What I Eat in a Day | Juicing for Beginners!

What I Eat in a Day | Juicing for Beginners!

Hey guys so welcome back to my channel. My name is Lena if you're new today I'm going to be walking you through everything that I'm eating today. I know you guys, like these kind of videos and I like making them for you, so I'm so excited to share what all I'm eating. Today I already went to yoga this morning. I haven't gone to the actual studio in a while. I've been doing it at home, so it's so nice to get out and just have it live in a class, it's just so much different whenever you're, actually in a studio. So before my yoga class, I went ahead and I made my normal smoothie, but recently I've been trying to add a little bit more like extra nutrients in there without kind of compromising the taste, because I love the taste of this smoothie. So basically, the base of it is frozen, banana almond, milk, peanut butter, and cacao powder, and so so yummy, but I did want to add in a little bit more fiber and just some more nutrients in there. So I added some flax seed powder, which is really really good for adding fiber. I also added maca root powder. Maca root powder is really good for balancing your hormones. So if you do suffer from like PCOS like I do or you have another type of hormonal imbalance - and it's really really good to just add that into your diet and it doesn't really add any extra flavor or anything like that to smoothie. So I really really love it, just it's kind of like a really mild nutty flavor, so I don't taste it at all. So I just had my smoothie this morning with a big glass of water before yoga, so I just got myself ready and dressed, and everything and I'm gon na make myself some lunch, but before lunch I really want to make a green juice. I just got a juicer in the mail, I'm so so excited I used to make myself juices all the time when I live with my parents, and I haven't been able to do that ever since I moved out, so I just got myself on it: let's go Ahead and get to juicing and making lunch, I'm also going to make it really good salad for lunch. I don't know if I make salads all the time, but it's just like super easy to have for lunch when you're hungry and you just want something while you're like busy during the day. So let's get started. So this is my new juicer, I'm so so excited. I just washed it and put it together and I haven't used it just yet. This one is by Breville, so my mom actually recommended this to me. This one is a really good quality, one that will last me for years and years and years. Hopefully, I will never have to replace it. My sister's actually have a more, affordable option, also by Breville. Almost the exact same thing. The only thing different is that I think there's a couple more plastic pieces rather than all being stainless steel, so I'll link all of that below this one and then the more affordable option. So I went ahead and I washed all of my vegetables and fruit that I'm gon na be using it for my green juice. Today I found this a really really good little picture on Pinterest for juicing for beginners. First, it says to start with a base, so you can either do cucumber or celery, and then it says to : choose a leafy green, so that'd be kale, or spinach or some other kind of green. And then this is actually baby. Kale. Then it says to choose a fruit to sweeten so, you add one fruit, so I have a pear. You could add apple, you can add pineapple, you could add any kind of fruit that you want and then it says to add, like some added benefits for taste and for antioxidants and vitamins and stuff. So I have, you can add lemon. You can unhinge ur. I have some beets here, but that was a really good, step-by-step guide, so I'm gon na link that down below for anybody who wants to try juicing. I think that's a really good recipe to follow if you're, just starting out. Obviously, you can stray from that and add in different kinds of base ingredients like I'm gon na. Do I'm gon na do both you can add in do two different kinds of greens or whatever, but I just thought that was a really good basic, step-by-step guide. For you, but these are all of the ingredients I'm going to be adding to my juice. Today I have celery, cucumber, pear, ginger, lemon beets and baby kale beets are, probably not the best for someone who's just starting out juicing. They really do. Give like a very earthy flavor to your juice. I personally have grown to like the beet flavor in my juice, and it also gives so many detoxifying properties. Another important thing to note when you're juicing is to make sure that all your fruits and vegetables are organic, that's just because, whenever you're juicing, you just want to make sure that you're not ingesting all the pesticides that may be on non-organic produce. You just want to make sure that you're using the cleanest ingredients possible

I just got these glass straws from Amazon, I'm literally obsessed. They aren't so comfortable when you're drinking and they look so so cute. So so excited to try this. Oh, my gosh, you guys so delicious. To me. It tastes like it really like earthy, eliminate because it has that lemon and the pear. So it has that, like sweet-and-sour flavor and then it has that earthiness with the beets interest. It's also good. I'm going to devour this app and then we're going to make this salad, because I'm also starving I'm going to go ahead and start. Making stuff for my salad, so the base of the salad is just really simple. I just have some greens tomato cucumber and red onion. That's just kind of like my favorites to put in every single salad that I make to make it more filling. I'm going to make some sweet potato, I'm not going to use all of this for my salad, I'll most likely eat, probably half of a sweet sweet potato for one serving but, then I'll save the rest for other salads and I make throughout the week. I'm going to also add in some quinoa that I made earlier to add in some protein and just make it extra filling and then for the dressing I'm going to keep it super simple and I'm gon na do olive oil, lemon, and salt. So I'm gon na go ahead and chop these up. I already wash these and I'm going to bake them in the oven.

I'm just gon na spray, the foil pan with some coconut oil. Then I'm going to lay out my sweet potato evenly and spray them again. So I'm just gon na grab some garlic, salt and some lemon pepper. Those are my goat cheese for absolutely everything. It tastes so good on anything and I'm gon na grab some tumeric, because this has really good anti-inflammatory benefits for your body. So I just like sprinkling a little bit of this on basically everything nowadays, so I'm just putting these in the oven on four hundred for about thirty-five minutes. So, while the sweet potatoes are cooking, I went ahead and washed and chopped up all of my vegetables, okay, I went ahead and added some kalamata olives to the salad as well. I'm gon na add a little bit of olive oil. There we go and then I'm going to put some fresh lemon over the top. I may grab my little lemon squeezer just because it's a lot easier, then I'm gon na add some sea salt. I went ahead and added the quinoa that I prepped earlier. Quinoa is really good to just make and at the beginning of the week and have it prepped in the fridge that way, you can make really easy meals, whether you add it to a salad or whether it's a side dish. I stuck a fork and the sweet, potatoes and they're all soft and I think they're ready, so I'm going to go ahead and bring them out along with the quinoa.

Sweet potatoes are also really good to have prepped in the fridge ready for salads or just as kind of like a side starch for another meal. So this looks so so good. I'm gon na go ahead and mix all of it up. This looks so delicious, I'm just gon na sit and answer some emails and eat my lunch and get on with the rest of my day. I'm gon na try this salad with you guys because it looks delicious, I'm so so excited.

The only problem is, it's so like awkward to eat solids in, front of people, just cos leaves are sticking out of your mouth is so funny, oh, my goodness, you guys so good.

I love sweet potato in my salad. I love quinoa. In my salad and the dressing is super fresh, this is so simple and easy. If I already had the sweet potato prepped, this would have taken me, like literally two minutes to put together, so yeah highly recommend the salad. It's really good to take with you if you need to take it with you to work or school or something one thing that I love to do after I eat my line, or dinner. As I make myself some tea today, I made some Moroccan mint tea by new me.

I absolutely love this tea. It really does remind me of the actual Moroccan mint tea that I drink. When I was in Morocco, I'm also going to have a couple of these little date, balls that I made earlier. I made these in one of my previous food videos, but this one doesn't have any oats or peanut butter in it.

This one has dates: walnuts, coconut, flakes maca powder and flax seeds, so I'll leave the ingredients listed down in the description box. In case you guys are curious. These are so so good for a little treat after lunch or after dinner and when you just need like something to like change your palate so yeah these are really really good and super healthy. Okay, it's 7:30 right now. Omar has already left for work. I went ahead and I packed him his lunch, I'm going to show you guys what I'm gon na make myself it's the same thing.

I packed him for his lunch tonight, so lunch meeting like at 1:00 a. m. tonight for him, so this will be a really good idea for those of you who want to take something with you to work or school. It's just a really good, easy thing to make and have handy in your fridge. So let me show you, okay, so not the prettiest setup, but this is. Basically like my at-home Chipotle bowls and I just have brown rice, black beans. Some guacamole and pico, and I love, making this at home, it's so so simple, and so easy to do so. I'm gon na just put my little Bowl together and eat this for dinner. If you're taking it with you to work or school, just make sure that you put it like the hot items in a separate container that we can heat it up when you get there and just put the cold stuff on top. So I went ahead and I put it all together. This smells so delicious. I cooked the black beans with a little bit of chili powder and garlic, salt and, it's so so yummy and then for the Pico. I just have cherry tomatoes, red onion, cilantro and some jalapenos, and I just mix that, together with some garlic, salt, and lemon, it's so delicious and then the guac. I just have some avocado cherry, tomatoes, cilantro and some jalapenos and. I mix that together as well with the lemon and the garlic salt and it's so so good. So I'm going to dig in and enjoy my dinner. This looks so so good after I eat dinner. I'm probably just gon na make myself some more tea and then I'm probably gon na have some dark chocolate and I'm gon na college and night. So I hope that you guys enjoyed getting to know what I ate today and let me know what you guys want to see next in the comment. I know you guys want to see more of Leo, so let me see if I can get him on camera for a second.

Give me okay.

Thank you so much for watching.

I love you guys so much and I will see you guys in my next video bye,