What I Wore and Did in Los Cabos Mexico! | Modest Summer Vacation Outfits

What I Wore and Did in Los Cabos Mexico! | Modest Summer Vacation Outfits

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel.

My name is Lena. If you're new, we just arrived in Los Cabos Mexico, we are staying at the Viceroy at Los Cabos, it's a beautiful, very modern, contemporary hotel. You literally it just booked this trip. Maybe two weeks ago it was kind of like a last minute decision.

During Ramadan we were just like, we need to get away so we got in this morning at like 9:00 a. m. and we actually didn't sleep at all last night because we were at a wedding and then we had to like drive to the airport. So we literally did not sleep at all.

We slept like for two hours on the plane right here. So when we got here, we had a beautiful, lovely breakfast and then we got settled in our room and took a long nap.

So for breakfast this morning I had like an egg scramble bowl with some black beans and avocado and like this really nice spinach salad, and then they had a gluten-free pancakes and any time a menu has gluten-free pancakes on it.

I have to order it because I love pancakes. We're gon na go kind of walk around the resort. We may walk down to the beach we're just gon na.

Take it really chilled today, but I thought I would just take you guys with me on this really chill vacay. I'm actually really happy that the hotel has a really good full-length mirror and with good lighting. So I can show you guys my outfits all in here. So this is a beautiful maxi dress, buy it twice: boutique!

I talked to you guys about twice boutique in my recent Eid lookbook and they have some gorgeous pieces at first summer. It's this really pretty tiered ruffle maxi dress. It's this, really pretty peachy color with a black feather print on it and I'm just wearing my cult, gaia, Ark bag. I have some really pretty shell and jewelry on that I got off of ASOS and then my shoes are these really, pretty strappy Zara sandals that I'm literally obsessed with I brought a bunch of neutral hijabs, but I forgot my favorite neutral and nude. A job from hot hijab like I had washed it specifically, so I could pack it and then I left it hanging up to dry, so we're just gon na have to make do, but with this hijab we're hurting a lot of the outfits honestly, but I Think it will still go with a lot of them. So what let's go and floor a little bit? Everyone? It is our second day in Cabo. We just had breakfast and came down to sit by visit the gorgeous beach. I didn't want very much yesterday because we were so exhausted and all we did it yesterday, so I'll show you guys clips of the food we ate at this gorgeous restaurant called Toro. It was a restaurant that our hotel recommended to us and the food was delicious. Actually, all the food that we've had in Cabo has literally been amazing, like yeah. It had a beautiful view of like the desert and like cactus, and flowers, and it was so beautiful yeah and you could see the water, but it was just a little bit further away. One thing that we love about Cabo is just like the food. It's just amazing everywhere you go and food makes such a big difference feel like if you're not well fed. Then it's just not a good vacation. I'm wearing this really pretty kimono that I got from Express I'll show you guys my full outfit a little bit later, but I love this mustardy satin color. I've never really worn this color and I think it's really flattering it plans for the rest of the day. We're gon na go eat again at one of our favorite restaurants that we ate at the last time we were here, it's called acre. It's a gorgeous gorgeous restaurant and that's gon na be perfect for photo ops as well. Tonight, we're going on a sunset sailing, boat and sailing is actually pretty big in Cabo. Isn'T it Omar? I mean I feel, like anything. We've ever gone sailing hasn't, been that big of a thing that here it's, like everyone does sailing. So my family has been updating me on leo. My parents are babysitting him. I think I already told you guys this. My parents are literally giving me step-by-step updates on this cat. What is this video yeah? We keep talking about our cat. You guys we're like maybe maybe we actually made a baby. The waves here in Cabo, are really big. It's actually not as swimmable Beach, like a lot of beaches in Cabo are not swimmable, because it's a little bit rocky and the waves are really big. But I think it's stunning, like I just love the sound of crashing, wave and they're, so big and so beautiful. So I'll show you guys a little bit of the scenery.

You guys look! What we found is that his name - okay, we just arrived to acre it - starts out at this gorgeous entrance. This is our second time here, and it was one of our favorite weren't. What everyone's look at my blog, what come on and actually can you show my outfit beautiful? We stopped back at the hotel for just a few a minute, so I could change and so that we could pray and we're going on a little sunset boat tour tonight. So I changed into this beautiful dress that I showed you guys um in which video was it. I think it was my spring outfits video, but this is addressed by Anna Hariri. It's their boho, maxi, dress, and then I have the clear beef straw bag. I love this bag.

It is a little bit pricey for a straw bag, but I've had this for probably two years now and it's held up so well, and it's just so cute and doesn't go out of style it's perfect for summer, and then I just have On some flip-flops, because I figured I just needed some flip-flops since we're gon na be on the belt, I'm also wearing a really pretty gold. Shell bracelet - and I got this off a so I'll link some similar shell jewelry at below. But this is super trendy. I'm going to go ahead and pray and.

Good morning: everybody.

It is the next day.

I am dressed in some sporty clothes because we are going on an ATV tour today, which don't tell my mom my mom's gon na kill me last night. We went on the sunset boat tour and it was so relaxing and beautiful. We've really tried to get content and pictures and everything and some of them did turn out, but you guys it is so hard to get photos on a boat where there's waves and there's boats in the background and your hijab is going everywhere at my hijab. Literally flew off, like I'm, not even kidding like twenty times. My hijab cap was covering my hair, but yeah. My hijab was literally off purpose for like half the boat ride, I was like struggling like trying to put it back on. It was a hot mess. Basically, so the last time that we came to Cabo Omar and I came with the capo tourism board, which was really amazing and they took us to like fall of the best places and we came in toured this hotel. The last time we were here. So we knew that we wanted to come back and stay here, but I do miss like the greenery like this hotel is very like stark, white and clean lines and minimal, which is very much my style. I love that modern style, but I do miss like palm trees and like greenery and like nature and that kind of stuff, so we're gon na get out today and explore some of that Omar just woke up. I have been waking up at Fletcher and like staying awake and Omar, gets up and goes back to sleep, so I just sit there like on my phone like in the dark. So last night they looked at us like some snacks on the boat. They gave us like sushi and some chips and salsa and guacamole and like a cheese, boring type of thing, so we were not hungry after the boat tour because we had like all the snacks. So we came home. I literally came back to the hotel and literally just like passed out so I'm starving this morning because we didn't eat that much last night, so we're gon na go down to breakfast.

But this is not an all-inclusive hotel, but the breakfast is included and the breakfast is so delicious, so we're gon na go eat and then we're gon na go ride. Some ATVs to the areas where we're gon na do the ATVs.

It's like a desert down here, so you see like all these, a huge, huge cactus plant that you felt like they've, never seen cactus desert ocean and mountains, those just like so many different terrain, so we're gon na see all of that today, and hopefully I'm gon na get some good footage:.


Look at this, I'm so dirty. We also mirror white shirt, oh yeah, okay, what a difference a shower and a nice outfit makes I didn't put any makeup on. Actually, that's a lie. I put a little bit of concealer on just so that I didn't look super tired. You know you're in this frame, babe. Sorry, I'm just like awkwardly standing there. I think I just wanted to show you guys, my outfit, because I really love it. I feel like you guys, will like it too. So I've worn this top several times. It is by H & M, and it's just really beautiful pleated material and it's actually like a tunic style with this much high wrap. But I just checked it in to these pants and I feel like it just is super flattering. I love these like wide, balloony, sleeves and yeah. It's super pretty. These pants are actually from forever.

Twenty-One I found these really gorgeous like champagne, e satin, palazzo pants and I love them so much. I feel like this outfit is just super vaycay appropriate and super minimal, and I love the neutrals, as you guys know, so I'm also just wearing my little straw, clear, the bag and my Zara sandals. I love this mirror like. I need this mirror at my house in my bathroom. We are about to pray and then we're going to go, have a dinner in the restaurant, at the hotel, the nest and I'm super excited because we haven't actually eaten there on this trip and the food last time was so good.

Good morning. Everyone, it is our last day in Mexico, and today we slept in a little bit. Well, we slept in until like 10:00, so yeah. We slept it a lot and you know more never wants to get up he's still like what night shift mode. So I laid in bed to like ten and then we just got ready. We're gon na go, eat breakfast and then today we are going to the spa. We're just gon na have a really chill day. So I wanted to show you guys this outfit. I was wearing it the other day and I don't think I got a clip.

This is a gorgeous wrap dress from Express. I have never worn this like mustardy color, but this is just absolutely gorgeous, so I love the pattern on it. Has this really pretty white floral pattern on it and it's? Actually it has this little ruffle at the bottom and he's kind of like balloony sleeves, and I love it - worn open as a kimono, but you can also wear it. like tied up like as a dress and just like wear some like skinnier pants, underneath it or something, but I loved it open as a kimono. This jumpsuit underneath is by Orencia. I love love, love the cut of this jumpsuit. The only problem is that cuts off at the top, so you have to wear like something under it, but I just wore like a nude undershirt and I'm wearing my cold guy up arc bag.

But I have a dupe that I found off Nasty Gal. That's like, I think, it's like thirty or forty dollars in a way it less expensive than the designer version, and then I'm just wearing some like really chill sandals that I got from mango and this hijab is, I think, is by wall chic, we're sitting Here at lunch at this resort called the one and only and show you guys.

You tried to touch it. This iguana came to sit next to us. Almost taking pictures, Wow he's probably gon na want more, I know. He actually did so. I ordered he catches the day which was sea bass, I believe and. Then Omar got a fish. A tuna, burger and Omar ordered fries because he thought it didn't come with right. But now we just have a bunch of rice right. There actually travels prized, so I'm gon na be deviant. On that I just arrived to the spa here at the women-only. This is the little locker room area. This is so beautiful. look at this huge mirror and I haven't been able to show you guys my full outfit. So I guess I can show you here.

This is my new dress from twice boutique. This is really pretty satiny peachy color.

I love the wrap, style now, let's get my spot.

That was it very good feeling been, relaxing yeah no time to eat again, yeah, so we're gon na go down to the beach one last time, because this is our last night.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and got some info for some summer fashion.

I love you guys so much and I will see you in my next year.