What I Eat In A Day! | Healthy Meal Ideas For 2020

What I Eat In A Day! | Healthy Meal Ideas For 2020

Good morning, everyone and a Happy New Year, I'm so excited to be back on YouTube. I'm really sorry that I took a little break. I have been sick, we have been traveling the travel vlogs coming very soon. We went to the Maldives and we also went to Doha for a little layover, but we went and visited friends and my family there. But I'm super excited to get back into YouTube and I'm kicking off the new year with a what I eat in a day, because I have been eating like crap, especially over like traveling and stuff. We just got back a couple days ago and I am in dire need I'm just like a reset. That's what we're gon na be doing today. I have an appointment that I am like rushing out the door for so I'm just gon na make my smoothie really fast and I will share everything else. I'm eating today. First off I made myself a big glass of lemon water this morning. Actually it's lime, water. If you guys have never tried lime in your water, it's just like something a little bit different and I've just been loving it recently. I've drank this entire thing. While I was getting ready this morning, and now I'm gon na make my green smoothie. I've made it in a previous video, but I figured I'll just put it in here, so it was easier to like find and access if you guys want to find it later and it's really good stuff. Let me show you first off wanted to share my new little blender, so we had the ninja like the, regular blender for so long and I loved it, but the cup sizes for the little bullet attachments or like a little bit too small. For me, I, like my smoothies, like super big cuz. That's like my breakfast every morning. I want like a really big smoothie, so my sister has this one. It's the! I think it's just a ninja bullet. I don't know I'll put the link to it down below, but the attachments are huge, like you can fit so much in here. It's amazing it is banana frozen, mango, spinach, ginger and then a squeeze of lime.

I know that this kind of sounds a little bit weird to have like lime in your smoothie, but it just makes it so fresh and like tropical, it's just amazing. So, oh, I also usually put coconut water, but I don't have coconut water today. So I'm just gon na put regular water, but just know that that isn't all.

That is about the size of the ginger that I put and it makes it taste so fresh and actually can't take full credit for this movie.

I got the recipe from my sisters, but they usually put peach in and then I changed it to mango and it's delicious. It's just like so tropical and fresh, and you guys, like, have to try this I'll put the recipe in the description box. For you guys, I also love these glass straws that I get off. Amazon. Okay, guys just excuse the background. Please do not look at the background. It is so messy because we literally just got back from our trip and unpacked and everything like whole days ago. It's only 11:30, but I am starving for some reason. So I'm gon na go ahead and eat lunch. I made this last night for dinner and it isn't delicious. I made enough for last night in Berlin today, so let me share so here we have salmon, I literally just seasoned it with garlic, salt and pepper. You really don't have to season salmon all that much it's just kind of like good on its own with salt and pepper. Then I have some roasted potatoes that I did in the oven with olive oil, rosemary garlic, salt and black pepper, and then just some boiled broccolini. I don't know why, but I feel like I like broccolini, better than regular broccoli. It's a few hours later I ran my errands and I'm gon na go ahead and start on dinner. So tonight I'm just making like a big hearty vegetable soup.

I think I've made soups on my channel, like so many times before, but I'm just obsessed with making soups. They stay good in the fridge for a week like they stay good for so long and they're. Just like have so much flavor, and it's just like. So nice and warm during this time of year, especially like January, when it's like super cold I've been trying to cook more vegetarian meals at home. I know I literally just salmon for lunch. It's just healthier in general to have a lot more plant-based foods in your diet. So that's what I'm trying to do.

Definitely not vegetarian, definitely not vegan, but I'm trying to cook more of that at home, the soup I'm making.

I found a really good recipe online. It's called a vegetable quinoa soup, so I'm actually gon na cook the quinoa on separate. I don't know why I'm just worried about cooking it and this soup. I've just never done that before. So I'm just gon na add it at the end, but to show you guys what it looks like it looks. So good doesn't that look so delicious I'll show you guys ingredients. I have laid out and we'll start working on this I'll, put the recipe that I'm following it down below in the description box. I never really follow recipes like perfectly exact, but this is basically what I'm gon na be putting in. So I have some cannelli white beans, pea loads, tomatoes, organic vegetable stock, onion, garlic, squash, a zucchini, a celery, carrots.

I think I may not use this. Many carrots we'll see you maybe use like maybe four or three or four of them. I'm gon na try not to make a huge huge batch, because I always cook away too much and. Then we end up wasting a little bit of it, which is really not what I want. I have some spinach and some parsley that I'm gon na put in at the end just kind of like wilted in in the mix at the end, and then I'm also gon na obviously be putting my quinoa at the end as well. So that's good to cooking.

Okay, so the vegetables have softened.

I added the quinoa. It looks so delicious. You guys, I'm just going to add a little bit of parsley just to wilt in there and then also some spinach.

I like adding spinach to my soups because it doesn't add like any distinct flavor or anything, so it doesn't change the taste of the soup, but it adds like lots of iron and, like lots of other, really good nutrients, that's good for you. After tasting it. I'm gon na add a little bit of lemon, but this is so so delicious. You guys have to try adding quinoa to your soup. It is so Hardy and, like so filling quinoa adds lots of protein and healthy fats. So it's delicious in soups. It like thickens it a little bit, it's so good. I like lots and lots of lemon in my soup. I like it to taste kind of tart. It's actually really filling, even though, like there's no meat or anything, we have the beans. We have the quinoa. All the veggies, it's just so so good, I'm so excited to, eat this okay much later now I am about to make myself a little dessert and tea. I have to show you guys how I've been making my mint tea recently. So this is just dried mint that I got from the Arabic grocery store. I'm pretty sure you can find this in like the spice section, I'm not a hundred percent sure, but just check your spice section to me. It tastes so much better than like a like a regular mint tea bag or like a peppermint tea bag. I just love this like loose leaf tea. Basically, it's get a big spoon. I put it in the strainer. Actually, Omar is the one who started, making my tea for me like this, and it's like the best way. So I already boiled my water. You do kind of like a pour-over situation, so you just like slowly pour over the mint and, like I thought that it wouldn't get enough flavor in it like this, without like boiling it into the tea, but it tastes so good and it has So much flavor and it's just so refreshing, and delicious. I love it so just like, pour it slowly and there's like no mess in the kettle the loose leaf. It does kind of get a little bit into the tea, but that doesn't bother me most of it kind of thinks down after Kools next for dessert, since I'm trying to stay healthy and clean, but I want something sweet. These are medjool dates. My mom is actually at the arabic grocery store today and she was like do you need anything and I was like yes, I need a box of dates because I just ran out and they're the best. I always open up my dates. If you guys don't open up your dates before you eat them like, please start doing it, because I always at least one in every box. I find like some kind of bug or something and it's so gross, so just open it up first, but I always like to open it up and I like to put some kind of a nut, so I'm putting walnuts, it's just so so good overseas, like In Dubai and stuff you can go to like different, like specialty date shops and they stuff them with like different like nuts or chocolate, but I just make my own at home, and it's like super healthy. Have my little help you treat for the night. How cute is my little coffee table setup that I got from HomeGoods recently, you guys I'm so obsessed, I'm just gon na wind down for the night. Today I've just been running errands I cooked.

I have been working on laundry and just trying to get my life back together after traveling and just after being sick, and it's just been a crazy couple of months and thank you guys for understanding at my little break on YouTube.

But you guys are always the sweetest and so supportive - and I love you guys so much, I'm so glad I'm back to eating like my, normal self and just healthy and getting back on track, because you guys don't understand how bad I ate like on vacation And just over the past couple months, basically over the holidays and stuff yeah, so I'm ready to get this body back in check and I'm ready to get rid of the bloat, I'm ready to just clean out my system.

So this is gon na feel so much better, so hope you guys enjoyed today's video.

Let me know what you guys want to see next and I will catch up with you guys that very soon by.