chop up. All your vegetables, if you like all of your vegetables, chopped up really good in your salads, i don't know. I haven't invested in that yet, but that seems like it would make your salads taste really good, and whenever i bring my salads with me to school or work, i always would put it in my container. put the dressing and like shake it up, so that's a really good tip if you're, not home and can't like mix it like this with tongs or like a fork or something so i'm gon na go ahead and plate this with my salmon.

Okay, so that is a typical lunch that i would do for pcos, so delicious and so filling with the salmon, the chickpeas, the almonds um, just so delicious.

It smells so good. I also, sometimes like to add, like fresh basil, or mint to my salads. It makes it so delicious. I'm gon na go ahead and enjoy my salmon and i'm also drinking one of these seltzer waters from simple truth.

They are so good. Like i said i got the lemon lime flavor and it is delicious, so yummy, i'm gon na go ahead and start on dinner.

I wanted to make something to show you guys that you can still have healthy alternatives to things that don't seem so healthy, so i'm gon na be making chicken strips and french fries in the airfryer and i'm gon na do sweet potato fries and i'm Going to bread, the chicken with almond flour and spices, so you still get those really good, healthy fats, along with your protein, along with your complex carbs, and i'm also going to add a little bit of salad that we had earlier.

That's left over.

Just as a little side, salad to add in some greens, so it's a really like healthy, balanced meal, perfect for pcos and you still get all the nutrients and all the good flavor and you don't feel like you're missing out. So i went ahead and cut the simple truth: organic chicken breast into smaller pieces. So we can have little strips. I went ahead and cut. Oh actually, omar did this for me! Yes, i did because i told them i hate chopping, sweet potatoes.

So he cut them into fry shape.

Then i have my spices here.

I have salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, lemon pepper, and paprika, and i also have some baking soda and i'll put measurements for these all down below and then i'm gon na go ahead and take my almond flour and i'm gon na do.

Since i have two pounds of chicken, i'm gon na do two cups of almond flour for this, so i whisk four eggs in a bowl and first you dip the chicken in the eggs. Then you dip the chicken and coat it evenly in the almond. Flour and spices, and then we place it in the air fryer. So we kind of did a little assembly line doing this process over and over. Until all the chicken was coated. You don't have to use a lot of oil in the air fryer. So i added a little bit of olive oil to the sweet, potatoes and salt and pepper and garlic powder, and i did those in the airfryer as well, i just finished and omar, and i just taste tested it.

This is actually the first time i made this recipe. It is so delicious. It does not feel like super healthy. It feels like you're just eating chicken strips and french fries, but it is super healthy in the air fryer with almond flour and just a little bit of olive oil, so so yummy.

I have my side salad from leftover from earlier at lunch. I have some of the simple truth: um organic ketchup on the side, so omar and i are going to dig in so so yummy highly recommend you guys try this recipe, so i'm gon na go ahead and finish off the night with something sweet.

But, like i said, i always like to balance out my carbs with healthy fats. So i have a gala apple and this is a tablespoon or maybe two of almond butter.

And then i have the mint blend tea from simple truth: organic and that is my little dessert.

I hope that this video was helpful to any of you guys who have pcos or just anyone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks again to simple truth by kroger for sponsoring today's video, i really do recommend their line of healthy and affordable options that you can literally get delivered straight to your door, or you can pick them up curbside.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this video.

Let me know what you guys want to see next

And i will see y'all in my next one: bye,