Winter to Spring Outfit Ideas + Favorite Neutral Hijabs from Haute Hijab!

Winter to Spring Outfit Ideas + Favorite Neutral Hijabs from Haute Hijab!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel super excited to be back with another fashion video. It has been a little while, with all the stores are bringing out all their spring stuff. I was super inspired to create a video for you guys on how I transition my wardrobe from a winter to spring, and I'm also super excited to announce that I'm going to be the two thousand and twenty ambassador for a hottie job. You guys know hot

Hijab is my absolute favorite the job brand. They have just the best quality hijabs, the best colors, the best beautiful neutrals, I'm just gon na be creating a bunch of content for them and throughout the year. So today's video I'm gon na be focusing on my top three Neutrality, jobs that will take you perfectly it from a winter to spring, and I just gave you guys some tips in general on how to transition your wardrobe. I will link below all the head jobs I talked about along with the under scarves. I talked about a down below in the description box, so thank you so much to his job for sponsoring today's video, and um. Let's jump right in the time between winter and spring is actually really tricky to dress for sometimes because you don't know if it's gon na be like super cold, but you still want to wear like all your nice bring this stuff.

My tip is to obviously a dress appropriately for the weather, wear those materials and like the layers that you need to keep you warm but wear, colors and patterns that really remind you of spring and give you that spring feel so like lighter colors and colors. That just really give off that spring vibe, the first hijab that I want to share with you guys is the light to make jersey by hot hijab. If you've been following me for a while, you guys know this is probably my all-time favorite hijab. I honestly wear this all year round, but I do prefer it in the wintertime whenever it is colder. So it's the perfect hijab to take you from a winter to spring the jerseys from Hana job. You guys are like butter. They are so soft and just so comfy, they literally just feel like pajamas on your head. That's why I recommend to everyone. I have a Jersey, hijab tutorial that I will link down below probably wearing the exact same good job. I honestly don't even need an under scarf, but I am a wearing one. Let me show you guys at which under scarf, I'm wearing throughout this entire video. This is the hotter job classic Under and lightning. It matches all of my hijabs. It has this really. Nice stretchy mesh at the back, so it's super comfortable and fits. However much hair, you have there's probably not one outfit in my closet that I couldn't put the light: mink jersey, hijab with it and it wouldn't look flawless. This is just the perfect go to hijab for every single outfit, so let me show you guys the full look. So this is the first outfit idea for you guys. I have on a blush, pink sweater, so definitely still gon na keep me warm with incorporating spring colors. I have on a trench coat, which is like the perfect transitional piece, and I really love this checkered print and I also wore some light wash denim. That is another a really good tip to transition. Your wardrobe from winter to spring is wearing a lighter, wash denim or even white denim, because it's still that, like warmer material like it with a thicker denim, but we were just lining up your overall look with that light. Wash I threw on some sneakers and some accessories that just looks like spring to me. So I hope you guys like this look. The second hijab I'm super excited to share is the Rosewood chiffon by a hot hijabs. This is the most beautiful color. It's like a beautiful pinky Brown. I think I pretty much just discovered this hijab because I just started wearing it more recently and thank you guys. It is a beautiful I feel like it would be so pretty on so many skin tones. You guys know I am a chiffon girl. I love chiffon because it's a lot more like lightweight and breathable. So it's a really good material to transition you into spring when it gets a little bit warmer. I also love chiffon because it pairs really well with all of your floaty or spring dresses. hahaaa shops, chiffon material with you guys, is probably the highest quality.

I have ever seen from any brand. I have tried so many brands and hot ajob just has the best quality and materials and they're chiffons are just beautiful. So that's why I wear them literally every single day. I get a lot of questions. If I find that chiffon hijab to slip on me honestly, I don't feel like they ever slip and I think it has to do with the way that I wrap it and also the Scarpa that i showed you guys earlier. So I will link below my hijab tutorial that show you guys how I do my under scarf and like my bun under my hijab and all that stuff, I used my sister Lauren as a model and it was yeah. I think it was a really good video. So I'll link that down below for the second look, I have on a really pretty spring mini dress, but to make it a little bit more appropriate for colder weather or whenever it's still a transition to spring. I threw on some high knee boots to keep you warm. I also have on some strategic layering. I have on leggings and have a undershirt on, and you can also just kind of throw your coat over this too. I think that would look so cute, a thinner, floatier, fabrics, kind of mixed with the boots and like the heavier materials. That combination is just like the perfect look for transitioning to spring the next two job I have to share with you guys is the blush ship on my hot hi job. I feel like it's the most flattering color it doesn't of those. It also matches every single one of my outfits for the past few months. I have just not wanted to wear any other job because it is just so flattering it is that lighter weight material, so it'll go with all your spring dresses.

I love a blush by hot hijab because it is the perfect nude pink, it's not too pink. It's not too nude. It's the perfect in-between. It looks beautiful on warm skin tones because it just does pull a little bit more warm. So if you guys have a warm undertone, I'm telling you guys you need this. Color first bring the last look. I have to share with you guys I paired a midi skirt with a chunky sweater pairing at lighter weight materials with like heavier chunkier fabrics. Is the perfect way to transition between seasons? I feel like this is just the perfect, like springtime look, especially with the spring colors, with like the blush pink, and nude. I also have on white boots and white bag. That color palette is just so fresh and perfect for the new season. I have on leggings under this for extra warmth, you can even throw on a coat. I have a white coat. Let me just throw that on, so you guys can see what it look like: okay, they're gon na white coat and this color palette just screams like spring to me, even though I'm still dressed super warm so perfect way to transition and them to a new Season, you begin to hot hijab for sponsoring today's video.

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